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As you round the corner on two wheels (on a bicycle, of course) and peel out after the hybrid making for the green light, your trusty Osprey Momentum 34 Backpack holds your essential gear securely to your back. With your cell phone, keys, and laptop all properly organized in their respective pockets, and your rain cover deployed to shed the morning drizzle, the ride to work becomes a pure battle of man versus machine.

  • Wide variety of organizational pockets keep your tire pump, patch kit, and multi tool in place
  • Large cell phone pocket and retractable key clip located on shoulder strap help keep you organized
  • Side compression straps reduce pack volume if you’re carrying a smaller load
  • Reflective detailing on front panel and a blinker-light attachment loop help keep you seen
  • Built-in rain cover keeps your gear dry in the event of a storm
  • After pulling up to the office, retrieve your U lock from its dedicated compartment and lock up your beautiful ride
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I freaking love this backpack! BUY IT!

    I have had this backpack for over 2 years now. I bought it while in college for commuting on bike and also for going hiking/camping with.
    Things I bought it for and love:
    -Expandable main compartment is a life saver when needed!
    -Compression straps help keep everything compacted when commuting.
    -All storage pockets are very well thought out and actually FUCTIONABLE
    -Pack away straps make this great for going through airports and also makes it almost like a briefcase! I love this option! This pocket can be used for a hydration bladder too!
    -U-Bolt holder and helmet holder
    -laptop sleeve

    One thing I don't like water bottles don't really stay in the low side zippered pockets. To help with this I bought a $10 Contigo AutoSeal with built in carabiner waterbottle. This sits in the pocket but hooks to the above compression strap which secured the water bottle really well while biking.

    Buy it! I hope Osprey would make a similar expandable Momentum pack to buy for my partner.

    Excellent organizer, but an inconvenient

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    I use various backpacks long time. I decided to try Osprey Packs. I need to carry the folder for papers and equipment for rock-climbing at one time. Also I bought Osprey Packs Flare Daypack for my son. Both backpacks are made very qualitatively, used the best materials and accessories. Momentum 34 is an excellent organizer, but an inconvenient backpack. Osprey Packs Flare very convenient backpack though it is less than a capacity. My tbrother ried two backpacks and wants to order Osprey Flare.

    Great for travel or everyday

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    Before buying, I asked a question about using this bag for travel. Thanks for answering. This is a great travel bag! I loaded the Momentum 34 with everything I had packed on my recent trip from Boston to Amsterdam, then to Africa on safari & a beach holiday in Kenya, then to Paris before heading home. The Momentum 34 held everything and still measured within carry-on specs and weighed under 10 kg. Everything fit inside with squishing room to spare. The roomy side pockets easily swallowed the 24 oz water bottle on one side and the other had room for wallet, camera, etc, etc. The stretch dump pocket was ideal for the quart ziploc of liquids for screening.

    I did a side-by-side comparison with the Osprey Talon 44, packing it with this same collection of stuff from the list above. Although the load felt lighter in the Talon 44, the Momentum 34 wins as a travel bag. The Momentum 34 is sturdier, easier to load and access, and the side pockets & shoulder harness pockets are more functional during use. The load in the Talon 44 was a different shape, with a length of 26" so it would have to fit in an overhead bin sideways. Those bins are crowded, and it could be hard to find a spot near my seat. Also the Momentum 34 has 2 sleeves in the center of the bag with padding which will hold a MacBook Air and a Kindle. There is no protection for electronics in the Talon 44. These sleeves are even suspended off the bottom of the Momentum 34. I know that I could check my Momentum 34 if I choose because the straps can be tucked away. I hope that my Talon 44 would never be gate-checked because all the straps and the frame could easily be damaged in the airport equipment.

    I have been using the Momentum 34 as my everyday tote. It holds my handbag, book, computer, water, etc with room to spare for groceries, gear or new shoes.

    This is a great bag and I am sorry to see that Osprey has eliminated this size in 2013.

    Ultra light weight

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    I bought this backpack so I could ride to work in the mornings and it has not disappointed. The pack is ultra light and the rainfly makes it great for computer protection when it's wet outside. My ONLY reason for not giving this backpack 5 stars ist hat it doesn't come with a water bladder. I wish I had known that before buying it. That being said, I still don't regret the purchase at all.

