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Clay Zamperini

Stoney Point, Malibu Creek, Bishop

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Clay Zamperini

Clay Zamperini wrote an answer about on July 8, 2011

Ok I'll answer my own question. The Arrowhead runs bigger than the Blackwing. A 10 in Blackwing fits perfectly, and a 10 in Arrowhead fits about a half size too big.

So here's a reference chart for some Five Ten fits (for a street size between 10 and 10.5:

Blackwing - 10
Arrowhead - 9.5
Coyote - 9 - 9.5
Supermocc - 8.5 - 9
Moccasym - 8.5 - 9



Clay Zamperini

Clay Zamperini wrote a question about on July 1, 2011

How does the size on these compare to the Five Ten Blackwing?

For reference, I wear a 10 in the Blackwing, and a 41 in La Sportiva Miuras. I've tried wearing the Anasazi Lace-Up in a 9, and it felt about a half size too small for me (the aggressive heel was killing my achilles tendon.) I'm wondering if a 9.5 will work in these?

My street shoe is between 10 and 10.5, long, narrow feet.




Clay Zamperini

Clay Zamperini wrote a review of on June 3, 2011

3 5

The sizing chart on Arc'teryx' website states that a Medium will fit 31" - 34.5" waists, and that the ideal fit is with a one inch overlap in the ends of the waist belt. Well, my waist is 32.5" around, and a medium barely fits on me with a two inch GAP between the ends of the waist belt.

I suppose I'll be exchanging this for a large before I get a chance to climb in one, since I'm not about to climb with two inches of 1/2" webbing digging into my waist.. Good news is it looks great and is SUPER light. I look forward to getting the right size!