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Cory Maier

Tahoe-Truckee-Nevada City-Downieville, CA & (Gunnison/Crested Butte, CO)

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Cory Maier

Cory Maier wrote a review of on April 28, 2011

Looks great, feels great.... breaks.  Don't buy.
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We have a lot of acreage and a lot of dirt bike/quad trails which need maintenance and a machete is quick and easy for the majority of the work that doesn't need a chainsaw. I also use them for camping, firewood while camping, fire pokers and other random tasks. I've used machetes for the last 15+ years, primarily a basic one from Wal-Mart that's nothing special but with nothing other than slight modification to the handle and occasional sharpening has served well for years.

I bought this on SAC and initially I was excited about it. The handle feels great, design and weighting is nice, sawblade has offset teeth which are more effective, finish seems nice enough, I like the sheath well and it did come sharp from the factory. It worked wonderfully for maybe two minutes of cutting small brush and then I looked down at it to find a bunch of sizeable chunks (1-2 inch long sections about 1/4-1/3 inch into the blade itself) missing out of the blade.

(I've uploaded pictures, see for yourself... literally... 5 minutes of small brush and branches on the SOG and 10+ years of abuse on the $7 Wal-Mart one.)

While I've seen machetes bend a little or get a chink in them if you caught a rock etc.(which I certainly did not here) I've never seen anything do this. I'm honestly amazed that SOG would put their name on this. Hopefully mine was a more defective piece than their normal product as this was absolutely unusable and dangerous.

Luckily, Backcountry/SAC were amazing as usual and after chatting with them they did provide a full refund with no return shipping cost incurred by me! THANK YOU BACKCOUNTRY/S&C!!!

Overall, if you're looking for something to cut tall grass or something with the consistency of... corn stalks?... this will work perfectly. If you're looking for a moderately tough or durable machete DO NOT buy this.





Cory Maier

Cory Maier wrote a review of on May 11, 2010

Dark Star  A+
5 5

Love this bag. Have used it for many adventures from normal cold weather camping to open pit windbreaks on exposed ridges in blizzards... never had a cold moment. Highly recommend this for true winter camping, if you're not going to be pushing the limits at all get something cheaper and lighter. It doesn't pack down all that small, as you'd expect, but the stuff sack is actually a compression sack which helps out a lot. If you want to be warm no matter where you are and what the weather is like this should work.



Cory Maier

Cory Maier wrote a review of on January 15, 2010

4 5

I use these as a backup or loaner pair or when doing other snow activities. I have a pair of Spy Soldiers (Spherical Lens) that I swear by and love as a primary set, but these do decent as a secondary goggle. They will fog if you're sweating a lot, they don't have as good of optics as others, but you get what you pay for and I paid $19 for these and they were certainly worth more than that price for the use I've gotten out of them. If you're a true skier/boarder you probably aren't looking for these for your main goggle, but if you're looking for them for anything else I'd recommend em.