    Ultra light weight

    Great all around use

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    I got the Momentum 34 mainly because of it's laptop compartment and I frequently go on 2-4 day trips for work. The longest trip I had lately was to Singapore and was able to fit in 6 days worth of clothing (even with the expansion zipper closed), a laptop and even 2 water bottles on the outside compartment. Even made a new friend because of the bag!

    Living in the Philippines, the built in rain cover is a treasure. Sudden rainstorms could easily put an end to my laptop and other tech I'm carrying around.

    I've yet to test this on a bike but I will edit this as soon as I do.

    Pic here visiting Universal Studios Singapore

    Great all around use

    Love-Hate Relationship

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    So I've had this pack for about a year, and sadly it has fallen prey to breakage.

    There are endless pros and cons, but here is a list of the several items that caught my attention.

    Pros- The pack fit nicely on my shoulders, the included pack cover was super duper awesome especially living in Seattle. The front two pouches were awesome for my cell phone and things of that nature. The Pockets of this thing are massive and easily held any books, binders, or laptops for school. Seriously, it could hold all of my stuff. The external pouch was sweet for a jacket and anything else random.

    Now for the cons.

    I found that the upper compression straps got in the way of my pack while I tried to open it. The reason behind it getting in the way has to do with it going in an upward direction. While this pack is massive, that is one down side. Unless this thing is totally packed and it has an inflated feeling, the thing just feels awkward, for me that is. It was floppy and being empty the upper compression straps left a portion of the upper pocket to flap around, again nothing keeping it in place.

    Now the only reason I'm returning this awesome pack is because it broke. Where my right should strap meets the base of the pack broke. While it was a great pack I will not be getting another considering it doesn't suit my needs for what I want in a day pack/ school pack. It was fantastic while it lasted and kept my stuff dry plenty of times, boy does that built in rain cover come in handy!

    Exceeded Expectations!

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    I was a little skeptical at first because the fabric looked kind of thin and the shoulder straps looked weak. So far durability has not been an issue. Somehow everything I had to store, I found a spot for, which I wasn't sure of when I bought. A laptop pocket was a must and this one fits my 13"laptop, iPad and documents, extremely happy with that. The one time I had a lot of gear, I opened the expandable compartment and everything fit great. I have two minor complaints... I bought the Carbide one and the little zipper tabs are the same color and at times hard to find, especially in low light. I wish they had made them a different color to stand out. The shoulder straps feel flimsy. I wish they had a sturdier feel like TheNorthFace's backpacks.

    Backpack is amazing

      Blows away my tnf box shot. Better shoulder pads that can be tucked away (use top/side handles); shell better than most; water bottle can be held in the front pocket; 2 organizer pockets for books/files/computer; no dangling hip belt b/c can tuck away if not in use; tucked away raincover...I can go on. LOVE IT Make sure to size as would larger packs

      Don't forget to order the sizing right...if you're small/medium in larger'll be the same in this one. Unl

      Carbide is not Black

      Maybe I'm going color blind, but I sent one back because the Carbide I ordered turned out to be a dark grey / Silver. The second one came in and its still grey / silver, nowhere close to the picture BC has up. So, in case anyone was wondering how close the actual color is to the image, its not (see my picture for true color).

      Edit (2/10): thanks for correcting the product photo!

      Carbide is not Black

      I agree - The colors appear to be mixed up.
      Carbide shows "Black" on Osprey's own website, however, there is a "carbon" color which may or may not be the grey. Several other online sellers list one or the other color as well. The silver grey may be another season - old stock?

      Great Pack

        i would probably give this a 4.5 only cause of the price but i gave it a 5 just because the pack is pretty sweet!

        Color: Carbide
        Size: S/M

        i bought this primarily for my commute - fits my 13" macbook perfectly! for those of you who know the macbook pro's aren't light.. although i'm awaiting work to swap it out w/the air...

        this pack is great..good & compact - lots of pockets, and it really does have more room than it appears. although my favorite feature (don't ask me why) is the retractable key ring on the inside of one of the pockets on the strap.

        Overall, very satisfied w/the pack - good enough to carry to work as well as take on one of your weekend excursions!

