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The Swifty 9.5 is an easy-access boat. That is, anyone can jump in and immediately have fun on lakes, ponds, or mellow rivers. For this reason, the Swifty 9.5 if Perception's most popular recreational kayak. The hull with dual tracking channels is designed to go straight, but it's small enough for novice maneuvering. Wide and flat, the Swifty's bottom allows the beginning boater to learn paddling on a steady, relaxing platform.

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just for fun

    The 9.5 swifty is a great little boat. I am 66 years young and this is my first time kayaking. I love this boat, it is ease to handle and very stable. I had trouble geating in and out at my dock but I fixed this by making a floating ramp. That made it easy and stable for the old man to get in and out. This is excellent exercise, just don't overdo it at first.

    love my swifty

      This is the perfect boat for me. It's a cute, wide, light little thing. It has been rated low by some because of its slowness, but I paddled circles around my friends' Old Town Dirigos. I would say it's the best boat you can get for this price. And anyone who says it doesn't track well just needs to learn how to paddle.

      Swifty 9.5

        Having previously paddled a Swifty 9.5 kayak I was ecstatic when my family gave me my own for a recent birthday gift. I have since used in local streams for many hours of enjoyable paddling. I particularly like the lightweight for carrying. It also fits nicely into my compact pickup truck bed (tailgate down). Tracking in flat water is very good and very quiet as I can get very close to the local wildlife. I am looking forward to some longer trips with this boat and highly recommend it for flat water paddlers whether novice or experienced. DCZ

        Is there a way to trace the original sale...

        Is there a way to trace the original sale from manufacturer to retailer and the the first buyer so that I can come up with a title. I bought the swifty from and individual for cash and would like to register it in Illinois. The owner did not have this info.

        Write your question here...Where can I get...

        Write your question here...Where can I get a cockpit cover for this kayak?

        I can't seem to find much information on...

        I can't seem to find much information on the height of kayaks. You might call it the profile. I need to know if I can pass the Swifty though my trunk and back seat to the front seat, all of which fold down. Looks like I have about a foot of clearance.

        I'm diong a kayak trip down the rio grand...

        I'm diong a kayak trip down the rio grand from alb nm and the river is pretty low. This is the only time I have to go. I called REI and they have a perception swifty for rent. My question is how will that do on a low river. I'm am taking a sit on top fishing kayak.

        as long as you've got 6-8 inches of h20, you should be fine. your weight + the weight of the gear you pack into/on it will play a factor, obviously, as well. due to its light weight, though, the more shallow spots won't make the carry over-exerting. i've had mine for 3 years, put it through hell, and it's holding up just fine. i love my swifty, man, and i won't get rid of it until the elements absorb it back to its natural state.