Aaron Horton

Aaron Horton

Marion, VA

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Fly Fishing
Hiking & Camping

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Just another guy with a camera, flyrod, mtn bike, and a hiking stick.

I'm not lost, I'm just not ready to go home.

Aaron Horton

Aaron Horton wrote an answer about on August 13, 2012

I use it as a single more often than as a...

I use it as a single more often than as a tandem. Sure, it ways a hefty 73 lbs, but, after lifting it on top of our Subaru Impreza OBS (2/10ths of an inch taller than the stock height, not much but it gives you a base height) several times, it does get much easier. Think, lifting weights. We have a Yakima Bow Down Kayak rack which sits pretty high on top of factory bars. Probably another 6" up but it is nothing a mostly healthy person can't handle. No offense to the ladies, but if you are not into lifting weights, strength training, or are all around fit, it may be a tad more difficult for you. But, with some ingenuity, and a fulcrum point above the car, you as well can get it onto your roof rack.



Aaron Horton

Aaron Horton wrote a review of on August 9, 2012

A boat to love!
5 5

This is our first kayak so keep that little fact in mind as you read the rest of this review.

My wife and I have had this little gem for a little over a month now. It has probably been in the water a total of 20 times now in 4 different lakes. Sometimes in tandem, sometimes in single config. I have even fished from it and taken one of our four rescue dogs along.

This kayak is a great starter system for a married couple. If you have a little patience when first learning your partners cadence, you will paddle far and fast and never miss a beat. If you take it out solo, you will be just as pleased as it is VERY easy to maneuver.

Now, for the single down side. The rear dry hatch wall. Like has been said above, I have had this out on the water about 20 times. The sealed partition that is in the aft of the boat meant to hold and keep water out of the dry bay has already come unsealed and is letting water in. I only had some stuff in dry containers and the rest got soaked (stupid me) including the key fob and my fishing license. Now, it is an easy fix, just reseal it. But, I feel that it should not have happened yet.

Overall, this is a great kayak. It will give us many years of use and has introduced us to a great sport!! I am sure that you and your family will enjoy this as much as we have!