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For an all-around backcountry shovel, the Ortovox Grizzly 1 has the strength of a bear. This durable shovel's tough aluminum blade is effective for uncovering an avy victim, or your car after a big storm, and the sharp edge cuts through large volumes of compact snow. Ortovox's unique folding system lets you carry the Grizzly 1 in your pack everyday without taking up much room. Its ergonomic handle lets you dig out your target without wasting precious energy.

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Nice but to short

    The shovel is very, very study with a firm grip handle.
    It is well built and rugged but the handle is way to short! If you are over 5'4" you will have a problem with
    the length of the handle. When I attempted to shovel snow after maybe 6 strokes my back was done! You have to almost get on your knees to shovel without stringing your back. They need to make one with an extended handle for people over 5'5.

    Sweet shovel

      This is the best shovel I have used so far (including deploy 7 and some more trad models). The 90 degree position moves a lot of snow quickly, and the folded position packs well. The button mechanism in the handle seems to always work, even after its been well covered/clogged with snow. Its also quite lightweight. The only little issue I have experienced is some accumulation and subsequent icing on the grippy part of the shaft. You gotta keep this area clear of worked snow or you get a layer of ice that's pretty hard to remove.

      Just received Grizzly 1

        Just received my Grizzly 1. It is really well built. Handle is a little shorter than I expected. Maybe should have gone with the Grizzly 2? A little worried about being able to push in the "button" all the way with gloves on as you have to depress it past flat.

        Hope he never has to use it!

          This was a gift as the receiver back country snowboards. He requested the shovel as a possible aid to saving someone's life. He was pleased with its quality, material composition, durability, and easy manipulation. Thanks, Rich Schmierer

          The lil brother

            This is the shorty lil brother of the big, burley and incredibly versatile Grizzly 2 shovel. I got this one for my girlfriend because she is shorter then I am and she likes her pack to be much more compact and light then I care to. However, I could not get her a shovel that was plastic because I have broken them. Once I showed her this shovel she was as excited about it as I was about the Big Grizzly 2. What can u say? This is an aggressive tool for anyone who seriously needs to be able to shovel all kinds of snow. This is the real deal and they way it folds up is amazing! When a tool works well it doesn't need reviews to sell it, but since no one had written in I decided I needed to help "sell" something that is selling itself by reputation alone. other shovels cry when you pull out a Grizzly because they wish they had as much action in their few ounces as the Ortovox line does.

            Unanswered Question

            Will the Grizzly 1 work with the Ortovox...

            Will the Grizzly 1 work with the Ortovox Snowsaw?
            The saw manual says it will, but It looks like the handle on the Grizzly 1 doesn't disconect from the shovel blade.

            Spec's say it's extendable, does that just...

            Spec's say it's extendable, does that just mean you can unfold the handle or that it also extends? What is the full length - extended? 25", or is it more?

            Unanswered Question

            Once folded, does the handle completely...

            Once folded, does the handle completely drop down between the top and bottom of the blade or is portions of the handle extend out beyond?? I am looking for a shovel blade without a neck primarily. If it folds in half completely that is extra bonus unless it becomes more bulking in the process. Please add more pics or explain further. Mucho Gracias

            Does the handle lock at a 90 degree angle...

            Does the handle lock at a 90 degree angle to the blade or just fully closed and opened? Thanks!

            Does this shovel disconnect from the shaft,...

            Does this shovel disconnect from the shaft, or foldable only?

            I wish would maintain...

            I wish would maintain consistent specs on products (like shovels) so we can compare ... oh irrelevant things... like WEIGHT. What's the weight on the grizzly1? I see it on the BD shovels.