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Best Pack Ever

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

This is by far the best pack that I have ever used - and I have been through a lot of packs. This pack has little compartments everywhere to help you organize your gear. It is big enough to store my BC shovel, probe, extra clothing/accessories, beacon, and a little lunch, plus a compatible camel bak.;

I also use this as my school backpack and it is rocking out like a champ. Put it through some serious abuse and it's got not a single tear or stain in the entire pack.

Great size, light weight, easily usable. MUST BUY!

First love

    This (older red model) is the first real pack I got and I love it. Great day pack, summit bagging pack or light weekender. I carried it once severely overloaded and survived but seriously, this pack formed my opinion of Osprey packs as among the best around.

    Osprey Packs Atmos 35

      Almost five years after I purchased this pack, it is still my day pack of choice. It can hold a tremendous amount of gear when you need it. Thanks to load compression straps, when you have a small load, it doesn't flap about, but is held close and secure to your body. Pockets on the hipbelt sometimes require two hands to open. For winter time use, don't store a camera in the hipbelt pockets!
      I put mine through four years of college on top of the hiking abuse and use it as my carry on when flying. This bag is extremely versatile, durable, and good looking.

      Worth every penny

        I have been traveling around the world with my Atmos 35 for a few years now, several continents and lots of countries. It fits in overhead bins on airplanes perfectly, even going straight in, not sideways like the flight attendants asks you to. Very comfortable, love the air suspension, great for long camp trips in all conditions, climbing peaks, all your fun sports. Only negative is the hip section is a little narrow for me, but hard to ask for perfection, but they got pretty close. I have been giving this bag a good beating for a while and still no tears or any problems

        Worth the money.....

          A good day pack. The back webbing keeps the pack well away from your back and eliminates the sweating problem. I sweat like a pig when I hike and this kept the sweat from wetting the back of the pack. Plenty of room for even an overnight stay. You won't be sorry if you buy this one....


            This pack is a super tough, super comfortable, super ventilated and super light (for it's features, comfort and sturdiness)... seems like the operative word here is ... Super!

            My only gripes are that the very frame that makes it so comfortable, well ventilated and strong, has a big curve to it which makes it pretty bulky. Also, I wish someone would make a pack with slightly larger waist belt pockets, with at least one of these being waterproof, rather than mesh.

            First timer...

              This is the first back pack I've gotten myself (always borrowed before) and I must say, I love it. I don't have all the right lingo but I took this bad boy to Costa Rica for a week. It fit into carry on (little bit of a tight squeeze fully loaded, but still fit). It was really light and the back ventilation was crucial in the 95+ degree weather we were in all week. It is a little awkward to pack because of the frame, but it wasn't too big of a problem. The only thing with the fit was that the hip straps seemed a little high. I did order a medium and I'm just under 5'3", but I have a longer torso, so that could've just been that the bag itself was too big. Other than that, awesome pack! Looking forward to taking it on the road/hiking trip of a lifetime out west this summer!

              Excellent Hiker/OK Biker

                Ok, I love this bag and use it A LOT. The frame does make packing a bit of a chore sometimes, but that's not bothersome enough to outweigh the benefit of the Airspeed back's ventilation and comfort. It is a great pack for cycling in that it does not get overly hot while riding. HOWEVER if you wear a helmet while you ride (shame on you if you don't), the top of the pack will bump into the back of your helmet (at least mine does), limiting your range of motion. Not good when you are cruising along and need to be looking down the road/trail. That's why I only gave this pack 4 stars. It's much better for hiking and general travel.

                Awesome Pack

                  Love the pack. Very solid construction, comfortable when loaded down. Good amount of pockets, the waist strap ones are very useful. Extremely light (was actually quite shocked when I picked it up the first time). Spacious interior. Lifetime warranty is awesome.

                  one problem with all osprey packs

                    i believe i have the '08 model since i got it off SAC for roughly $40 less, i could thoroughly recommend this pack for anyone, i just took it back from a 4mile high peak climb in the northern adirondacks, i had to carry roughly 40lbs with it, and it felt like nothing. the bottom of the frame does tend to chafe in two little spots on my "love handles", and the shoulder straps do lay pretty heavily on you, but both these issues are entirely tolerable, and may even be remedied with some ingenuity. but my main complaint and this is the same with all ospery packs, which includes my Kestrel 48 is that they put the load adjustment straps on the outside of the mesh bottle pocket, which is good for securing your bottles, but it means you have to undo your load strap just to get a bottle out. which has a tendancy to shift your weight around in your pack.

