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Outdated technology

    Do not waste your money or time on this headlamp. Simply outdated technology. It uses an incandescent bulb as the primary light source and has 3 dim cruddy LEDs. Incandescents first of all get very warm, eat batteries, filament can break, and cannot provide the light output of newer LED technology based on similar battery configurations. While at one point this light was relatively nice, it is archaic techonology.

    Bottom line, go with a newer high-end LED headlmap. LEDs are much more efficient on all fronts and now LEDs exist that can out perform the once superior incandescent.

    I would disagree with ErkMD. His assessment on technology is partly true. LED have come along way, however incandescent bulbs still have their place. Some headlamps even claim a 3-watt center bulb that can do 80m, sorry to say folks, that isn't happening yet with current LED tech. If you are the person setting up base camp at night, or looking under the hood of a car at night - reach for the LED. If you are up a couple of pitches trying to navigate your wat through the vertical world - DO NOT DEPEND ON AN LED - get yourself a real head lamp. Any headlamp that uses an incandescent can easily be replaced with a Halogen bulb. Some you can even buy with the Halogen bulb already in it, however its a great way for companies to save money by putting in the cheaper, less efficient bulb, and then selling you the Halogen bulb separate.

    Eats Batteries

      My headlamp for 3 years or more. Burns through batteries pretty quickly and kind of shorts out every now and again. I also received a letter from Petzl with a disclaimer ordering users to not use rechargable batteries in this lamp (which I had been doing for 3 years) because it would spontaneously combust or something. That's another downside. But the thing is still around and in one piece and works when the batteries are fresh, so it does the job. Kind of outdated in my opinion, and you should go for something smaller and more efficient.

      Head Strap

        Love the MYOLITE 3. I've taken it kayaking camping and out for an evening paddle. Works great, BUT, I ordered the head strap for it. It should come with the head strap already attached. If you want to remove it you could but the head strap makes it much more comfortable.

        Should be a staple

          I love this thing because its simply, bright, and pretty darn weather resistant. The Halogen is great and focusing is a sinch. The LEDs are bright, but not overly. My one qualm about it is I wish it had a red LED option to read maps at night. But I guess its why they call it a Myolite 3 and no 4.