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BB Gunwrote a review of on August 7, 2010

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First, I have way too many stoves. Several SVEAs, a couple TRANGIAs, and Primus as well as several gas canisters. I do a lot of baking when camping using an Outback 10" and always take my coffee press and plan my meals more than my route. I purchased this stove wondering if it could replace any of my others since we go with a large group of Scouts and we need stoves that are trustworthy and reliable. This one is my most favorite which says a lot.

I can simmer, bake and the fuel last a very long time compared to the others. I have not had any fuel issues but only use Coleman fuel and never anything that could clog the ports. I have used it snow camping and on high it melts snow fast and has created lots of meals. I give this one a real five stars. I have camped with people using a whisperlite and those things are tempermental. This one is not. Period!