        I like it, but pricey

          4 stars because of price. I think that other models similar models would fit my needs. I like this backpack alot. I use to ride my motorcycle back and forth to work and my reserve drills for the military (1.5hr). This pack is lite, and I can stuff all kinds of gear in it. As far as comfort goes, this is one of the most comfortable packs I have ever used. I bought Osprey because of their lifetime warrenty. I am sure I will get many years of use from this. The only downside I see is that the zippers get stuck on the fabric alot when opening and closeing. This may be due to the fact that I really haven't broken it in yet. this thing has so many pockets I somtimes forget where I put stuff. I looked around before I bought this and I am glad I did. The price tag is high for a this pack, but it is like they say you get what you pay for. If your looking for somthing a little cheaper go with a different model. I own 2 osprey packs. This one is everything that it claims to be. I would buy another one. I don't usually write reviews, but this pack is worth it.

          Awesome pack! Beats the Metron 35, hands down!

            Just got mine today and I am floored by how much space it has for how small it looks. I even loaded it up with everything I would ride to work in (about half full with tool kit and clothes) and did a a quick 10k ride to see how it felt. I am very pleased. I use only one pack for everything and I can tell this one will do it all.

            I returned a Metron 35 to get this instead and for me it was the best choice I've made yet. Although only one liter larger in capacity, the Metron is bulkier and heavier... and the top of it sticks up so I can't bend my neck up to look forward on my road bike. It would be okay for a more upright riding position.

            Either way, the Momentum is better than the Metron for commuting and as a day pack. Buy it.

            Small, clever and functional.

              I wasn't expecting to say small, but I guess I have been used to a big backpack. This one is essentially fully loaded with my bike tools, full set of work clothes and lunch.

              But, I love the pockets (especially the retractable key chain) and the thought that has gone in to this. Very comfortable. Seems to breathe down my back so I don't get as sweaty as I did before.

              Looking forward to pouring rain, and then trying it out in -40. Yes, I bike in Canadian winters.

              Small, clever and functional.

              Commuter Ready

                So I finally had this bag come in, and it was immediately an incredible bag. Plenty of pockets, more than enough space for things to store. And so I decided to put it to the test. I shoved my 17" laptop into the padded pocket, school books and papers, u-lock, and a change of clothes and rode to school on, and it was incredibly comfortable. Held well and didn't bounce around. All the straps are easy to access and easy to secure. That was 12 mile ride all around.
                Then off to the rock climbing gym, so I loaded up my harness, shoes, and rope. I also left the laptop in there and some new clothes and rode to the gym. Again, even with a rope, all was held tight and nothing moved. A total of 8 miles of riding all around.
                Now for the final test. Went to a concert with clothes, my $600 DSLR Camera, and my laptop, along with the belongings of the friends i went with and went straight to the mosh pit. Absolutely nothing went wrong. I cinched down all the straps, and even with all the moving and shoving and kicking, the pack held close to my body and my laptop and camera came out looking as good as they ever did. And since all the pockets are easily accessible, all the belongings were easily to reach.

                Bottom line: Osprey built this bag for commuting, better than a messenger bag and flat out worthy of carrying your most valuable gear.

                I am looking for a back pack that I can...

                I am looking for a back pack that I can use for school. I will be commuting on bike most of the time. It sounds like this bag could carry all of my bike gear, school books and little odds and ends. The trouble I have found with a lot of bags is that they are way too big for me. I am 5' 4'' 130 Ibs. Would this bag drown me?

                Hi Kari!

                A couple things: first of all, this pack is a 30L pack--so even if the frame was the right size, 30L is still relatively large for a school pack. I'm not sure that you need that much space, but then again, I don't know how much you'll be taking to school.

                That being said, the S/M pack size should fit your upper body dimensions, unless you have an exceptionally short torso. If you could give me an idea of what your average commuting load looks like, I'd be able to give you a better sense of whether or not this is too much pack for you.

                Hope that helps!


                So glad I asked. I will need to haul a few different school books and school supplies (paper, pens, etc...). I always have a liter of water on me. I would have my helmet, u-lock, pump and tools. I will also usually have a little food on me. Depending on weather I may be packing extra clothes.

                It sounds like this bag is pretty big. Do you have a suggestion on a smaller bag that would work for school and commuting?



                How would this pack be for hiking?

                How would this pack be for hiking?

                I feel like this bag really doesn't know what it wants to be because it does have a lot of features for a lot of different uses. The thing that really makes me say that this pack would not be great for hiking is the fact that it is not hydration compatible. You can always toss a bottle in one of the pockets but honestly I hate having to stop every time I need to take a sip of water. If I really had to put this pack in a category I would say if anything its a travel bag since it has so many feature without a specific defined purpose.

