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Good lamp for the $$$

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Great battery life and very good lamp compared to others in its price range.

Obviously there are better lamps out there but it would be tough to find one for the price.

Also it is very light and comfortable, and stylish (for a headlamp)

Product changes: lumen values et al

    FYI the Tikka Plus is now the Tikka Plus/2. The old Tikka Plus had 4 of the Nichia CS LEDs (the CS is approximately 80% brighter than previous Nichia 5mm LEDs). Now the model has one central (larger) LED with higher output. The previous Tikka Plus was 35 lumens, the Tikka Plus2 is 50. I suspect although no one is saying that the one LED (instead of the array of 4 Nichia CS) is an underdriven Seoul Semiconductor P4- a very good and reliable LED.BTW for this type of headlamp, regulation is not so much of an issue: this, like most LED flashlights and headlamps that use a cluster of 5mm emitters,is intended more for close-quarters illumination (read: general camp tasks , reading, path-walking and personal illumination)than for long-distance illumination, so beam usability is not seriously affected by some reduction in brightness. This is an excellent headlamp for those purposes. As another reviewer mentioned, Princeton Tec also makes an excellent headlamp, the Quad, which is regulated, and is slightly lower in cost.

    Product changes: lumen values et al

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      There are lots of lights to chose among, but I own two of these and use them on many search and rescue night missions. It's light weight, ease of use, and comfort on the head make it the best I've used. Hint -- in really cold weather, use Lithium batteries and it will last all night at 20 below! Most of the lights in this photo are Petzl Tikka Plus Headlamps -- photo is from an overnight rescue in the White Mountains of NH.

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      Tikka A Plus

        Great headlamp. This thing cranks out some light, is lightweight, and burns for days. It does take 3 batteries though, which if they could make it down to 2, would be probably the best small light available. The light that it throws off is great for the trail (high), the bivouac for the bathroom (med-low) and reading in the tent (low). The Tikka packs down pretty small too, so you have no real excuse not to be caught out without a light.

        Tikka Plus

          Great product, super light and batteries last nearly forever. Better construction and design than the original Tikka. Great for reading in the tent and camp use. Not quite bright enough for dedicated night hiking but it will work for that when needed.

          All I need!

            This headlamp is super bright, lightweight, and I have not replaced a battery since I got it. This thig is 10 times better that its closest rival.It is super comfortable because it doesn't have the added battery pack in the back! Petzl has always made excelent gear, and this is no exception. Trust me, unless your climbing Everest or on an extyreme trekking trip, this is the only headlamp u will ever need!

            Great to have

              This light is great to have when out camping or moving at night. Its pretty bright for its size and lasts a good while. Starts to dim once the batteries are getting low. Used it caving and it worked great. Its small and lightweight so there is no excuse for bringing it on every excursion.

              Nice and Bright.

                I have only used my head lamp for some night bouldering and worked great. It was way bright and lit up the whole boulder. It was also a huge help when we got turned around in the forest. Do not worry it lead me to a trail which got me outa that enchanted place.

                Awesome Headlamp!!

                  This headlamp has been great. It is very bright and takes forever to run the battery out. It also has some neat little features, all with just 1 button. I highly recommend this headlamp. I do not leave without mine, even on day hikes!

                  What's not to like?! Its sweet!

                    This is an excellent piece of equipment. Its simple, lightweight, easy to adjust and to say the least, it gets the job done. i have used it for many different activities and it works great every time. its great for running at night, backpacking/camping, and much more. And 3 AAA batteries are extremely easy to change. Buy this product, it wont let you down.

                    Anybody have any idea how many lumens this...

                    Anybody have any idea how many lumens this head lamp produces on high?

                    Best Answer

                    They put out about 35 Lumens. However, because it's not voltage regulated, its brightness will diminish fairly rapidly (you will start to see less light about 15-20 minutes of use). Check out the Princeton Tec Quad for a brighter headlamp (45 Lumens), one that's voltage regulated (meaning it will maintain the high output longer), has a battery indicator, includes a lifetime warranty, and is 100% waterproof. It's also made in the USA and costs about the same.

                    Has anybody tried rechargeable batteries...

                    Has anybody tried rechargeable batteries in this light? These long winter nights are chewing up the batteries fast?

                    Best Answer

                    i'd say rechargeable just aren't reliable enough. i also use lithium batteries. they are awesome, super light and reliable. Hi Matt,You can answer a question without deleting all the other preceding answers. It just a common courtesy. Accord to the Petzl website Lithium batteries are not to be used in this headlamp because the extra power could overheat and damage the unit. en.petzl.comOne more time like I previously stated, I've been using lithium AAA's in all my headlamps without any problems whatsoever. New lithium batteries measure to 1.77 volts as compared to 1.55 for alkaline. The extra voltage amounts to .1625 volts per LED. Petzl added their disclaimer just in case there was a problem. That way they are covered, CYA. The incidents where lithium batteries did cause a problem were so insignificant compared to the number of Tikka series headlamps sold that they are better than the Six Sigma quality initiative which is 3.4 failures per million units. Here is a slight twist on the above. Yes you can use rechargeable and lithiums. I've used both for a couple years without issues. You might want to consider the use your putting your lamp through. I've spent several months training and racing sled dogs and used this lamp as a primary chore light for everything at my training cabin (no electric lights).Here are some characterisitcs I've noticed from my own long winter nights:Lithium batteries- perform well in cold weather and have a flatter discharge profile. This means you get more consistent light over the life of the battery. Lithium batteries are expensive however.Rechargables- These tend (in my experience) to result in a weaker light in cold temperatures. They also tend to dim as they discharge (this may be due to them cooling as I work outside however, I'm not too sure here). But, the long term cost savings is significant.For me I use rechargables for everything except situatuions where I need a brighter light, then I pull out a set of lithium batteries.Hope that helps.

                    Yes, rechargeables do work. At least NiMH batteries do. I haven't really taken notice as to how well rechargeables work in comparison to alkalines or other non-rechargeables, but they work. There are simply too many variables (temperatures, usage, time between usage, etc.) for me to quantify how fast rechargeables are used up.

                    The cold will drain the batteries much faster than in the warm. you would see a big difference if you had one with the battery pack somewhere it would stay warmer (by your chest or closer to your core).

                    I also recommend lithium batteries which I've been using for years & have never had a problem. I know Petzl doesn't agree because of a slight amount of heat produced over an extended period of time, but for weight & cold temperatures, they can't be beat.