                    Good, not great

                      Mine is the '08 model, so there maybe some improvements. On the plus side, it holds a heavy load surprisingly well, I've probably pushed 35+ lbs (of granted very heavy dense items). Also, the breathability of the mesh back panel is great. However, with that, you lose a lot of interior storage space. Especially if you have 100oz bladder in there. It has the option of hanging it in the airspace between the mesh back and then interior pack, which frees up space, but counters some of the breathability. Also, the shoulder straps and top of the suspension can dig into your neck a bit, there's no way to adjust the width of them. Not blisters, but can tire if wearing for many days in a row, like I have when touring.

                      Like it but returning it - not a ski pack

                        I just got this pack in the mail and really wanna keep it, but it doesn't have side release buckles on the side compression straps.

                        IMO, side release buckles are a must for mounting skis. I'd consider converting the ladderloc buckles to side release, but the top strap appears a little short.

                        A well made backpack

                          Since my boyfriend loves to hike, I thought I would surprise him with this backpack. He absolutely loves this thing. Took it on a long day hike and made all the weight he was carrying seem like nothing. The vented suspension system is awesome! While others on the hike were complaining about how sweaty their backs were, he was not. His back was pretty dry. Very comfortable pack although one thing my boyfriend did complain a little bit about was after a hours of hiking the lower part of the backpack irritated his back. It may have been the aluminum frame hitting his lower back. "Some more adjustments for next time and it'll be perfect" he says. Overall, very durable and roomy.

                          A well made backpack

                          Many years now...

                            my number one pack, the air ventilation system they developed against your back, along with egomaniacally correct hip belt has yet to be matched. Not sure why not. I have every size with Osprey and use the 35 the most for trad and waterfall ice. Zippers will give out first, but about the same time you will start to develop a hole or two in the bottom of the fabric as well. All normal for the full time abuse on limestone and sandstone that I give them.

                            Many years now...

                            I didn't think this size was available in...

                            I didn't think this size was available in the US. will there be more sizes in stock?

                            Best Answer

                            The reason this is not available in US any more is because Osprey is now offering a similar pack--the Stratos series--that is ultralight, great fitting, and trampoline backpanel. This series is not available abroad so the Atmos 35 is still a great seller. The Stratos gives you the option of why type of pack you'd like: the 34 is a panel loader and the 36 is a lidded top loader style.


                            Just some suggestions since it will become harder and harder to find the Atmos 35 in the US.

                            What is the most weight one can load into...

                            What is the most weight one can load into this pack and still carry it comfortably? Thanks!

                            Hey there, I think the sweet spot for this pack is 25-35 pounds. It can handle 40+, but remember, it is a lighterweight pack, and one of the ways that this is achieved is by lightening up the harness and hipbelt. So, to carry loads much over 40 "comfortably," personally, I choose a cushier hipbelt and harness, found in the Aether and Ariel Series. But then it might be too big for your space requirements.

                            Ya, I just discovered this pack recently and have fallen in love with its concept. I wish Osprey hadn't discontinued it. Anyone have any suggested alternatives? I really liked the mesh back support, double gear loops, and ability to carry heavier gear. Any suggestions?

                            Can i take this on an airplane? I wasn't...

                            Can i take this on an airplane? I wasn't sure if the TSA would have a problem with the stays...

                            Best Answer

                            From the FAQ section of
                            "Which of your packs are carry-on compatible?
                            In our Travel series, the Meridian 22, Vector 22, and Porter 46 all meet maximum legal carry-on requirements.
                            Among our daypacks, most of the bags below 40 liters will meet carry-on requirements. Follow the 22” x 14” x 9” or 45 linear inch total for standard carry-on dimensions, or call your airline for specific guidelines."

