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Alexander Klivecka

Park City, UT

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Tele, tele, tele.


Alexander Klivecka

Alexander Klivecka wrote an answer about on March 22, 2010

Hey Ben,

I'd suggest getting something with tip rocker for that PNW heavy crud snow. It makes initiating the turn much easier, especially with tele, and allows you to blast right through stuff that regular camber skis just can't handle. I ski these mounted with Hammerheads, and in heavy crud and sticky snow they tend to get a little hard to manage...

Check out the Justice, from Black Diamond.



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Alexander Klivecka

Alexander Klivecka wrote an answer about on January 7, 2010

Hammerheads or Axls. It sounds like you don't do too much touring, so the low resistance of the Hammerhead would probably work for you, or you can go full free-pivot and get the Axl. The Hammerheads provide amazing power and stability, they are bomb-proof, never break, and never rip out (due to the extra 2 screws). Adjustable resistance if you decide to get a stiffer boot, best bindings out there.



Alexander Klivecka

Alexander Klivecka wrote an answer about on January 6, 2010

Hey man, I think you are definitely making the right decision. The T-Race do take a little getting used to, but bear in mind that they will soften up quite a bit in the bellows as you break them in. I too tried the Ener-G's and also found them to be too soft. The stiffness of the T-Race will also force you to ski more aggressively and make you a better skier (definitely improved my abilities). As for the pressure on your arch, try wearing really thick socks when molding the liners, and then skiing in thin ones to create a little extra room to'll be amazed at how much that molding can change the feel of the boot on the inside, I wouldn't worry about it.



Alexander Klivecka

Alexander Klivecka wrote an answer about on January 4, 2010

I disagree with Jack, I think you should get the T Race. The difference between the T Race and T2x is going to be HUGE. You would be moving from a soft three buckle to a stiff 4 buckle, with more forward lean and a stiffer bellows. O1s are burly bindings, they can definitely handle the T Race, getting Hammerheads (while they rock) is not going to solve your problem, in fact, it might make it worse. Having a more active binding and still pairing it with a soft boot will run you into the same problems that you described. I'd buy Rid Stiff cartridges for the O1 and get the T Race, it's an amazing boot that will add the power and stability that you need to handle those high speed turns and that variable terrain.



Alexander Klivecka

Alexander Klivecka wrote a review of on December 28, 2009

4 5

I am 6'2", 165lbs, and ski the 186cm mounted telemark with Hammerheads. When these hit the deep stuff, ooohwee! they are really really fun. Skiing these tele made me feel invincible, never even a thought of tip dive, control with power at high speeds, slashed turns on a dime. Also, incredibly stable on straightlines and runouts, more so than any other ski I've skied tele. When the snow gets chopped, they still perform really well, but I found that they are so wide that my tips would bash into each other on tighter turns, had to adjust my skiing style to accommodate for the width, but i feel like I'll get the hang of that pretty quick. On groomers and harder snow, watch out, they are a little dangerous and hard to control. Weren't awful, but definitely had some moments where I got squirrely...Not a one ski quiver, but don't claim to be. For pow days, really psyched that these are in my repertoire.



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