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Brett Zenor

Brett Zenor

McDowell Mountains

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Hiking & Camping

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Explore, find new walls, new boulders, new canyons, new peaks. I love to climb and hike... but most of all I love the nature of it all.

Brett Zenor

Brett Zenor wrote an answer about on January 6, 2013

The Bi-color Dry has a different color pattern on one half of the rope than the other to tell the middle point and the dry just means it's dry treated to prevent moisture erosion. I wouldn't necessarily limit this bad boy to gym use, I own this rope and it has served me well on many outdoors excursion of mine and I'm sure it will on the excursions to come.



Brett Zenor

Brett Zenor wrote a review of on July 26, 2012

3 5

All these do for me is hold my gear to my rack. They're great and have a nice smooth action. Do I really have to say it though... it's a hook nose biner. Not exactly a climber's friendly tool. So just to attach my shoes to my backpack or to attach some protection to my rack either way that's all I see these good for. I guess just having a few carabiners lying around that are climbing rated can't hurt.




Brett Zenor

Brett Zenor wrote a review of on June 27, 2012

5 5

I got the screw lock version of this carabiner. First of all the screw lock mechanism on this biner is already my favorite... It's such a smooth action and when tightened is super secure. The shape is the main thing that got me hooked on this. It works perfectly for munter and clove hitches. Because of the design, this biner is super lightweight and thin yet a super strong biner.

Pros: Thin yet Strong Shape, Gate, Screwlock, Light, Overall Design


Recommended. Buy it.