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The team in the name of the Pinarello FP Team/Shimano Ultegra 6700 Complete Bike is in reference to our team, the Competitive Cyclist Professional Racing Team. This bike is finished to replicate our team's Dogma 2 framesets, and it's produced exclusively for us by Pinarello. In our biased opinion, it's a handsome bike, and you can't find it anywhere but here.

The FP Team is molded primarily from Toray 30HM12k. That means it's a 30-ton High Modulus carbon-fiber cloth with a 12k weave. It has a slightly sloping top tube, an aero down tube for speed, and Onda (wavy) seat stays for shock absorption. As with the team Dogma 2 frames, the head tube sports a slightly bulbous lower end. It's a sporty touch that hides the tapered steerer tube and lower 1-1/4in headset race. The larger bearing and steerer tube used here add to the steering precision and overall fork stiffness along with the elongated fork blades. The fork also has the trademark Onda curves to help smooth out the ride on coarse pavement. The FP Team rides much like the swanky Dogma 2, just a little more stable, with relaxed geometry that suits all day rides and unpredictable road conditions.

Pinarello FP Team/Shimano Ultegra 6700 Complete Bike DetailThe parts build on the bike is the ideal group for the self-sponsored rider. The shifting and drive train is almost entirely Shimano Ultegra, with a Shimano 105 12-25t cassette. The rest of the build is comprised of team-finished parts from MOst, Pinarello's in-house component label. It's all stuff that rides well, looks Pro, and saves a bundle. The MOst's Wildcat wheelset is a dependable, everyday wheelset that is aero enough for racing. The rims are 24mm deep with machined braking surfaces and wear indicators. The spokes are radial in front and grouped in sets of three in the rear, with two-cross on the drive side and radial on the non-drive. If they look familiar, it's because these are re-labeled Campagnolo Khamsin wheels, along with Campagnolo quick releases. They're topped off with Pinarello-branded Continental Ultra-Sport tires.

The Pinarello FP Team/Shimano Ultegra 6700 Complete Bike comes in White with Black and Red. It is available in six sizes.

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More upgrades to my FP Team

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

It now features a Rotor 3DF 50/34 compact w/ 11/28 cassette , Most XFC full carbon bars with tu tone lizardskin tape and Most Tiger lite full carbon stem. Bontranger Aeolus 6.5's w/ white spokes and color matched Michelin Pro 3 race tires. The saddle is a Selle Italia SLR team edition and Look special edition pedals and KMC Gold lightweight chain

For all the negative comments about the bike you obviously had no idea what you were talking about , a few changes made a big difference . The bike is actually a Opera Canova in Pinarello cover . The new FP Teams aren't the same using a lighter carbon

 More upgrades to my FP Team


    I am a track cyclist, and I am looking to upgrade my road bike to better train. I now ride a 2009 Giant TCR Advanced Factory edition, and I am looking to upgrade to something that will better help me on rides. I live in Bloomington, IN and there are lots of hills here. Any thoughts to if this is a good upgrade training/race bike?

    Not a race bike

      If you are looking for a high performance bike, keep looking. This bike is nice if you like to ride the flats all day. It feels like a cadillac. Smooth and relaxed. However, If you like to climb and ride hard and fast this is not the bike for you. It is not responsive like a high end carbon bike.

      question on bike size

        well my fater in law is about 170cm~173cm which bike size should i get for him?

        i don't know much about bike. please help thank you


        Please see Mark Parrett's comment to Kevin in the Bay's question above. By pasting the following url path into your browser:, you can see the proper fitting technique to help determine which size bike to get for your father in law. And, as always, if you have additional questions, our customer solutions team is always happy to help out so give us a call.

        My First

        • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

        This is my first bike, just started riding and well... couldn't made a better choise.

        I have no way to make a comparison, but this bike has everything I need for a start, and just saw a couple of video emphasizing the bike caracteristics that I don�t even known it has and they blowed me away!

        This is the best purschase I could have done.

        My recomendations are, if you are planning to buy or upgrade your actual bike, should consider the Pinarello FP Team for sure.

        I ride it 4 times a week if possible 5.

        Now Ultra Light with All Campy Parts

        Campy Groupo with Red Accents, Bora Ones make it pretty light weight appx 15 lbs. will give accurate weight when I get it out the house :-)

        Now Ultra Light with All Campy Parts

        FP Team With Bora Ones

        As close to a pro bike as you can get, Carbon Tubular wheel set, makes a world of difference if your preoccupied with weight, The smoothness of the ride is unquestionable 1350 grams Wheel set total weight

        FP Team With Bora Ones

        my new 2012 Pinarello FP Team

        • Familiarity:I've used it several times

        love it!!! love it!!! upgraded to Fulcrum Racing 5 wheels, Selle Italia SLR team edition saddle and ultegra cs-6700 cassette. Bike is flawless and super fast. Thanks to Keri @ Backcountry for all the help in purchasing my beautiful FP Team bike.New addition are the carbon fiber bottle cages.

