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Albert Quilala

Albert Quilala

SNOW in So*Cal NO-WAY!

Albert Quilala's Bio

A friend of mine back in youth time when I was 18 years old, this person notified me that we all can go to Wrightwood where Mtn. High ski resort is for snowboarding. I could not believe him in first place because every summer I always go to Wrightwood for camp. I decided to join with them. Four of us went to Mtn. High ski resort for the first time. I was totally speechless that it had a dee pow of snow around the mountain in South California. I began to feel anxiety of excitement. Four of us were dare enough to go black diamond after two runs of bunny and two runs of intermediate. I picked up pretty fast from 9AM to 9PM. After that I fell in love with snowboarding and been snowboarding every year ever since!

Albert Quilala

Albert Quilalawrote a review of on December 13, 2011

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I can survive through 40 degree and windy. I can see a great recovery after riding the bike for 4 hours. It definitely is not wind stopper but over hours of riding, I nearly forgot that I am wearing a sport long tight. I would recommend for those who want to wear for at least 40 degree.