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The backpacker's wet-weather special: a waterproof compression sack, an ultralight dry bag, and a mesh ditty bag.

Every backpacker needs a good compression sack for the sleeping bag, a small bag to organize random essentials, and a dry sack to keep insulated layers dry. Good thing you found the Outdoor Research Dry Drown Backpackers Kit, because it includes all three. Stash your down-insulated sleeping bag inside the Airpurge Dry Compression 10L Sack, and suddenly it takes up less space in your pack and it's protected from warmth-sapping moisture. Your insulated midlayer can slide into the Ultralight Dry 10L Sack and other small essentials can stay wrangled inside the Mesh Ditty Sack. To underestimate the effect of moisture on your down insulation would be disastrous.

  • Instead of heavy valves, the waterproof Airpurge Dry Compression 10L Sack uses an air-permeable strip of nylon that allows air to evacuate from the inside out during compression, but it doesn't allow water to come in from the outside
  • Quad compression straps give you the power to compress your sleeping bag or clothes to the smallest possible footprint
  • UltraLight Dry 10L Sack features waterproof construction so anything you put inside will stay protected from rain and moisture
  • Mesh Ditty Sack holds your granola bars, energy gels, spare batteries, and more so they won't float around inside your pack
  • Mesh construction allows you to see the contents of the ultralight sack without opening it up