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Cruiznbye wrote a review of on July 9, 2010

4 5

This is a great basic tool kit and provides the minimum that each person will need to carry for glacier travel. Keep in mind it is the basic minimum and supplementing it with another pulley, an ascender or 2nd tibloc, and a couple Petzl OK oval biners would round it out more fully for most situations. Easy way to store and grab on the go to have the minimum when heading out into crevasse land. Just be sure to take a couple snow anchors and a couple ice anchors along and your set. A 2nd tibloc would put this at 5 stars, but you can add that pretty inexpensively. Most of all buy it and practice using it before heading onto glaciers.





Cruiznbye wrote a review of on September 25, 2009

3 5

Love the great stretch system of the Montbells and the synthetic handles the dew and wet conditions better than down. I'm 5'9" and got the long after trying the regular which was too short to be comfortable. Temp rating is optimistic though as it is very good down to 50 degrees, and only adequate at 40 degree. At 42 degrees I had wool thermals and a Montbell themawrap jacket, wool beanie and the Montbell thermal sheet and when the wind came down the mountain it was just OK if totally zipped up and head covered well. I was sleeping in a lightweight tent, too, but all mesh sides that don't block the drafts well. I definitely wouldn't rate it as a 40 degree bag, but if the temps stay in the upper 40's it works fine.
If looking for a good all around bag, this is probably not it as temps in the mountains often will drop to the low 40's even in summer around here in the Cascades. Taking it in the early Spring or later Fall with temps around 30-35 at night would not be a good choice when you add up the weight of extra needed to stay warm. My Marmot Col 0 degree bag in down weighs the same as the #5 Burrow with the Thermal Wrap sheets. So it is not weight or even size savings to take the Montbell #5 in cooler temps.