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Love to shoot video, and take short hikes after work to unwind. I have done a lot of hiking / backcountry camping in the Cascades of WA. Love Rainer and St. Helen's. Smokey's were great too. Doing the AT this summer and looking forward to that.

Brian Patterson

Brian Patterson wrote a question about on April 5, 2010

Which Nikwax product can I use on my synthetic pants and shirts? I am not sure if it is Base wash, tech wash etc. too many Nikwax products to choose from, can anyone help? I have MHW mesa pants and some canyon shirts, synthetic fast drying materials and I need a product for them. They are not water proof but water does bead up when it hit the fabric, so I am unsure what to use. What should I use on my Monkey Phur jacket?



Brian Patterson

Brian Patterson wrote a review of on March 23, 2010

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I got this jacket two days ago and it happened to come on a day when it was raining, so I hit the trail. The water beaded up pretty nice at first, then it started pouring and the left sleeve started to soak a bit. Just a small area but it seemed as if the waterproofing was not effective in that area for some reason. I have to say it was some pretty heavy rain and I stayed pretty dry. For as light weight and packable as this jacket is it meet my expectations. However today I went out with it, and I made slight contact with a branch and it ripped a tiny hole in the wrist area of the left sleeve. The rip didn't go through both layers of material, just the outer. The inner white lining was still in tact. I was very disappointed that it wasn't very durable. I do still like the jacket and backcountry is taking this one back, and yes I ordered another one because even though it had some durability issues it really kept me pretty dry in a downpour and it will be a nice light weight rain coat for backcountry trips. For the money it is a good solid rain coat.




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