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Anonymouswrote a review of on August 12, 2011

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I'm on my 2rd pair of Merrell's so I've gotten to know all the quirks of this shoe. First of all, I'm wondering if the previous reviewer actually got the waterproof version as there is a non-Gortex version of the Siren. I've always bought the Gortex version and have been satisfied with its ability to keep out water. For example, I submerged my entire foot while crossing a Scottish stream and my foot/socks stayed dry. Amazing. I've also hiked on Kauai mud trails and stayed dry. So, you can trust that the shoe's Gortex lining will keep your feet dry. If you buy the waterproof version, you'll need to go up a size, especially if you want to wear inserts. Second,the shoe conforms well to a woman's foot but doesn't offer great support. I replaced the original insert with Super Feet and that gave me a lot more support for hiking. Previously, my arch would hurt if I hiked more than three miles in these shoes. Third, the shoes seem to have a one year life span. After a year, the tread wears away at the back of the shoe which isn't good if you need to grip slippery trails.

To sum up, there are three things I wish the Merrell would improve in this shoe:

- Better built-in arch support
- Chunkier tread
- Make the tongue thinner (no need to add so much material here.