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Smooth, stable paddling around the lake or in the ocean.

Perception made the Carolina 12.0 Kayak with a comfy seat and a hull design that glides across lakes and feels stable on coastal explorations. The adjustable seat and knee pads with inner or outer brace options are a relief from hard-plastic back and butt torture, and the adjustable foot pads give your feet something to brace against while you paddle. Stash your lunch in the bow or stern hatch, and slide your waterproof map and sunscreen under the front bungees.

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Perception Carolina 12.0 Kayak - 2014 - Discontinued

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Who makes a narrower kayak?

I have had a Dagger Meridian for years. Had other kayaks for the river but was never satisfied with them because they were too wide. Can't use a flat bottom because I have to paddle upstream for miles. Would love a plastic version of the Meridian in a 10=12foot length. Does ANYONE make such a boat?

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Classic, but not sporty

The Carolina was one of the first boats for light whitewater and touring and was very, very popular for a long while.

Comfortable seat, great stability, not bad speed, not too hard to steer.

That said there are plenty of newer designs that offer better turning, speed, and lighter weight.

I am looking for a kayak that I can use...

I am looking for a kayak that I can use on calmer rivers, lakes and weekend trips on the water. Can anyone recommend an all 'round kayak that would fit my needs?

Would this kayak be good for a three day...

Would this kayak be good for a three day trip down the green river,ut

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Yes, if you are planning on the Stillwater or Labyrinth canyons of the river (or any other relatively flat section). Tex's Riverways (the outfitter for Stillwater and Labyrinth) rents a Prijon TourYak which is a little bigger, but similar boat. If you pack reasonably light, you will have plenty of capacity for a three day tour.

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A lovely little kayak

So I do flatwater recreational kayaking here in Ontario. I have a Pungo 120 and wanted a same-length boat for my daughters to join me in occasionally.

Found a new 2011 Caroline 120 on sale, took it out for a four-hour tour this weekend. Lovely kayak. The cockpit is easy to get in and out of (I'm 6', 190 lb) and the tracking is quite decent. When I feel the 'need for speed' it flies for a boat its size. Quite stable too.

The stern and bow dry storage is good, though you can't really access it while on the water. I attached an inexpensive deck bag for easy access to camera, food, etc, and that worked fine.

Very pleased with it so far.

Hey hows the storage in this yak? Could...

Hey hows the storage in this yak? Could you fit a big backpack, or gear for a couple day trip? any suggestions on boats for couple day trips in the backcountry?

Responded on

I own this boat's cousin, the Wilderness System's Tsunami 12.0 which has the ability to hold everything I would normally keep in my 70L pack (Osprey Aether 70) in the cargo holds with a little room to spare. This still leaves the deck rigging and the area between your legs as options for additional cargo. Of course this all depends on clever packing, but I assure you it can be done as I have done it myself.
I hope this helps!

Why is this listed on Google as $637.46...

Why is this listed on Google as $637.46 (new) click on the link and it comes up as $849.95?

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Google doesn't update the prices from the sites it searches in real-time. It can take a week or so for Google to update prices. This means that sometimes the price changes once you click through to the actual site selling the item. In this case the $637 was probably for a discontinued color and they sold the last one before you clicked over to Backcountry.

5 5

Perfect for me!

I purchased this locally (paid a bit too much) about a year ago. Everything about this kayak is perfect in my opinion. I've been everywhere from small streams, rivers, lakes and nearly inaccessible swampy ponds. 50lb weight is no problem throwing on top of my jeep grand cherokee and carrying into lakes/rivers. Cockpit doesn't need to be so large, but it's fine since I usually have my camera bag on my lap. Tracking and stability is exceptional. I find the 12' is perfect for easy storage, good speed, paddling longer trips, yet able to launch and portage in tight/inaccessible areas.

5 5

Strongly reccomended

I bought two of these boats for my wife and I. Having used the kayaks of others allowed me to test drive several designs. The carolina is very versitile in lakes rivers and even in long island sound. It handles extremely well, tracks very striaght and glides through the water with plenty of momentum. I fish, tour and play and this boat alllows you to do all three easily without being to limited in functionality. Its very comfortable on long paddles and my 12 year old twins also can handle it easily. I would definately reccomend the 12 carolina to anyone looking to do every kind of kayaking except white water. For around $700 its a fantastic buy.

3 5


I purchased this kayak from Dicks about a mounth ago and have been anciouslly waiting to try it out. I really like the looks of the rythym model and recently found out that you can order the same model in 14 foot from dicks. I have a theory. Do you suppose perception makes these models exclusivlly for dicks and just don't offer this on there web site. Why would thy do that. I just want to know moor about it. Maybe even someone elses appintion. Thanks for listening.

