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A long-haul boat that cruises smoothly.

Storage, comfort, and speed over long-haul tours are the name of the game for the Perception Essence 16.5 Kayak which was built for smaller expedition paddlers. Grab your map and plan an extended trip over coastal waters with your gear stashed safely away inside the three sealed hatches. A height-adjustable drop skeg provides additional control over your boat tracking and the slightly rockered bow rides over choppy ocean conditions. Slide into supremely-fitted EXP seating and float out to a new adventure.
  • Zone EXP seating, thigh braces, and Slidelock foot braces offer adjustable support and comfort fit for touring
  • TruTrak Skeg system uses a retractable skeg so you can determine how your boat tracks, a little lose when up or straight as an arrow when down
  • Stash some spare layers, a first aid kit, and some lunch in one of the three hatches built into this boat
  • Soft Touch molded plastic handles make it easy to get a grip when your loading or unloading the Essence
  • SlideLock foot braces accommodate varying leg lengths
  • easily by sliding along a track and locking into place