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Abby wrote a question about on January 9, 2012

Thanks! It's actually more important to me that it be well suited to skiing than to biking - I didn't realise the Karve was even more low-profile than the Verve (which I thought would be good as it is very light). I definitely want something low-profile which stays put and influences my balance as little as possible, so I barely notice it on the slopes.

So next question - would I be correct in guessing that for my needs - should fit some snacks, hydration, one layer (either a fleece or winter shell jacket, for layering up or down) and possibly gloves - that the Karve 11 would be a better size than the Karve 6?




Abby wrote a question about on January 8, 2012

I've got a bunch of questions:

I've seen this pack in store but not the Verve 7 - i'm wondering how the size compares. I was impressed at how flat this compressed down to when the side straps are tightened. I see the Verve 7 doesn't have the side compression straps - is it as flat when empty?

Also which would be a better size for my needs - I'd want to use it for a thick shell jacket, mitts, snacks, odds&ends like phone/camera I guess.

Also I'd be wanting to use this pack for skiing in the winter as well - I see osprey has an insulated delivery system but I'm wondering if there would be any problems with the bladder itself freezing as compared to a "real" winter pack like the karve.