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Downers Grove, IL

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Vacation is education. I work to play!


CHenny wrote a review of on August 25, 2009

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This bag is so cute I just love how it stands out and makes me feel unique--I've gotten so many complements on it. It's very spacious for the size--I think it's because of the flexible fabric and how the top and bottom are both their own packing compartments. I just love it.I do want to let it be known that the bag's tag says it's 2300 cu in rather than 2500. It's just a bit smaller than I had expected, but fits in the overhead compartment on planes just fine. Had it been 2500, I'm not sure that it would--and I only ever do carry-on so that was important to me. Also, I agree with the other reviews that wish it had "feet" on the bottom to stabilize it. I haven't had an issue with it tipping over, but with as cute as the fabric is I don't want it to get dirty or wet from touching the ground / floor.The fabric is cool and the bag has a softer shell than others I've had in the past. Used it on a 5-day beach trip and very easily fit everything I needed (I do tend to pack light).Enjoy!