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Oakley designed the Radar Pitch Polarized sunglasses to meet the uncompromising demands of their professional athletes. The Pitch shades offer a medium size lens in the Radar line to offer you comfort and visual clarity when you're paddling class IV rapids. The Radar Pitch Sunglasses offer a permanent hydrophobic lens coating that repels water, dust, and smudges when your single track loop take you into less-than-favorable conditions. The more you perspire on that grueling trail run, the Radar's Unobtanium earpieces and nose piece maintain a comfortable, balanced hold on your face.

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Too tight!

    I also found the glasses to be a bit tight. After a few hours of wearing them, I have to take them off because they start hurting the sides of my head. Is there any way to adjust them so they are a bit wider?

    Great Sunglasses for the active

      I love the polarized lenses of the Radar Pitch, but I also found the fit to be a little too snug for my tastes. I am wearing them, but after long periods, if feels like they are digging into my skull.

      The tight fit is perfect for sports and other high energy activities. They fit very snugly to your head.

      Review Title

        The Oakley Radar Pitch Sunglasses are just great for outdoor activities, sport etc.. They fit nicely and comfortably on your face and the nose piece is great!! You have to take care with the lenses cause the scratch too easily!!

        Radar pitch

          The Oakley Pitch sunglasses are the top of the line. I have the Oakley wires also but they just don't cut it for golf, fishing, biking, and baseball. The Rader's are perfect and the best for anyone that will be active when they need sunglasses. They are much better then the M frames. The radar's are the upgraded version of the M frames. They are tighter on the face then the M frames but that's good cause the M frames would fall off your face when diving for a fly ball or mountain biking. There is a reason why MLB players wear the raders instead of the M frames. The Rader PITCH are better on the face then the paths. The path len is smaller and don't cut out all of the sunlight. If you have a big face, then mb the ranges are for you. I have a normal face and I like the pitches the best. GET the polarized or you just wasting your money. There expensive but I never go back to not having polarized sunglasses. Try to get them on sale. Mb backcountry will be cool and run a deal on them.

          I agree. I have the Radar 'path' lens shape, and while nice, they don't cover quite as much as I would like (with out wearing goggles!) for mtn. biking, and even road cycling.

          And always...iridium/polarized...the only way to go (except transitions for dawn/dusk).

          Issue with Radars in general

            I'm coming from the M-Frame world and decided to try the Radars. Well, I wasn't thrilled. The Radar frames are too rigid for me. I like the more relaxed feel of the M-Frames. Since they are rigid, I also found them too tight. I'm a medium build guy, so I think this may just be something one would like or would drive one crazy.

            I'm going back to the M-frames.

            Do these come in L or XL and if not...

            Do these come in L or XL and if not why?\Write your question here...

            I'm looking to see if I can get replacement...

            I'm looking to see if I can get replacement lenses? My dog got ahold of my glasses and chew up the lenses? I have OCP Radar lens path ice?

            do these come with the case?

            do these come with the case?