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Though Osprey sized the Women's Xenon 70 Backpack for weekend trips, they also included comfort features normally seen only on the biggest load-haulers. The plush ReCurve Suspension system includes a plush AirScape back panel and BioForm waist-belt to ensure the most-comfortable hike you've ever had. The Xenon 70 Backpack's 4100cu inches of cargo space easily holds all you need for a three-day weekend, and several stretch pockets aid organization. Osprey added a removable lid that converts into a lumbar pack, and even included a hydration system to provide water on the go.

  • Women's specific harness
  • X-Small variant comes standard with size Small belt and harness
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Bought this for my wife and she loves it. Most comfortable pack she's used, adjustable in every way. Best part is, I don't have to carry all the heavy stuff any more.

I love this pack!

    I decided to write a review for current shoppers, since they were so helpful for me. I'm petite about 5'3", XS/S frame. The price is a bit much, but Ospreys are the best packs out there and it's worth the value. Also, I was able to get a pro-deal discount. I wouldn't buy this if you plan on using it once or twice in your life or for "easy" travelling. I searched and researched a dozen packs; in addition to the technical information, this pack lives up to its reviews. For one, I love this pack especially since blue is my favorite color- regardless I would have purchased it.

    I bought this pack because I'm travelling abroad more and moved abroad potentially long term. I needed something easy to carry, practical, portable, and to use any space on my body able to carry luggage (a back, shoulders, hands).

    My biggest concern was having enough room to pack what I wanted (I'm an over-packer), but unless I'm going on a serious expedition, anything bigger might look a little ridiculous. I'm happy with all the room I have in this pack. It's definitely light-weight. Bracing to lift a pack packed to capacity can be intimidating but whenever I go to lift my pack it's much lighter than I expected. I've packed winter clothes (light to heavy layers) including sneakers and boots for three to five days. It's super comfortable, the arm straps are adjustable and the waist straps mold to your shape! This makes carrying a heavy pack for 2-3 days through airports much more bearable- you "almost" forget you're wearing it.

    There are enough pockets for organization (I love pockets). The side zipper is incredibly efficient for easy access. The lid comes off as a lumber pack which is also incredibly efficient. I wear it for day trips or 2-3 trips where I know I won't need more than/can't carry more than soap and a clean pair of underwear. I'm able to fit items such as a small can of peanuts, camera, small med kit, 32 oz. Nalgene, large flashlight, fruit in it all at once...I've brought these items with me on day hikes through mountains. My only complaint is that the sleeping bag compartment is a bit small. Then again, I haven't tried just stuffing it in there, rather than a huge neatly rolled sleeping bag.

    My pack has also survived going through airports without a pack cover. I wish I had bought one, just in case. I've also carried it on planes. This is my first pack, so I have nothing to compare it to.

    The costumer rep was also very quick and happy to respond with any questions I had.

    sweetest pack around

      The price almost gave me a heart attack. So I had settled on the Ariel instead. Mistake! I shop around, I check the reviews...It seems that everyone loves this pack. I ended up finding this pack through another site that was selling it for the same price as the Ariel (about $250) I was ecstatic to find such a deal.
      Planning on putting this new pack to the test this weekend and am so looking forward to it.
      It fits really well, is super comfortable and has really intuitive compression straps that can be converted for multiples uses including a separate water carrier and day pack.

      Pack Luxury

        Definitely worth the sticker shock. I'm still figuring out all of the features, but overall the Xenon has way exceeded my expectations. The custom moldable hip belt is genius, it keeps the pack right where you want it. It's really easy to adjust for optimal weight-bearing, and I especially liked that I could shift the weight around when a body part got sore. Love the bottom zipper, makes for easy access to larger items and overall better organization. The sizing is similar to other Osprey packs, but I recommend trying it on if possible. By torso measurement I should be an xs but a small actually fit better.

        Best pack I've ever used

          I tried this pack on a trip in the Needles in Canyonlands. Love it!! The belt is super comfy and you can get it molded to fit your waist perfectly! The pockets were ingenious, I love being able to reach my snacks when I am hiking and I was able to do so with this pack. You can also reach the pocket that is on top to grab your map out without taking your pack off.
          There is a zipper to unzip the main compartment of the pack without havig to open everything up and repack everything. I also loved the separate compartment for your sleeping bag and the on the go adjustability of the shoulder straps so I could shift the load around if it started to get uncomfortable.
          It was really hot when I was hiking and the AirScape back panel really did its job so i didn't end up with a super sweaty back.
          I have tried many, many packs and ended up very bruised and battered but with this one I only got the usual sore waistband area which is to be expected when you are carrying 40+ pounds. I LOVE my new pack!!!!

          Hi. I am a first time buyer and am trying...

          Hi. I am a first time buyer and am trying to decided between the Xenon and Farpoint by Osprey. I like how the Farpoint has the day pack but I see that the Xenon has the hip pack. Does anyone know how these two things compare? I am going to be backpacking through Thailand for a month and want a pack that will be comfortable the whole time. Any recommendations would be great! Thanks.

          Best Answer

          The daypack on the Farpoint is certainly a nice addition but for a backpacking trip to Thailand, I would go for the Xenon. It's a much more traditional backpacking backpack and will be much more suited to your needs. The detachable section really is neat, but I would worry about where I'd be leaving the rest of the pack when the two were not connected.

          Unanswered Question

          Have only used this for 1 trip, so I can't...

