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Luck isn’t a sure thing, the Peips DSP is.

Even though the Pieps DSP Smart Transmitter feels like cheating in the event of a rescue—there is no cheating when it comes to digging out your best buddy. Pieps is the pioneer of the 3-antenna system and has been defining the term ‘exact’ when it comes to locating a buried victim. The Smart Transmitter provides superior results in multiple burial searches by eliminating signal overlap and synchronizing signal reception with other beacons for increased speed. All of which allows you to concentrate on finding your buddy—which means you can dig faster and search less.

  • DSP has the largest equal coverage in all directions, and the direction and distance are available from the second you start searching
  • The DSP features a 60-meter search area and the beacon does not need to be rotated or shifted
  • iProbe compatible (sold separately) for the quickest searches

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Here's what others have to say...

Whats the difference between this and the...

Whats the difference between this and the Pieps DSP tour beacon? Is if just that this has the temp., and altitude.

Responded on

neitther has remp or altitude this one has a more precice transmitter/reiciever

Responded on

Oh alright thank you, i thought i read in one of the reviews it did thanks.

4 5

DO NOT wear with magnets

I just tested this beacon (which i otherwise love) with a new jacket I got with magnetic closures. The magnets on the jacket (when closed as if wearing) turned the PIEPS DSP from send to search. SCARY!!! Dont wear this beacon with any magnetic closures on your outerwear.

5 5

Pieps Errors Vs. Human Errors

No sponsorship-- just avid user over the past 12+ years. I have used this beacon along with Ortovox. I prefer the Pieps because I think it is more user friendly with the features it offers. I loved the other reviews on here... All Beacons have their "issues" but in my honest opinion those "issues" usually arise or result from inadequate classroom and hands on training. I feel comfortable using my device because I practice with it therefore I have had minimal interference or "issues". Use some COMMON SENSE and turn off other electrical devices such as phones when you are searching etc. If you don't practice yearly (by buying another Beacon or using a friends) you shouldn't be in the Backcountry... If you don't have friends that know how to use their devices you shouldn't be in the Backcountry... (What good would that do other than a body recovery later on?) If you don't have proper equipment (probes/shovel) you shouldn't be in the Backcountry. Most of all, if you haven't had a Certified Avalanche Class Offered by the NSP or Avalanche Centers you shouldn't be in the Backcountry!

Liberty Mountain in West Valley, Utah will do the Pieps Software Updates on your older models for $20. It takes about 5 minutes (if you walk in). Go to Pieps Website on how to find which model you have.

5 5

Great So Far

I did quite a bit of research before purchasing this beacon. I took an AVY 1 class a few weeks back and we tested beacon range with others. It far exceeded the other manufactures that were also tested (tracker ortovox etc)

I was able to pick up the buried beacon in the test much sooner than the other rescuers

I realize that this doesn't help the person that is buried if they are carrying this beacon but thought I would throw in my two cents on the range with this unit. It definitely out performs the others in this category

I found it very easy to use and am very happy with it so far

3 5

Good, not great

Like the 3 stars states, this is adequate for the job. It was pretty easy to use and comfortable on the body. What I didn't like about it is sometime when practicing in field the sliding bar would switch from search to transmit and totally through off the simulation. This happened twice (to two different people's Pieps) during one afternoon. I think I'll stick the the BCA offerings.

4 5

Great beacon, not perfect...

I've had the DSP for 3 years now, luckily haven't had to pull it out for the real deal, (I'd be even gladder if my partner had the DSP too) its powerful, good range (at least 50 meters), simple, and accurate (no wild goose chases when honing in) . The case that comes with it is comfy, but isn't the quickest for getting the beacon out of... I modified mine a bit. I wonder how waterproof (actual beacon) it is,looks like just plastic and it would be nice if they beefed up the beacon casing a little.



I went out touring one day and discovered that I'd left my DSP turned on for a week and the batteries were at double-zero. Not so good, but, these units actually still work for for a whiile (24 hours of xmit and something like an hour of seraching..?) at that setting.

It is recommended to change your batteries when they get low, but this was good to know.

It it just me, or has this jumped in price...

It it just me, or has this jumped in price in the last few months?

Responded on

I have noticed that too. Last season they were running for almost $100 less, don't quote me

5 5

Sick Beacon For Sure

The Pieps DSP Smart Transmitter is a sick beacon for sure. All the other reviews are spot-on. Really easy to use. Super long range. And amazingly cuts out the flux line. Haven’t played much with the multiple burial feature, however did turn it on at Alf’s and flagged the three closest transmitions w/o even getting out of my chair. Not a good test, but a great example of how powerful & easy this beacon is to use. If you can afford it, I highly recommend it. The only thing I didn’t like is the harness that comes with it. The DSP is kind of tricky to get in and out of the pocket and the zipper broke on day 1. You’d think Pieps would provide better harness considering how bad-ass the beacon is. Anyway, I’d suggest using a different harness if you got an old one lying around or use a custom one like Andrew mentioned.

5 5


If you are looking for the best beacon out there. You've found it. The full display is easy to understand, I think even easier than the BCA Tracker model. The flagging feature is awesome if you are in a multiple burial situation.

5 5

Strong real-life recommendation!!

