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    I love this pad - it is light, good in that it is over-sized, provides great comfort and is very well made (quality materials and construction). You do get a workout blowing it up but small price to pay for what you get :)

    This pad rocks(pardon the pun)!

      I finally got my hands on the ultimate sleeping pad...will probably be the last one I need!
      If you live and/or hike in Canada, or in the mountains at altitude, or are a larger individual, or are a restless sleeper...well, this pad has it covered!
      My shopping criteria were: compact, lightweight, comfortable, high R value, NOT mummy shaped, easy to use, fair price. This pad surpassed them. Only drawback was that I had to special order it from the store here in Canada, because they only carried the lightweight models.
      I liked that(by comparison with the Downmat series, which I have): it had tubes like the Downmat, which get you further off of the ground, keeping you warmer and more comfortable; it does NOT use down, but synthetic fill, so you don't have to mess around with a )&(^*^*^*%)*(& pump!!!; it took far less time than a Downmat to fill with air, blown in by mouth(you don't need to worry about's synthetic fill); it empties of air in ONE roll out, making it easier to pack up in the morning; unlike self-inflating pads, no extra air lingers in the you can actually FOLD this mat and easily get it into the stuff sack; it has two oversized tubes on the sides which help to keep you from rolling off the mat, and also help to trap extra heat; it weighs less than two pounds.
      I'm an ultralight backpacker, but NOT at the expense of comfort or practicality. Gotta love this pad!!!

      What's the R-value of this pad?

      What's the R-value of this pad?

      Best Answer

      This pad is an insulated air pad. Therefor it's R value is much greater than 1. They don't have it published here, but I know for a fact that the POE Ether Thermo 6 Pad has an R value of 7.8 on the torso and 6.8 on the legs. The only difference between these two pads that I can see is the Thermo 6 is a mummy cut, and the Thermo 9 is a rectangular and 5 inches wider. One can only assume that this pad is inslutated as well as the Thermo 6.