                The bag is designed (in large part) for bike commuters. While geared for bikers, I use it for dayhikes--I like the layout of the pack and the fact that it rides tight against my toro.

                There are lots of pockets and it distributes the weight nicely

                Best Answer

                You can slip your hydration system into the pocket behind the back panel. It is the zippered compartment for stowing the shoulder straps, but it is meant to hold a reservoir. There is a weep hole at the base of this pocket for condensation, and the shoulder straps are designed to hold the tube on either side.

                are there loops on the bag straps so that...

                are there loops on the bag straps so that the daypack can be attached to my large backpack?

                How does it perform for back ventilation? ...

                How does it perform for back ventilation?

                A lot of great reviews... but none have mentioned anything in terms of the back ventilation. With a 14m commute, I am looking for something that will breath well and minimize back sweat. Was considering the mesh framed Stratus for this reason... thoughts or advice?

                Also, is this all top-load or is there a front/back access as well?


                The backpanel is a closed cell foam that is ridged to create air channels--not bad ventilation but not the absolute best either. If you are not willing to go without removed backpanel ventilation, give the Stratos a try.

                Word of warning, since the Stratos has a removed backpanel, the frame is super stiff and has been known to bump against the helmet while riding...

                Does this pack have an internal frame? ...

                Does this pack have an internal frame? Would it be good for travel? I am looking for a bag that will work for 1 or 2 weeks, up to 6 months. Have you used it as a carry-on bag?

                This bag is carry-on size--it's actually super nice for carry-on as the back pack straps tuck away making it more like a brief case (there is a side handle for that purpose).

                I'm confused by your 1 or 2 weeks, up to 6 months request. There is no bag in the world that will be great for 1 or 2 weeks AND 6 months. 6 months is a long time. That said, I know plenty of lightweight travelers who can live off of 1-2 weeks worth of stuff for a 6 month period--is that what you mean? You can fit several changes of clothing, an extra pair of shoes, toiletries, a book, a laptop, and a water bottle.

                There is no internal frame but the backpanel is slightly rigid so it holds its shape really well.

                Is this backpack good for heavy loads look...

                Is this backpack good for heavy loads look schoolbooks, a laptop and maybe some groceries?


                I don't know if you'd get all that in this bag! It deals well with heavy loads though. It will carry 2-3 college textbooks, notebook, plus laptop well especially if you are biking with it. If you have one book and your laptop, you might fight some groceries in too (so long as it isn't a gallon of milk or anything).

                where can i put my nalgene in this pack?

                where can i put my nalgene in this pack?

                I am curious to know how much space the...

                I am curious to know how much space the padding for the laptop sleeve takes up. I am not very interested in carrying a laptop and don't want to waste cargo room on laptop padding.

                Are you getting this in anytime soon for...

                Are you getting this in anytime soon for the r/lg size in carbide color?

                can you fit an iphone in the cell phone...

                can you fit an iphone in the cell phone pocket on the shoulder strap?

                I like this one so much, It will be my...

                I like this one so much, It will be my best partner for my daily riding in the city. I just want to confirm if backcountry can post this one to China after I finish my order. If it does, how long will it take.

                Best Answer

                it would not appear that China is a country that BC ships to


                Is the Bamboo color really bright yellow,...

                Is the Bamboo color really bright yellow, as in the backcountry imges, or not so bright and greenish like it appears on other site images including Osprey's own

                Is there a place to put a water bottle...

                Is there a place to put a water bottle like on the sides of the pack or elsewhere

                does this pack accept hydration bladders...

                does this pack accept hydration bladders?

                Best Answer

                There isn't a traditional sleeve for a hydration bladder, but you can still use one. This pack allows you to tuck away the shoulder straps; they're connected on the top and bottom via quick release buckles. The quick release buckles can be detached, and a hydration bladder can be inserted down into the space where the shoulder straps would be tucked away. Then, reattach the quick release buckles, and you have a hydration pack. This space is similar to the Talon series' hydration space. It might not be the most stable setup, especially if you're not using the rigid Opsrey Hydraform bladder, but it's better than nothing. I was pleasantly surprised when I figured all of this out because I thought I would have to slip the hydration bladder into the laptop compartment.