        Bike Porn ! : my new FP Team bike

        pictures pretty much says it all

        Bike Porn ! : my new FP Team bike

        Hey guys ,

        The wheels are bontrager aeolus 6.5's and I believe they are now discontinued about a year now but you can find them on e-bay once and a while or someone with old stock .The new version of the wheels don't look as nice .These wheels came in quite a few different colors and have white spokes so they match the bike well and they are a fast wheel . I think they retailed around $2200/set

        As for why I chose the bike , I really couldn't find anything else I liked for the price that was as nice to look at . I don't race but use it for crosstraining and group rides . I would have loved a dogma but can't justify the price just to say I have one . In the sport I compete in we always say it's not the equipment it's the motor .I have seen elite athletes take equipment that everyone said was a POS and win and spending lots of money on a bike if your only a so so athlete is a waste of money .
        I really like this bike and I can ang 21-22 mph no problem over longer distance and have been as high as 28 on flats and the bike handles great and brakes well . It's beautiful to look at and lots of other riders come and look at it and ask questions but again it's no Dogma . It's made by Opera which is basically Pinarello made in Taiwan ,it has the 30 K weave and the 2013 FP Team aval elsewhere around the world is 25K
        I'd buy it again for the price , just remember to sell the wheels and sway to carbon to lighten it up

        I am a very senior rider, certainly not a...

        I am a very senior rider, certainly not a racer. I have Trek Pilot 5.0 that I have ridden for 7 years. Antsy to try a new bike to see what difference, if any, it might make in the pleasure of riding. Is this too much bile for me?

        Best Answer

        This bike is squarely in the enthusiast price/performance bracket. Meaning that its not the kinda bike that would make people go "why's he driving a race car in a school zone to goto to the supermarket?"

        If you are reasonably happy with your current bike but just looking for an upgrade, go for it.

        How much the cost to shipping in 00979

        How much the cost to shipping in 00979

        The best way to find out is to add the bike to your cart. Then proceed to checkout (don?t worry?proceeding to checkout doesn?t make you obligated to purchase anything). Enter your address in the billing and shipping fields. Once you change the country, the page will show you the shipping charges.

        Hi there, I was trying to buy this bike...

        Hi there,

        I was trying to buy this bike and use a promotional code but it doesn't go through ,Can you help?

        Hey munp141558,

        Thanks for the question and sorry to hear about your promotional code troubles. Here's what you need to do, first check where you got the code from to be sure that the Pinarello brand or full bike builds are not restricted from the code.

        If this is not the case, then put the bike into your cart, proceed to the checkout page, then click on the link next to "Redemption Code?" and you can enter the code here. The discount will then show in the cart below if there is any applied.

        Please keep in mind that if an item is already discounted, the amount of discount on the code will only bring the discount amount down to what the code gives and does not add on to the current discount and will not apply if there is a discount on the item higher than the code gives already.

        Can I put the compact crankset you have...

        Can I put the compact crankset you have on the Pinarello FP Due on this bike instead of the 53/39 chainring?

        Hello, I live in Canada and would like...


        I live in Canada and would like to buy the Pinarello FP Team and get iy shipped toa pickup store near the border. Can I do that. Which currier firm does Backcountry use...


        I'm 6'2" and I'm wondering if i should go...

        I'm 6'2" and I'm wondering if i should go with a 59cm frame or a 61cm frame?

        Hi Kevin -

        Height isn't the only factor in determining your size. Check out the fit guide we just made and see if that helps you answer your question - it will ask about your true inseam (be sure not to use your pant inseam!). Paste this into your browser to check it out:

        If you still have questions ring us up and we will be happy to walk through some more detailed fit guidelines with you.

        Just about to order it and just find out...

        Just about to order it and just find out they don?t have my size, BUMP.

        Hello, In other brands I use a 56 cm bike....


        In other brands I use a 56 cm bike. Since Pignarello has a 55 cm or 57 cm, which one you think fits better for me? I am 6 feet high.


        I'm 5"11" and also rode 56cm bikes..I went with the 57cm FP team because the top tube is 55.5cm (21.85in.) versus the 59cm FP team which has it at 57cm (22.44in.) difference of 0.59 in term of inches and seat tube diff. of 0.78in. check your current bike and compare measurements to get as close to it as possible. I had a 2012 FP Due before the FP team and that was a 55cm size. The wheels were $400 the cages are specialized rib cage carbon $55ea. and ultegra cassette $90 and the Selle Italia saddle $227.

        Hello please tell me how much this bike...

        Hello please tell me how much this bike weighs? Thank you

        Art Villasana

        can anyone tell which size is Large 55cm...

        can anyone tell which size is Large 55cm or 57cm on the Pinnarello FP Team Bike

        How much does it weigh in the 55 cm...

        How much does it weigh in the 55 cm size?

        If you look at the Competitive Cyclist website they show what they consider the weight of this bike but there are wrong on almost every value they have put down making it look lighter than it is . Here is the MOst website where you can review the actual weight of the parts and I would say this bike is defiantely not the 16.92 lbs they are showing

        Having said that again it is a very nice bike and I'm happy w/ mine as you can see and by losing the wheels it will make a big difference as well as so other parts which I will tackle later .