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Charlie Whiton

Charlie Whiton

Crystal Moutain, WA

Charlie Whiton

Charlie Whitonwrote a review of on June 8, 2012

4 5

Very wet and chilly in Seattle well into June, needed a warm, rainproof hoodie. The puffy jacket gets wet and a rain jacket is not warm enough. I found this jacket and it looked to meet all those requirements. I initially ordered the Vintage\Excalibur and returned it for the Shale... was too "plum" colored for me.

The jacket is super lightweight, a fantastic color with great turquoise zips. Hood is huge and comfy, big side pockets and a high chin zip. Cool detail in the welded seams. As the other reviewer mentions, the internal material is cozy, but a little grabby on whatever layer you have on under. Perfect over a tshirt though.

Honestly, I probably wouldn't ski in this. For skiing, I far prefer a layer and shell where this is a single unit. But it would totally work, certainly technical enough.

Best of all though, this jacket is an excellent value. It's currently pretty late in the season, so I'm sure I got a late-season price... but even during the winter it was very reasonably priced.




Charlie Whiton

Charlie Whitonwrote a review of on February 4, 2012

Bomber and Stylie
5 5

Have had one decent hiking\backcountry day with this jacket and several just-sledding-with-the-kids days. For hiking and skiing, this thing is bombproof and very functional. The one thing I've never had on a jacket that I was most looking forward to was a hood that covers my helmet. While this doesn't _completely_ cover it, it was more than adequate to stop the 45 mph wind that was freezing my noggin. Head-turns on a long hike did cause tugging at the back and neck... but it could be because I should have gotten a large instead of medium.

Regarding size, the awesome folks at backcountry did recommend a large, but they were out in the color I wanted so I took a chance on a medium. I'm 5'11" and 185 lbs (34" waist), that size is fine in all regards but is snug in the waist with only a softshell and tshirt on. Sleeves are very long, hood and chest are ample.

Best features are the hood, the long sleeves (and the awesome cuffs) and the long back gives you a warm butt-layer for chilly chairlift rides.

I was a little concerned about the 7 red zip tabs looking a little "Thriller"... (it doesn't) but they're so functional it is fine.

The style point is where it edged out buying another Arcteryx. I have a couple of them and while they are indestructible, they are plain looking. Norrøna has nearly the same level of durability, but great style.