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AJ wrote a review of on January 13, 2012

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just got this bag in phantom 156, its flippin PIMP as hell. the neon green zippers and dark camo is totally sick! Price point is good too.
My 155 board and size 9 boots fits fine. the boots pockets are slightly snug..but its not a problem, if the boot doesn't fit, just push down on it with one hand and zip it no biggie.
After my jacket and gear, the board definitely won't move around. I didn't want the 166 bag, then the bag is too big and board moves around inside the bag and will cause a rip. you want it to be snug fit with your board and gear.
The padding is not super thick, but seems like its enough to hold during air travel.
Its got a waterproof liner padding, so the outer layer doesn't get wet.