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Becky wrote an answer about on June 11, 2010

Jared is right on. No, there will be no guarantee on that. ALL helmets (ski/snowboard, motorcycle, bicycle) are designed to crack/shatter upon impact. That's why you should replace your helmet if you ever even drop it bad (falls off your seat, etc) because it will not disperse the impact a second time.




Becky wrote a review of on November 8, 2008

4 5

I bought this for my school bag but also to use when I fly with my laptop. For school it's wonderful. I have never run out of room with this. Textbooks, binders, lunch, whatever. I always seem to find more room... I gave it 4 vs. 5 stars for the same reason as Jason - the front pouch's zippers do not go down all the way so it makes the organizers essentially useless. i.e. I can never actually get a pen into the pen slots, I just push them randomly into a pouch. Otherwise it's a 3 minute process to straighten out the bag enough to expose the pen slots. Minor inconvenience, but why even have them if they're so difficult to get to?

Regardless, I love the bag. The airmesh gives good ventilation down my back and the straps are very comfortable. Very versatile bag.