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AdamAlbonni wrote a review of on July 30, 2012

Excellent Fit, Material and Performance
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This really is a great product. I wore this shirt for 3 days 40+ miles of backpacking and hiking in Yosemite earlier this year. The temperature got up to 80 degrees+ during the day, and the shirt smelled just fine after 3 days. I had other shirts, but I still chose this one (hand washed in a sink each night upon returning to camp and laid out to dry on top of my tent) despite the fact that it was 'dirty.' Was still wet in the morning but dried within 15 minutes of putting it on and hitting the trail. I'm 6'0 170 and a size L is my choice. I have an athletic build and once it went through the drier, it pretty much fit perfectly. They don't itch after they've been worn and washed a handful of times, and even in the beginning, the itchiness is almost nonexistent (especially compared to other wool clothing). Overall, this is a thumbs up for sure!




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AdamAlbonni wrote a question about on April 27, 2012

So taking a look at this bag, the stoic vamp 15 down, and the stoic vamp 30 down. All seemingly good bags, but one thing that HAS caught my eye is the shoulder circumference measurement on this one. 75in seems like a lot...I grabbed a measuring tape i have at home, pulled it out to 66in (the shoulder circ. measurement on both stoics) and that alone seemed plenty roomy if i wanted to sleep with both arms up at my chest/chin.

Does anyone have any experience with this bag that can chime in here? I'm 6' and about 170-175...and thinking i don't want too much upper-torso roominess.