4 5

Good overall boat

I'll start this review with the bottom line: If your time will mostly be spent day touring, but you also want to be able to occasionally fish or take photos, then look no further and buy this kayak. If you know you'll mainly be fishing, paddling small creeks, or going on long tours, you may want to consider other boats.
Now for the meat of the review: I'll start by saying I'm 6'2'' tall, 180 lbs and a thin build. The Carolina fits me like a glove with the foot pegs fully extended. If you're much taller, you'll be cramped. Your knees will make contact with the coaming on the underside of the cockpit. This is normal and provides additional control. There is ample padding on the underside, and padding on the top allows you to cross your knees for a break. Although the cockpit is larger than the standard touring kayak, those prone to claustrophobia may want an even larger opening. I thought the opening was just right. It is large enough to access gear and I feel comfortable that I could quickly bail if I capsize, but it is small enough to keep out excess paddle drip.
The seat is nice and well padded. A strap underneath the seat easily raises and lowers the backrest and straps on the side adjust the angle of the backrest and the angle of the front portion of the seat rest. Ridges in the seat clear water away. I would have liked to see a drain hole in the bottom of the seat, but if you're getting that much water in the cockpit, you should consider a spray skirt.
The Carolina is surprisingly swift in protected waters and easy to control; it's slightly less so in open choppy waters. But that is to be expected. Because it's a few inches narrower than most sit on top kayaks, it's slightly more tippy. It does retain enough stability to fish and take photos, but if fishing is all you want to do, you'll likely be happier with a sit on top. The Carolina tracks straight and true. I thought the turning radius was a little large, but I attribute this to paddler error more than anything. A rudder may help finesse turns in tight places, but you will be ok without it.
The biggest complaint I have is still a minor one. There are two tracking channels on the hull that keep you going straight. To create the channels, there are two ridges that run along the inside of the cockpit. The sides of your feet rest along these ridges and I thought it was slightly uncomfortable. Different shoes or some padding could easily fix this problem.
Overall, the Carolina is a great compromise boat. You wont get the initial stability and access of the fishing kayaks, the speed of the long touring kayaks, or the maneuverability of playboats. What you will get is a well rounded boat that can does a good job of everything.

Anybody know anything about a "Rhythm 11"...

Anybody know anything about a "Rhythm 11" Kayak by Perception?.

Responded on

i can't find anything on the rhythm 11 either. i live in syracuse ny and couldn't even find it in any of the places down here, i had to go up to watertown to dick's where my brother had bought two of them

Responded on

I saw a Perception Rhythm 11 at Dicks Sporting Goods. The Rhythm 11 looks an awful lot like the Wildernesssyterms Pamlico 120. Could they be the samething??

Responded on

I recently purchased a 11 foot perception rythym kayak at Dicks Sporting Goods. I am also trying to find out moor about his model kayak but cannot find anything. If perception makes this kayak why is it not in there lineup of kayak models in there web site.hmmmm, anybody know.

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The information I got from Confluence Water Sports (they "own" Perception) was that the Rhythm 11 was formerly known as the Dagger Element 11.2. Go to Dagger's website, find the older catalogs from 2008, and you will see its pretty much the same kayak. I have the Rhythm 11, and its nice for its price. Light, easy to paddle and tracks good enough for what its intended for, recreational paddling :) On sale now at Dicks Sporting Goods for $399, hard to beat...

Responded on

I bought one of these at Dicks because the price was marked wrong and I got it at a pretty good discount. It has lots of leg room, a *very* nice seat and at about 40 lbs is actually lighter than my 10 foot Equinox 124. The only real issue I have with it is that it doesn't track worth a durn! If you are paddling on quiet water with no wind, then it is not too hard to keep going straight. But if you have anything that makes the nose move off point, then it tends to turn hard to that side. I have to paddle very hard to get it back on track. If I get the nose off point and paddle moderately on just that one side, it will never get back on course, but will continue to hold the new course! This can be very tiring since you have to strain your muscles to keep this kayak going straight with any wind or wave.


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I've had mine for about 3 weeks, same story great sale at Dicks. I love it! It handles like a dream, I find it easy to paddle and I don't have to work very hard even paddling into the wind. I have back issues and the seat is wonderful. I could sit in it all day without any discomfort. Considering the 14 foot model for the man of the house.

4 5

Good Versatile Kayak.

This kayak performs excellent for the price paid. When you are on a budget you want to get the most bang for your buck its a great choice. The kayak paddles smooth and carries speed well. The seating system is comfortable and easy to adjust. The cargo holds keep gear dry, but dry bags are a good idea. The Carolina looks good as well when its sitting in the water. Initial stability is great and secondary is good as well if you are using a spray skirt. This kayak is at home on big rivers, not whitewater, maybe class 2, and lakes. enough room for camping gear for the weekend. For the money you can't beat it.