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The Petzl Ecrin Roc Helmet has been a staple of rock climbers and mountaineers for years because of its extreme adjustability and durability. Good luck finding a tougher helmet.

  • Extremely durable hard-shell design for years of use and abuse
  • Dual adjustment system to handle any head size or shape
  • Headlamp clips for night use
  • Ventilation to keep you from overheating in the middle of the day
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Saved my dome the first time I put it on

    The first day that I was wearing the Ecrin Roc, I pulled a loose hex that would have split my forehead open, but I was saved by the ROc!@@! This helmet wears like a helmet, but protects like a hardhat. The two adjustment wheels are functional and easily operated with light gloves. I give it four stars because the rear webbing retainer creates a slight pressure point when snugged down, and I feel like the clearance between the suspension system and the shell could be reduced without sacrificing protection. All in all, a great helmet.

    Great Ventilation

      I like the Ecrin Roc. It's keeps your head cool, safe and makes you look like you know what your doing. My biggest complaint with it would be the foam pads, they sometimes shift ever so slightly. Also the weight is higher than most of its foam counterparts. However, it blows everything out of the water when looking at the protection it gives you. Also, its adjust-ability is great. It works for sport climbing in the hottest of summer as well as ice climbing with a bean and a hood on. I would recommend the Ecrin Roc but only to those who need a helmet for multiple uses. For simple sport climbing there are other buckets that will do the trick at a lower cost. Good luck!!

      The Beast

        If I'm belaying somebody on toprope, this is on my head. Super durable and should last a long time. The cross straps inside are comfortable too. For leading, I prefer the foam helmets that are not as heavy and protect the back of the head better (the Ecrin sits high), so I don't always have the Ecrin with me depending on the climbs of the day. For days when I'm just toproping though, why put wear and tear on the foam helmet (one major bump to the foam and it's retired). The Ecrin is solid and will far outlast any other helmet I'll ever own.

        Super comfortable!

          Got this after I tried the Black Diamond Half Dome and didn't find it vary comfortable. I use it mostly for canyoneering, but also a bit of climbing and mountaineering. What I really like about the helmet is the webbing straps on the inside so that your head is resting against the webbing (not foam), with a gap of air between the webbing and the shell of the helmet. For me, this means every time you bump your head on something, it hurts a lot less (so I imagine the helmet would be great for caving).

          Super comfortable!

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          Paint Job

          Decided to show a little goat pride while re-furbishing my helmet...

          Paint Job


          Thanks for the heads up. Since I can't afford a new helmet I'm gonna hope that if my melon comes in contact with something hard enough to break a marginally-weakened helmet, it would kill me anyway...

          And if I happen to break my big egg, at least I'll go out looking good (if stupid).


            I like this helmet. It is comfy and very adjustable. The straps sit in the right place naturally (as opposed to the BD Half Dome)and clip in and out very easily. Only downside would be that it sits pretty high on your head, but fashion is a secondary consideration for me. Nothing has hit me in the head yet so I can't comment on safety.

            Petzl Ecrin Roc Helmet

              The Petzl Ecrin Roc Helmet is comfortable, adjustable to fit your head size, headlamp attachments, absorbs impacts well, and importantly meets UIAA standards. My friends and I love it from caving, climbing, mountaineering, canyoning.

              This Helmet Rocks!

                I bought this helmet because I was wanting to get into caving. I had just bought a Black Diamond Half Dome and was very disappointed. The half dome was uncomfortable and the chin strap was barely long enough for me. I sent the half dome back. It was way overpriced for what you get, which is an expensive and flimsy bicycle helmet. I ordered and received this Ecrin Roc and WOW. $40 extra bones, but it was well worth it. Some gripe that this helmet is heavier than the current bike helmets out there, but I didn't feel the diffence. As a matter of fact, this helmet is nice, , light but strong, comfortable and WAY better than all those $59 helmets out there. Spend a few extra bucks and get yourself a real helmet. You won't regret this buy!

                We use these at our camp. The webbing and...

                We use these at our camp. The webbing and straps are pretty dirty after a summer's worth of use. Is there a way to clean them, or should I just soak the whole helmet?

                Need to know if this helmet is ANSI standard....

                Need to know if this helmet is ANSI standard. Thanks.

                Does Petzl specify a lifetime for these?...

                Does Petzl specify a lifetime for these?

                Also, is there any way to get replacement suspension bits? I tripped over mine and broke a plastic piece where it goes into the side wheel that adjusts at the nape of the neck. If there's a cheaper option than just replacing the helmet, I'd love to hear about it!

                Petzl guarantees the Ecrin for 3 years, and specifies a maximum lifetime under ideal conditions of 10.

                Petzl does sell replacement parts for their helmets, but not the suspension components for the Ecrin, only the foam padding item numbers AO1153 and AO1154 (the thin and thick versions respectively).

                If you are questioning your safety gear at all, replace it.

                Does the Ecrin Roc always sit really high...

                Does the Ecrin Roc always sit really high on people's heads? I tried one on and it looked, well, goofy. I could live with goofy, but I want to make sure that it still protects when its that high.

                Yes, it was all properly adjusted in the forehead, but the suspension held it quite high.

                Are they all like this? Also, the suspension system webbing is sewn at the factory so that part its not adjustable.

                Ideas, experience?

                Wanted to follow up this question by saying that I bought the Ecrin Roc. Two things about it. This helmet does indeed sit high, at least on my head. I popped out one of the suspension webbing connections and the webbing is sewn together, so the height on which it sits on your head is indeed, as Bryan said, not adjustable. So, you're kind of stuck with how high it sits on your head.

                THAT SAID, I really like this helmet. The speed adjust wheels make it so fast to pop this thing on your head and turn the little wheels till it is snug. Clip the chin strap and boom, you're done adjusting. The ventilation is really nice and breezy in the summer, and the headlamp clips work perfectly. Some reviewers have said this helmet is heavy on your head, but once I put it on, its so comfy I forget I'm even wearing it.

                This helmet is a classic for a reason.

                The suspension and as result helmet sitting high, is by design. This is a hard shell helmet so you need that gap to take a hit to the head. If it wasn't there you'd have to absorb that energy with your skull or neck.

                Other helmets on the market have foam inside them to absorb the energy. For this reason the Ecrin Roc is better in my opinion. The foam will degrade and you will lose protection over time.

                They follow the same design pattern as construction hard hats. You never see foam lining in Hard Hats because it still transfers ALOT of energy into your body. With the suspension system, it actually deflects heavy objects to the sides. In one case I saw while working offshore, a 50+ Lbs. Shackle fell from some scaffolding directly on a man's head from about 70 ft. Instead of killing him it was deflected and broke his shoulder. Foam would surely not have had this outcome.

                were do you get the covers for the vents...

                were do you get the covers for the vents . as we need them in for industrial work?

                I would like to know if you are able to...

                I would like to know if you are able to wear a baseball hat under the Petzl Helmet. I believe this does not meet the Safety Standard.

                Can you get replacement headbands/wheels...

                Can you get replacement headbands/wheels for a ten year old Ecrin Roc? The gears are worn out in my adjustment wheels and it won't tighten up any more. Thanks!