                            Of course you could always catch a TSA agent on a bad day or they just might be stopping everyone with a sexy looking backpack that day... My point is that the stays *Shouldn't* be an issue, but you never know these days.

                            I checked the TSA website for rules on carryon LUGGAGE and this is all I found:
                            "TSA will screen any "Carry-on" baggage that will fit through the x-ray machine; however, it is up to each individual air carrier as to whether the baggage fits the size restrictions for your flight."
                            "Transportation Security Officers have discretion to prohibit a passenger from carrying an item through the security checkpoint and onboard an aircraft if they believe the item poses a security threat."

                            Good luck!

                            I am looking at purchasing either this...

                            I am looking at purchasing either this pack or the stratos 34. Other than about 60 cu. in. capacity what is the big difference in these packs?

                            I am going to use this pack for day hikes (maybe a summer overnight), trail running, and bicycling.

                            Best Answer

                            Coolhand (Luke?),
                            This becomes a subtly tricky question to answer because of the sizes you chose to compare, and the simple answer is "about $11." The stratos series of packs is basically Osprey's smaller day pack series with a front load design. The atmos is one of their larger pack series with a top load design. The exceptions to both of these statements is however right here where the two series overlap, the stratos 36 and the atmos 35 where they reverse their designs. The stratos 36 now becomes your top loading option (with front panel access) and the atmos 35 becomes the front loader (more or less).

                            They both have the airspeed suspension system and similar compression straps. The stratos has one ice axe attachment point, whereas the atmos has two. But the stratos has an integrated rain cover that the atmos does not. They both feature trekking pole storage on the harness. Some color options change between models and the atmos' constructions includes cordura.

                            As you can see, between the two models you have chosen, they are quite similar with just a few little differences. You have to make your own choice from here. But since I love throwing in my own $.02, I like the atmos 35 a little better; it is built more like my older model stratos24 with the large stretch pocket and the panel style opening is great for accessing and stowing climbing gear quickly (if that's your thing.)

                            I hope this helps a little!

                            From the picture, it looks as if the answer...

                            From the picture, it looks as if the answer to my question is probably yes, but can anyone confirm that this pack has the "stow and go" feature for trekking poles? And less evident, the description says it has a sleeping bag compartment, which I must admit, surprises me on a 35L bag...does it?

                            Best Answer

                            Thanks, Mike...the Osprey site does say it has the stow and go, but I wanted to be certain from someone who has the pack, and it looks like no sleeping bag compartment (which I don't need, anyway).

                            I am waffling between one of these and an REI Flash 50. The Flash comes in at 2lb 10oz @50L (with the option to remove the framesheet and/or lid and save weight, bringing it down to 1lb 13oz), and this at 2lb 14oz @32L. The prices are similar, and the Flash might give me a bit more flexibility if I need to bring a bear box, but this looks very streamlined, and I love the Osprey packs.

                            Another option is the GoLite Jam Pack, 1lb 15oz @50L... Decisions, decisions...

                            I am interested in getting the Atoms 35...

                            I am interested in getting the Atoms 35 in Medium. I just wanted to ask if this would fit under the seat in front of you on an airplane.

                            Best Answer


                            Even the Small version of this pack - at 32L - wouldn't likely fit under the seat in front of you. Obviously, the space will vary depending on what type of plane you are in, though my Osprey 22 - at 22L - will barely fit under plane seats when fully loaded and I have to usually shove it under there or keep it between my legs. If the pack was fully loaded I do not think it would be close to fitting, halfway loaded...maybe. But the overhead is a good option if you find out it doesn't fit.

                            Does this pack have the same Aircore...

                            Does this pack have the same Aircore suspension as the stratos 24?

                            How is this pack different from the Osprey...

                            How is this pack different from the Osprey Atmos 35 Overnight bag for sale in the outlet (for ~$40 less)? It looks a little different which makes me think it's a different year. The tech specs are identical.