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Anonymouswrote a review of on December 15, 2008

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I´ll start with the conclusion. As the others here say, this stick is awesome.

Perfect flex for charging, but soft enough in the tips for general fooling around, plus, the POP! (absinthe whore here). I like to charge. I like to charge switch, and I like throwing little tricks off rollers. I also like pow. I really like pow. I don´t like ice, but where I live, you´ll need a board capable of cutting into the ice. The Heritage can do this. Not well, not decent, but fkn Excellent, capital E!

The sidecut could be less aggressive (shallower), but that´s part of the charm with this board. It´s not perfect, but it´s the best board I´ve owned in the all mountain category. Ride it with a 1cm setback from center of sidecut, like I do on my rockboard, an Arbor Mystic, which is also great, but a little less playful than the Heritage.

So, support the best snowboard manufacturer in the world, and get your fat or skinny ass on a Heritage.

I´m 5´10", burly 190lbs frame, ride aggressive on the mountain and stay the hell out of parks. My Heritage is an 08/09 162.