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A great deal for $135

    Looks and wears quite nicely, a little tricky to get on and off snugly without damaging the strap which has a history of failure (good luck finding a replacement). The manual is minimal and the features require frequent calibration.BUT for the money I paid for an ABC I'm happy !

    The Origo Granite Peak Rocks!

      Granite Peak, at an elevation of 12807 feet above sea level, is the highest point in Montana. This watch has been one of the high points on my backpacking trips over the past year! The compass function is dead on (though I carry and use a base plate-type compass). The altimeter function is accurate, too. Since the altimeter function, as with ALL altimeter watches, is based on barometric pressure, it does require calibration (because: as the weather changes, the barometric pressure changes and the altitude readings are affected). I usually calibrate altitude at the trail head and at other known altitudes - in conjunction with my topo maps - during my hikes. Calibration only takes 30 seconds and altitude info is super useful. I use the weather indicator function (also barometric pressure-related) to anticipate upcoming weather. I use the countdown timer function when preparing meals and when using Aquamira water treatment (5 minutes to premix the Aquamira; 15 minutes before drinking the water). I use the chronograph function when I'm jogging. I use the temperature function to see how cold it gets during the night (note: watch can't be on your wrist for this function because body heat from wrist would affect the reading). I use the alarm function for days on the trail when I want to wake up early / stay on schedule (if I had my druthers, I'd make the alarm a little louder). The back-light makes the watch easy to read at night. The time function has two zones. The watch has heft which makes it feel solid. The watch band is thick rubber which, for me, is comfortable and it feels like it should last for some time. Attached picture shows the Granite Peak in action: 26 deg F at 8:53 am on Monday, September 6th, 2010 in the Wind River Range.

      p.s. I bought a Suunto ABC watch and it was like wearing a saucer on my wrist - UGLY! Also, I liked the Granite Peak so much that I bought one for my son.

      Enough said!

      The Origo Granite Peak Rocks!

      Heavy, stiff band

        After I got this, I spent 5 minutes getting it out of all the packaging. Then I put it on my wrist and could barely get it off because the band is so stiff. I see what other people mean when they say they had problems with the band breaking, or breaking off pins. Not a good design. Also, I didn't realize how much it weighed until I had it on my hand. Then I checked the weight and some other altimeters and this one definitely seems on the heavy side (4.5oz vs. 2.5 or 3.0). It is like swinging a quarter pound hamburger on your wrist everywhere you go. I took it back.

        Good, But...

          Great watch overall with the following complaints:

          1. It does not have easy access to the alternate Time setting (called TIME 2). I have it set to Zulu time, but is actually quite useless.

          2. Band broke and is tough to find replacement.

          3. Loses about 1 second per day. I need accurate time hacks, so I end up spending 5 minutes each day calling the Naval Observatory - not cool.

          Otherwise, the watch functions great and I would've been happy with it if it kept time accurately.

          Fatal Flaw

            I have had an Origo Granite Peak watch for several years. I like the watch and its functions. Problem is the wrist band is broken and it is impossible to find a replacement. The company has stopped supporting this product in the U.S. apparently. Do not buy this watch.

            Tom - I also have an Origo Granite (version OC-038)---the best watch I have ever owned. Like you, I experience wach straps that break after a couple of years. You can find replacement bands on the web for less than $10 that will last several years. Good luck!

            Broken watch strap

              My husband bought this watch and after about a year the strap broke. Unfortunately the company went out of business in the US and they don't sell replacement straps. Furthermore the watch strap is designed differently than most watches and we are yet to find a replacement strap that will work with the watch...


                While it worked well in water, after about a week the screen began to mist whenever I went outside!! Don't get me wrong, I loved the functions that came with this watch, but a watch that mists when its 55 and raining is not a watch that I want! Hopefully that was just a defect. Every other aspect of the watch was great. The Barometer and Altimeter are easy to use, and the watch is not too big. While the band is a little irritating (as it refuses to stay under the clip) the misting is the real problem.

                Great watch for someone who has smaller wrists

                  I love all the functions of the watch, nice compass, large digital display. Not the easiest to program but if you know how to read the manual you will do just fine.

