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Simplify your search with the all-digital, triple-antenna Ortovox Patroller Digital Transceiver, because simple means saving time and saving time can mean saving lives. Whether polishing your skills or performing a real, live recovery, the lightweight Patroller picks up on signals up to 40m away and then displays the distance in its red LED display. Once you get within 15m, the three LED arrows point to the origin of the signal to keep you headed in the right direction.

  • Fine search at 3m utilizes the third antenna for quickly pinpointing the lowest value (closest distance) to the buried victim
  • Multiple burial indicator alerts you when the Patroller picks up more than one signal
  • Emergency changeover switch on the front allows a split-second change from search to transmit when a secondary avalanche rains down on your search party
  • Waterproof housing resists impact and fits comfortably against your side with the included one-belt system
  • Earphone jack and small sound driver deliver tones that get loud and more frequent as you close in on a signal
  • Only uses two AA batteries to get 300 hours of transmitting life
  • Battery capacity displayed as a percentage when you turn on the Patroller
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Good unit.

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Shortly after purchasing the Ortovox Patroller, I participated in Level 1 avalanche training. During the training I had the opportunity to compare this unit to half a dozen different transceivers, including several units that are significantly more expensive than the Patroller. In single burial scenarios, the Patroller consistently picks up a signal at about 40m range regardless of burial depth (up to 5' in our simulation), and it will take you right to the transmitter. Certain more expensive units were able to pick up a signal at up to 50m range, but they were no more accurate in terms of locating the victim. In multiple burial situations, it can give conflicting directions. Following the signal to the general area of the burial, then searching in a spiral pattern resolves that problem. I think this unit is a good value, and I feel confident that it will perform well a real rescue situation. I'm not a fan of the harness system, but then again, I've never worn any transceiver that didn't shift around while I was wearing it. A leash would be nice to prevent dropping the unit while searching.

Difficult to detach when needed.

    The beacon itself works well but does not have a leash/lanyard attachment for easy access. I used the Patroller for a Level 1 Avalanche class where they showed us how to use the beacon to search for buried victims by moving the beacon in all directions until a signal is picked up then keeping the beacon low to the ground to find the closest reading before digging. The Patroller is set up to be worn around the shoulder and waist, it is NOT convenient to peel off layers (unless you wear it over ALL your layers) unsnap the strap or fiddle with trying to let out enough slack to manage the beacon in a timely fashion while your buried buddy only has minutes to be found.

    I ended up just taking out all the slack and slinging it around my shoulder and putting the beacon in my pocket for easy access with undressing and fumbling. The instructors/guides that I was working with shared the same concerns.

    They recommended buying a beacon with a lanyard option.

    This setup is, I assume, a compromise between making it too easy to get at (hence likely to be ripped off your body should you be the one caught in the slide)and harder to get at(hence less likely to be lost in a real-world avi). It takes maybe fifteen seconds to take off your jacket (which you're probably going to do anyway to let the sweat escape and mark your starting point). Compose yourself for the task ahead while you unclip the lanyard, and presto, you've used up thirty seconds and are really focussed on the job at hand.