Chris Rennau

Chris Rennau

Bozeman, Mt.

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I have a skiing addiction.

Chris Rennau

Chris Rennau posted a video about on May 28, 2014

I've been skiing the helix 182 since it debuted a few years back. Hands down my favorite all mountain, throw anything at em, utility ski. Bamboo core with quadaxial glass wrap is stiff, lively, lightweight, and durable. I've currently got these set up as a touring ski mounted with the new marker tour f12's. Lightweight and able to charge. For burlier days I have a pair of last years model with the marker duke. All around this ski dominates. Predictable power, feels like an extension of my body. Think Bamboo can't handle punishment? I've sent this beast 3 times on em and still skiing them daily.



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Chris Rennau

Chris Rennau wrote a review of on July 9, 2009

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I had the older version of this helmet from like '04, and it didn't have the rear support band that the new one has, the new one fits more snug because of this. love the helmet, really love the price. I have a g10 mx from a few years ago too that has adjustable ventilation for hikes and such, but for resort bangin laps, this helmet is great




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