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BarryP wrote a review of on May 31, 2011

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I’ve owned at least 7 sets of Teva Tera fi2’s and put 500-1000 miles on them. So I was a little hesitant when the Tera Fi3 came out. I read some bad reviews such as hard shock pad and uncomfortable straps.

Now that I’ve been wearing the Tera fi3 black ones for over a month, I must say they are comfortable. Even the shock pads feel softer. I’m just wondering if other reviewers received some inferior sandals? Or do the different colors use slightly different materials? The reason I say this is because the Tera Fi2’s I got from Sierra Trading Post, and the black ones that came straight from Teva, felt different.

I now prefer the 3’s over the 2’s because the arch is slightly higher which translates to a more comfortable walk, hike, and backpacking trip. To me they’re softer than the 2’s. I’ve backpacked in Tera fi’s for over 7 years now and they are great in all terrain: Rocky Mountains, desert, bog, rain or shine. I like these sandals since they’re light weight and extremely hard to twist your ankle (which I have not been able to accomplish after a few thousand miles). And unlike boots, they’re comfortable right out of the box. However, there are tricks to the trade for high mileage sandal backpacking. One of them is using a fast drying, cushy, cool sock. Another is cinch them tight when walking and loosen them when resting. This will prevent blisters. You won’t need camp slippers with these. Just loosen them and feel a bit of heaven in camp. If they ever get muddy (typical on my trips), I just rinse them in a stream. When it’s raining at night, I leave them outside my tent in the rain and put on clean sandals in the morning.

I thought the tera fi 2’s had the best grip on sloping wet granite: Much much better than vibram. However, these Tera Fi 3’s have even better grip! The traction is incredible!

I also do basketball, tennis, and biking in these sandals. I like black sandals with black socks and them my work mates never notice I’m wearing sandals.

This is a good high quality sandal.





BarryP wrote a review of on January 20, 2010

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How do you know if a filter is cracked? You can’t. The First Need cartridge is the only one that passes the blue-dye test (instructions included). I’ve tried this test on several ceramic and other carbon filters and they let the blue through. Thus you can’t tell if the competitor’s filters are broke. What this means is--- with a dirty lake, the First Need will give you clear water. The other filters give you an interesting color of water (ask me how I know). The other filters may be filtering, but psychologically I cannot drink their color-tainted water though it may be OK. I’ve even filtered sticky grape soda with the First Need and it came out clear! Other things I appreciate:
1. independent virus test report
2. all one-piece; nothing to assemble!
3. fast pump speed (1L/40sec).
4. no batteries to worry about
5. And I’ll say it again: dirty water comes out clear.
I dislike the 15oz but I’ll live with that for its speed and accuracy.