I bought this transceiver after it was recommended by an Austrian ski tour guide who had used it to rescue three victims from an avalanche. Despite the deepest victim being buried 1.5 metres down, the guide and his companion managed to uncover the faces of all three avalanche victims within 20 minutes (in excess of another hour to get them all out).
He emphasized the need for regular training and rehearsal with the equipment on the hill as the fourth member of the avalanched party, despite wearing the proper gear, was so shaken up by seeing his friends swept away in front of him that he couldn't even unzip his shell to get his own transceiver out.
The guide also emphasized strongly to me that it is essential to carry a metal snow shovel - plastic just won't cut it in most avalanche debris - and go for the biggest shovel and longest shaft that your tour weight permits.
In use this Pieps has an excellent padded pouch carrying system and comes complete with instruction DVD. Hopefully I'll never have to use it in anger but the quality is reassuringly good for when you need it in that worst-case scenario.

5 5

Best digital Transceiver!

For digital transceivers this is the best, it has the farthest range and re-calibrates it self to distance and direction quickly. Bought my ex-wife the BCA Tracker transceiver and when practicing I couldn't believe how short it's range was and it's sluggishness in re-calibrating during a search , we returned it ( i wanted her to be able to find me) got the Pieps and it's range was more than double! If you are an experienced analog transceiver user nothing will beat the range (and price) of an Ortovox F1, but if you want a digital this is the one to get!

What models of pieps beacons switch from...

What models of pieps beacons switch from search mode to send mode automatically? If not what brand of beacons do? Thanks Ray

Responded on

The Pieps DSP does not go from search mode to send automatically but the rectangle shaped main switch literally can switch modes in one second with your thumb, and it's easy to do with gloves on. I haven't heard of a beacon with said function, you should be the one to control if you're searching or trying to be found, unless someone else knows otherwise.

5 5

Easy Decision

I waited until I finished my Avy 1 class to decide which beacon to purchase. I practiced with a Ortovox, BCA Tracker and the Pieps DSP. During a range test the Pieps had a much further range than the other beacons. I was able to locate beacons much easier with the Pieps.

5 5

Bubba... Alta, UT

I headed to Portillo, Chile in August... all told me to "get/bring a beacon".

Since I'm an Altaholic... I contacted ASP for their opinion, and was told they were buying new beacons this year. They evaluated all the beacons on the market, this was their selection... that's all I had to hear.

We lost a skier to a tree well at closing time last season in Westward Ho...

Had he been wearing a beacon... he would have been found on the first pass I'm certain... so I now wear my beacon all the time ... even "in bounds"..


I don't want my friends saying..
"Bubba died on da mountain... he had a beacon, but it was in the Lodge."

Merry Christmas!

Be Safe Out There!


5 5

Used in Level 1 Avy training

It had a great transmitting range, and performed great in a multiple burial. Even without reading the manual, i figured out the flagging function quickly and was on to searching for the next "victim." It seemed that it worked alot easier than the Tracker.

Pieps DSP - I have had my Pieps DSP 5...

Pieps DSP - I have had my Pieps DSP 5 years. I have heard their is a software upgrade for these, Are you aware, and do you have information on this? Thank You and Happy Holidays

Best Answer Responded on


The Pieps DSP does have software that is updateable. The most current version of the firmware is 6.2. This most recent update allows for optimized iProbe support, optimized power consumption, an advanced SCAN function, use of a self-check serial number and release version indication.

If you have a version other than 6.2 then I would suggest that you consider updating your beacon. If you do this update, you will not only get the most current software in your Pieps DSP, but you'll also be able to receive a diagnostic report on your beacon’s performance. There are a couple of ways that you can update your beacon:

1. Send it to US Pieps distributor - Liberty Mountain - in Salt Lake City.

2. Go to the Pieps website and find a local outdoor shop that is set up as a Service Center in the US.

There is a $20 charge for this service.

Here are the updates over the years:
2.8: Optimized MARK Function, Old Beacon Mode
3.1: Frequency Measurement
4.0: Smart Transmitter
5.0: iProbe Support
6.2: Optimized iProbe Support, Optimized Power Consumption, Advanced SCAN function, Self-Check Serial Number and Release Version Indication.

In order to check the software version of your Pieps DSP all that you have to do is turn your beacon to SEND while simultaneously pressing the question mark button - "?" or the scan button - "((("....depending on your beacon's faceplate. A number should appear on the screen: 2.8, 3.1, 4.0, 5.0 or 6.2 (this indicates the version of the firmware in your beacon).

Best wishes.

5 5

On the ground...

Just spent the weekend doing Avvy scenarios with a bunch of guides and students using a variety of beacons.Perhaps the most telling result:The students using DSPs repeatedly found the "victims" faster than the pro guides using other beacons.The trip leader, himself a user of another manufacturer's product and previously a DSP doubter, was pretty darn impressed and couldn't praise the results highly enough. Not surprisingly, he's going to upgrade all his company's beacons to DSPs.

5 5

worth the investment

how can you praise something you bought (and it's expensive!) and at the same time you don't want to use. Paradoxal... That being said and even if I never used the Pieps in real avalanche situation, I used it multiple times in virtual searches with buddies. It's doubtlessly the most accurate beacon I've owned and it performs as well with single search as for multiple searches.

4 5

Well made

You you have the bling then spend it on this little guy. I personally don't have one of these models for myself, but I was able to use one in Alaska last season. It was easy to use, as I was able to figure it out, and the design is well thought out. I could play with it while my gloves were on and the display is simple, concise, and got the job done (in training at least). The reviews are right, this little thing is the best, not to say the others are bad, but remember you have to pay the price for the best. I would spend the money on this if you got it, but otherwise there are cheeper models out there that will do just as well.