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Anonymous2112 wrote a review of on June 17, 2003

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Now, I have not had the privilege to have my Oakley T-shirt for nearly the length of time Mr. Cheatwood has. But I am willing to give them 4 stars with what I have experienced to date with the 3 shirts I bought. They are very soft, comfortable and they don't seem to have that feel of something just hanging on you like some other shirts I have. I lend this to the way the shirts are made. I believe they are cut for a better fit than the average T Shirt. Some shirts you have the collar rubbing the back of your neck, or some that feel like they are going to choke you to death soon as you let your guard down. These are not like that. The seams are centered on your shoulders, the shirt stays where you need it to without annoying your neck. You also don't have that rubbing under the arm like you do with a cheap shirt when they sew the sleeve on and it's a little too high. I have had some good shirts built that way too, so don't just blame the cheap ones. Possible complaint, the shirts are not quite long enough. I would like to see them add 3 inches to the bottom of the shirt. But then again, they may not need to assuming after 6 months of use they have not shrunk to fit for a tottler. But if Mr. Cheatwood is correct, I should not have that problem.