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Anonymouswrote a review of on March 10, 2009

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This review only applies to the AFTERBANGE OZONE BOOT.
I ordered these about 2wks ago and instantly returned them after trying them on. 1) The boot material is made out of some cheap shiny vinyl material. Just by touching the boot you can instinctively tell that the boot will lose all boot form. 2) Strapping in my board, instantly turned these boots to mush. I tend to strap in with medium to tight tension in my straps. Once the straps went over the boot, my foot literally had at least an inch of space on either side due to the tension of the straps. 3) The form of the boots were way off. The left boot was more narrow than the right boot. It seemed odd but knew this wasn't something I wanted to deal with in the long run.
Like another reviewer stated, I too was close to being able to pull my foot out of the boot. NOT COOL.

However, the other Black or Red Ozone boots may return with different results. They seemed stiffer and made with better material.
I am a big fan or Burton Boots but the Afterbange's were a no go in my book.

Just some tips on Burton Boots, if you wear Nike brand sneakers, from the Jump-Offs to Air Max's they are the same exact size to Burton Boots. If you are 1/2 size, purchase the half size. After the boot packs out, you can either purchase or just grab insoles from other shoes to add as shims to the boots. Burton used to provide the shim but I guess with their new technology they thought it was no longer needed.