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Badmiles wrote a question about on June 22, 2010

Thanks Phil, Can I fit 50 lbs in the Atmos 65? I really like this design, the light weight and the air cooled mesh, I think I can pull off a week in the Sierras with 50 lbs packing light, great for desert hikes too.. but I may want to use it for other trips where I will be carying more wt.. Too bad they dont make the Atmos 70 or 80!! I remember the aluminum frame packs were alot heavier and uncomfortable back then in 1983-84 and so was equipment.. Yes we trained extensively, I carried all most my own weight up the mtn for 25 mi. It was no prob thanks to Football and my Nazi Scout Leader ;) The Mosquito nets over the head were the ticket! Makes for tougher hiking but worth it.




Badmiles wrote a question about on June 18, 2010

I recently bought the Atmos 50 backpack and when I got it home realized that it is too small for the trips that I am planning. I am planning a 50 mile hike in the Sierra Nevada Mtns and will need to pack for a week long trip. Will the Atmos 65 be able to handle this or do I need to go bigger? I made this same trip as a teen ager and remember we had to carrry 80 lbs mostly food and equipment. I need to know what pack will be right for this trip? I tried on the Atmos 50 in the store and was sold immediately due to the lightweight, comfort fit and mesh back..