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4wd tacowrote a review of on March 4, 2009

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This board is on its own different level. It takes about a half day to get used to the feeling of riding off the center of the board because its feels very loose in the beginningbut it is very easy to get used to. The rocker makes switching from edge to edge super easy, and the magne-traction holds an edge on EVERYTHING! Hard pack, Ice, and choppy groomers will no longer ruin a day of riding. Since the past 5 trips to tahoe my riding has improved greatly because of the ease and comfort level the board provides, feels just like riding a skateboard. The only shortfall the board has is that it starts to feel a little bit unstable at higher speeds, but nothing terrbile. The board has amazing pop and flexability. It butters, presses any jibs you throw at it with ease and precision. Definetly the funnest board ive ever ridden hands down. Save up your money because this board is worth every penny.