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Brian Patterson

Brian Patterson

Mid Atlantic

Brian Patterson's Bio

Love to shoot video, and take short hikes after work to unwind. I have done a lot of hiking / backcountry camping in the Cascades of WA. Love Rainer and St. Helen's. Smokey's were great too. Doing the AT this summer and looking forward to that.

Brian Patterson

Brian Patterson wrote a question about on April 5, 2010

Which Nikwax product can I use on my synthetic pants and shirts? I am not sure if it is Base wash, tech wash etc. too many Nikwax products to choose from, can anyone help? I have MHW mesa pants and some canyon shirts, synthetic fast drying materials and I need a product for them. They are not water proof but water does bead up when it hit the fabric, so I am unsure what to use. What should I use on my Monkey Phur jacket?



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