          Have only used this for 1 trip, so I can't fully review it yet. Question is, why is the color of Pacific Blue very different from what I received? The photo in the site is kind of sky blue. What I got in the mail was more of teal.

          I am very petite, 4'10" (torso approx 15"...

          I am very petite, 4'10" (torso approx 15" - 16"). I am looking for something comfortable to take with me to Vietnam this summer and future extended trips. I am debating between the Osprey Xenon, Gregory Deva 60, and North Face Crestone 60. I have heard that the Gregory Deva is very comfortable for smaller women, although Osprey generally makes better bags. I am willing to pay the extra cost (especially since the Xenon is on sale right now!) for comfort and a proper fit. The North Face Crestone is also up there just because it is known for quality and I was satisfied with my friend's North Face backpack which I borrowed last summer for a month-long Europe trip. Any suggestions/thoughts? Any petite women out there who have used any of these? Just based on price alone, it seems like the Osprey Xenon is the best choice, being the most expensive...

          Best Answer

          since it sounds like your going on an awesome trip and dont want your pack holding you back, i would find a way to try out all three. Load them up and walk around a little and see how they feel. If you order all three off your gonna be out 20-30 bucks on shipping but if you think about it thats not a big price to pay to have a good pack. Try using Chat Now maybe they will give you a little help with shipping cost, sometimes they can some times they cant it worth a shot tho. GOOD luck and have FUN!

          Thanks Vern, that is good advice to ship it all so I can try it in person. One more question, do you know why the specs for the XS seems to be bigger than the S? In the size chart, it states XSmall as 16in torso, 28in hip, while the Small is 16-18.5 in torso and 27-31in hip. ?

          Hey, Im going for a backpacking trip round...

          Hey, Im going for a backpacking trip round Oz this Sept and Im wondering if this pack is suitable? I have never shopped for a backpack in my life but I like the look of this one!

          depends what you mean by backpacking, if you are just going from hostel to hostel as many do in oz i would go for something with a horseshoe zip that will let you open the bag up all the way and see all your stuff without unpacking it all. if you mean going walkabout and camping then this pack would be great.

          depends what you mean by backpacking, if you are just going from hostel to hostel as many do in oz i would go for something with a horseshoe zip that will let you open the bag up all the way and see all your stuff without unpacking it all. if you mean going walkabout and camping then this pack would be great.

          Unanswered Question

          I have the Osprey Aura 35 right now and...

          I have the Osprey Aura 35 right now and it is great but I need a pack that is at least 4000cu for backcountry Search & Rescue in summer (HOT) and winter (SNOW) in high altitudes and was wondering if this would be a good one or if someone has other good recommendations? I am 5'4" and about 125-130. I need to carry about 30 lbs normally with me. I can't fit that much in that Aura 35 clearly so need the bigger pack and am not sure which brand/model to go for. Thanks.

          I am going on a 16 day trip to Panama. I...

          I am going on a 16 day trip to Panama. I am going to have to take several flights that restrict luggage weight to 30 lbs. I do not have to bring a tent or sleeping bag as we will be sleeping on boats and in huts. Is this a good pack for what I need or do you recommend something else?

          If you're not bringing a sleeping bag (bulky) or a tent (heavy), it's highly unlikely that your 30 pounds of gear will ever fill 64+ L of pack. It really depends on how much other gear you have to carry, how many changes of clothes you bring, etc, but I went backpacking in the summer with a 55L pack for a week and it weighed 65 pounds. If you're packing light (sounds like you're forced to), you could most likely get by on a 45-50L pack.

          What is the size needed for a week hike?...

          What is the size needed for a week hike? Not sure what size pack to get. Is there an average size or should I say minimum and maximum size for an average female?

          A week long hike will usually require around 4500 cubic inches (about 75 liters). Some people can use 60 liter packs, other people can use even less. It just depends on how many comforts you want to bring along. But with a bigger pack you are going to be more tempted to carry things you don't need. This pack would be an awesome pack for week long trips.

          I am confused when measure the torso size...

          I am confused when measure the torso size as of your measurement guide, my wife is only 154 cm, but I measure her C7 vertebra to her hip bone, they are 57.5cm, and this is over your XL size, so I know there must be somewhere wrong, please help me.

          Draw a line between the iliac crests -- the highest points. Measure from C7 to where this line intersects the spine (somewhere around L5 maybe). I am 165cm and take a Small in this pack. Could probably go with the XS. I would think your wife at 154cm would certainly be an XS!

          Would this be a good pack for a week in...

          Would this be a good pack for a week in Europe? Please help!

          Best Answer

          I recommend an EagleCreek, though it depends if you are packing in mountains or "backpacking" as a traveler. I have backpacked for up to a year at a time thru the Middle East, the Mediterranean and Mexico and they have travel stuff dialed in. I got the Eagle Creek Explorer LT Travel Pack - Women's for a recent two week trip in Spain and it was awesome.You would have @ least 3900 ci of volume with this pack. It would be a good backpack for your trip. Plus Osprey makes a very durable product.

          I am wondering if this is too much pack....

          I am wondering if this is too much pack. I am debating between the Ariel and This Xenon. I really like all the added features of the Xenon, Including the removable hydration packs so off trail jaunts, and the front access, but a am a petite lady. 40-45 lbs is my top comfort range but smaller pack usually don't have enough padding for my wiry frame. I am thinking 5-7 day trips as well as the occasional weekend. Any suggestions on what else I should take into consideration?