BoostinChickwrote a review of on November 27, 2012

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I am unsure where DogFunk pulled their description from, but it's not accurate. The part number from Inno's site is INA927. These racks will not fit round bars without the adapter kit, and will also not fit over sized crossbars. This is directly from Inno's site:

The Inno INA927 Gravity Ski-Snowboard Rack is a competitively priced high quality rack that can easily carry up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards (or a combination of both). It can be installed onto a variety of factory and aftermarket roof racks.

Safely handles six pairs of skis or four snowboards, or a combination of the two
Includes universal mounting clamps for installation onto factory or aftermarket roof rack bars of different shapes & sizes
Comes with 2 locks and keys
Oversized crossbars require ISF711 long bolts kit (sold separately)
Round cross bars require ISF715 round bar adapter (sold separately)
Top of cross bar must be minimum 2" from roof of car

If I didn't score these from their partner site WhiskeyMilitia for a steal I would have returned these.