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Charlotte Hoss

Charlotte Hoss posted a video about on October 23, 2013

inReach SE from DeLorme. The only 2-way satellite communicator that both sends and receives text messages to and from any cell number or email address. Give your family and friends the peace of mind knowing you can be tracked, reached, and rescued anywhere in the world. InReach SE can also be paired with Android & Apple smartphones and tablets, allowing you to use your mobile device anywhere in the world for SOS, 2-way texting, and GPS tracking. Download to the "Earthmate" App FREE topographic maps (1:24k resolution for all 50 states and all countries in the world) and NOAA nautical charts, and always know exactly where you are. 100% fully global coverage with no deadzones or fringe areas via Iridium satellite constellation.



Charlotte Hoss

Charlotte Hoss wrote a review of on June 23, 2012

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I bought the SPOT for my backwoods adventures based on the glowing reviews the unit has received.

In practice however, that is hardly the case.

First of all, the unit does not provide any confirmation that the signal gets out, and just leaves me guessing if the device works or not.

Secondly, I preloaded 5 email addresses so my friends would get check ins. The last time I tried to send a checkin message, I had a good line of sight to the sky, let it sit face up on a rock for 10 min, and later aksed if anyone got the message. No-one did.

I have heard about the SPOT connect. Maybe it is more reliable? But just 1 way as I understand it, so I guess there is no guarantee of ever knowing if it works.

Its been hit and miss for me, and I just cant recommend this device. What if I had the same lack of reliability in a SOS situation?