                  1. Large display
                  2. Smaller form factor for those with smaller wrists
                  3. Price (very affordable compared to comps)

                  Few negative quirks that I've noticed:
                  1. The battery that came with the unit was drained so I had to replace it with the spare that they provided me with.
                  2. The retention band that keeps the band in place seems too loose and the watch band keeps popping out.
                  3. Temperature is spot on if you haven't worn it for over 15mins. Otherwise if the watch is on your wrist you can just take the temperature on screen and subtract 15 degree's and you will be within a degree or two of actual temp.
                  4. I can def. tell that the band will wear out over time due to the stiffness of the material and how you have to yank back a little while trying to remove the watch or even putting the watch back on.

                  For the price I think the watch is great, pretty tank like and will take punishment when I take it out.

                  Just got it, still deciding if I like it

                    So this is my first ABC watch, and I'm figuring it all out. One thing I notice is the AM/PM on time and alarm is imposible to read. Normally it wouldn't be a big deal, since you always know if it's night or day. BUT, when setting the alarm, it's quite possible to be 12 hours off and not realize it. The alarm chime is very quiet also, and probably would not wake me up from a solid sleep. Compass and altimeter seem to work well. Calibration, declination were very easy to set. Weather forecast is gimmicky and not needed. Might write an update after some period of use.

                    easy, sleek, not too big. Very happy

                      Great watch. Picked one up on Steep and CHeap for a great price and have been very pleased. I'm familiar with ABC watches (calibration, data storage etc) but this watch would be very easy to learn to use even if you'd never used an ABC watch before.

                      Altimeter- I have found that its accurate within 25ft or so, in my opinion that's good enough- i'm using it for hiking and skiing. Barometer is simple to use and read. Compass is accurate when calibrated corretly, declination is also very easy to set. Thermometer, like other ABC watches, is affected by your body temp. I've found my difference between the watch and actual temp to be ~20 degrees. If you need exact temp readings, take off the watch and leave it alone for a few min and it's really accurate. THe temp readings even go to 1/10th of a degree.

                      Size- I have relatively small wrists. The Suunto Core looks like i'm wearing a hockey puck on my wrist. This ABC is a "medium" sized face but I can say that it is def smaller than many other ABC's and therefore looks alot better on, thought its certainly not as small as say a Timex wristwatch. I'm pleased with the sizing, haven't had any issues getting it under any layers. The silver face is fancy enough that I can wear it in the office as well.

                      Highly recommended watch for the outdoors but good looking enough to be used for every day activities and work. Comes with an extra battery which is a nice touch.

                      great watch for the money

                        I love this watch. I needed an altimeter for adventure racing, and i didnt want to spend 3 or 400 bucks on a watch. during a race, i check the calibration 2 to 3 times, depending on the length of the race, and this watch stays accurate very well. I find the altimeter extremely reliable as long as its calibrated before use.

                        its also super durable. this has taken plenty of tumbles with me and it still looks awesome.

                        2 cons though -

                        1 is battery life. it seems to eat through batteries relatively quickly, but i do use it often, and battery changing is quick and easy.

                        2 is the bulk. its a thick watch, I understand that this is going to be an issue with most altimeter watches, but when on the moutntain bike, the watch bounces around on my wrist and often takes some skin off. when im on the bike, i usually turn the watch face to the bottom of my wrist to avoid this. A handlebar mount will also fix this problem.

                        Not Recommended

                          I did not buy this this model but the one that I did buy did not hold up for six months. I was very dissapointed. I would not buy another.

                          Ive had mine for two years now, it has been through any condition possible. even scuba diving and it still works great. maybe you should have called origos customer support. you probably had a bad apple from the get go. I have two origos and one suunto, and I would have to say the quality and accuracy of the origo outsurpass the sunnto core any day

                          Awesome Watch!

                            It was nice to finally find a watch that didn't look like a saucer on my wrist. The altimeter is usually really close with out constant calibrating and when you do it is very spot on. It is simple to use and very nice looking. The one issue I had was both the battery in the watch and the spare sent with it were dead when I got it, no big deal though, batteries are cheap. Anyone looking for a complete outdoor watch will be more than happy.

                            some minor problems--hassles

                              Just a few things. The watch came with a dying battery but a new battery was included with the watch. What was not included was a instruction manual that was remedied within a day after a couple emails. So, I got the watch up and functioning like I wanted only to find that after a month, a pin for the wrist band buckle broke. My initial impression is htat the wrist band is too stiff and taking the watch on and off daily put too much pressure on it. I still haven't found the time to get to a jeweler or watch store to replace the pin.

                              That said, for the time I had the watch, I loved it. Looks good, seems accurate, easy to calibrate.

                              Thermometer is ehhh

                                I like this watch a lot. It isn't as big as what I thought a watch with so many features would be! The thermometer is only accurate when you aren't wearing it for about 10 minutes though. It always is affected by my body head on my wrist and can be more than 10 degrees off because of that. Can't wait to take it scuba diving and test out the water resistance!

                                It's awesome!

                                  I got this watch as a Christmas gift last year, And it is one of my favorite pieces of gear to have with me! I have a knack for banging watches around and putting some scars on em'. So I was VERY happy to see that this thing is a tank! You can beat it around (I have) and there will not be a scratch or mark on it. Besides that, the functions are great and very accurate in my observation. All of those great qualities are topped off with a great look. I wear this watch daily and just about everywhere I go.

                                  Husband loves it

                                    After two High Gear Altimeters breaking within a matter of months, we settled on this one for his b'day present. I personally think it's the best-looking altimeter watch out there - the stainless steel bevel gives it a dressier look but it lends itself to greater durability also. Husband also feels that it is easy to use and the altimeter has had no issues so far, though he hasn't really tested it yet (had it for a month). We would both highly recommend this watch.

                                    I finally found a replacement band for...

                                    I finally found a replacement band for this watch, but I have no idea how to remove the pins to switch out the old band for the new. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks-

                                    Geoff, can tell you the pin that traverses the inside of the band and watch is threaded. Get two mini flathead screwdrivers such as you would find in an eyeglass repair kit. You may need a pair of tweezers to extract the pins once you have unscrewed them. Where did you find the band. I cannot locate one anywhere for any price for my WC134 Titanium Granite Peak model

                                    I just got this watch at REI. It was on...

                                    I just got this watch at REI. It was on sale, with broken band and no manual,etc.
                                    Can anyone tell me who I can contact to get a replacement band and a copy of the manual. Most of the functions are fairly simple to figure out, but not all!

                                    how do i change the temp on the origo...

                                    how do i change the temp on the origo oc-038 watch

                                    Just got the watch and the time is off....

                                    Just got the watch and the time is off. When i watch the seconds, inbetween 59 and 1 it staggers and after about 20 mins its 1 min behind. I replaced the battery did not seam to help. Anyone Have this Problem? Most likley will be returning this one.

                                    that should not happen. i had a similar watch of a different brand. get in touch with the manufacturer's warranty or customer service department. when my watch displayed similar weirdness, they told me it was because the guts of the watch had been wet at some point. which made no sense to me, but they replaced it so i did not complain. it wasnt Origo, but i would not expect anything less from them...especially since we are not talking about a $20 timepiece.

                                    how the heck do you change the battery....

                                    how the heck do you change the battery. The directions say to align it with a 'mark' but there isn't one. Someone help. Thanks.

                                    hey, ive lost my manual for granite peak...

                                    hey, ive lost my manual for granite peak watch and want to know how to do some things. Can anyone let me know where to find a new manual or how to calibrate the barometer, altimeter, compass etc. thanks

                                    I have been looking around for a while now...

                                    I have been looking around for a while now for a watch I can take hiking (mainly need time, compass) as I often go alone. But there seem to be none for women! Only the soonto but it got bad reviews because of its weak band. I am looking for one which isn't going to 'take over' my wrist and sits there heavily...any suggestions?

                                    I got the Suunto Lumi, and I don't see what anyone would be complaining about. I'm a man, and at first I thought, "Ladies watch? Naaa... don't think so". I'm very picky about watches and have a small wrists for my size. But I thought back to all the watches I have bought in the past that were not advertised as "Ladies" but instead "3/4 face". Just an advertising ploy to get men who want a smaller watch to buy one without the stigma of it being "meant for women". So I went ahead and bought it at a very good price. It has lots of cool outdoor features, like altimeter, barometer, compass, thermometer, storm alarm, sunrise/sunset, but it doesn't look geeky: it's very understated, and wouldn't be out of place in a chic restaurant. I've been wearing it on my wrist for a couple of weeks, and have gotten a few compliments. The band doesn't seem weak, and there's a whole accessory kit that comes with it to allow you to remake it as a pendant.

                                    I LOVE my Lumi too. The band is screwed in with a metal screw, I can't see how it could be weak. However I hate wearing a watch especially in Winter when wearing lots of layers and prefer to wear it around my neck (It comes with a conversion kit) I even have it hanging 'upside' down so I don't have to flip it when looking down at it. Also comes with a protective cover that you can attach to a biner. Best watch out there in my opinion.

                                    Unanswered Question

                                    Can anybody help by telling me how to use...

                                    Can anybody help by telling me how to use the accumulated altitude feature on my Origo OC-036 watch, my small instruction manual refers to it but gives no instructions for setting so that I can learn the total amount of climbing done in any particular walk.

                                    Where can I find a replacement band for...

                                    Where can I find a replacement band for this watch?

                                    Best Answer

                                    Hey Robert,
                                    I just hit up Granite Gear with a phone call, they said you need to contact them directly and they will set you up with all the info you need to get a new band (They are not sold separately) Here is the number to call: 1-800-443-4871

                                    Good Luck!

                                    Unanswered Question

                                    The watch does not take the barometric...

                                    The watch does not take the barometric data I enter. After setting with the current pressure, it just resorts back to the pressure it was at when I opened it and the graph doesn't refresh. Any help?

                                    Ok, i just got the watch yesterday, and i...

                                    Ok, i just got the watch yesterday, and i am trying to get everything set up. the only problem im having is when i try to set up the compass' declination, i cant press the adjust button to set my cities declination, the el light just keeps on coming on, and i cant press adjust. If you have any thoughts, it would be great if you could share!

                                    Does anyone know where I can get the...

                                    Does anyone know where I can get the operations manual for this watch to pre-set the different functions? The manual was not in the original box and the settings are clearly off, plus I've never used an altimeter watch before. Headed to Yosemite for a week and need to set this watch up in the next couple days....Thanks.

                                    how the heck do i get the new watch band...

                                    how the heck do i get the new watch band on the watch? the posts are fixed and i cannot get the rubber over both sides...

                                    if you look closely, you'll see the posts to the right of the watch face are actually little metal sleeves through which the pin is pushed. use a small, technical screwdriver to try to push the sleeve off--or better yet, a pair of nail clippers you don't mind dulling. With the clipper blades, grasp the pin just below the sleeve and gently work the sleeve off. **DON'T USE PLIERS** you may crimp the sleeve and it will be rendered useless.

                                    After the sleeve is off, the pin will slide right out. Put the new band in place, then push the pin back through the holes. Seat the sleeve on the end you recently removed it from and gently tap it back into place with a small hammer (i actually used a crab mallet) . there you go!

                                    Unanswered Question

                                    Origo Granite Peak Series Altimeter...

                                    Origo Granite Peak Series Altimeter Watch
                                    with this watch when you are in altimeter mode does it
                                    a. log your total vertical for that log?
                                    b. allow you to check your vert logged for that period without having to start a new log?

                                    Can anyone vouch for the accuracy of the...

                                    Can anyone vouch for the accuracy of the altimeter and barometer functions of this watch? I've heard many altimeter watches are not very accurate and/ or need constant recalibration.Also, what is the altitude range for the altimeter?

                                    Best Answer

                                    Karen - I've used it on two ski tours so far, ranging between 5K ft and 8600ft. I was careful to calibrate at the car. The alt, max and cumulative functions were accurate to within 25ft based on known elevations and GPS checks. I was really suprised.
                                    Also, the barometer is excellent. Again, I calibrate it and it is accurate enough for weather changes and current conditions. Moving in and out of buildings can jack it up, but I only use it for the mountains.
                                    All in all and for the money you should feel comfortable pulling the trigger.
                                    One note: the first one sent to me didn't function, but BC OVERNIGHTED at their expense so I could have it for a tour in time. Great customer service.

                                    Unanswered Question

                                    i was just wondering how strong is the...

                                    i was just wondering how strong is the glass on the screen of this watch . a lot of the watches i have had the screens cracked under pressure

                                    Is this watch waterproof as well?

                                    Is this watch waterproof as well?

                                    I've had this watch for 2 years now. Been hiking, biking, and scuba diving with it to around 100ft down, that is a little over 3 atmospheres or 16.67 fathoms, and have had no trouble with it. Actually I've had it deeper but not for sustained lengths of time.

                                    cons are the the band is a little week. It has broken now twice. and the temp only is accurate off the wrist or under water. The barometer is a bit tricky under water too, but should be since it is designed for air.

                                    All in all it is a GREAT watch and very accurate.

                                    will this watch keep acuratly track of the...

                                    will this watch keep acuratly track of the altitude change cummulative for a day of skiing?
                                    how is the complexity of the menue overall?