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There's an argument to be made for owning one set of all-purpose sunglasses -- one performance-oriented enough for race day, but fashionable enough for everyday usage -- and no set of Oakleys does this better than the Flak Jacket. The Flak Jacket retains all of the fantastic optical and fit attributes of the Radar, the M-Frame, and the Zero, but it does so in a design that doesn't look out of place outside of a sporting context.

Flak Jackets are an especially great choice for cyclists because, like the Radar, their frame design doesn't inhibit your peripheral vision in the least. Their O-Matter polymer frame is all-but-weightless, and like all Oakleys they contact you only at the bridge of your nose and behind your temples. This retains the optics in perfect alignment and eliminates the discomfort you get from frames that hook around your ears and mount with unbalanced pressure points. The earstems are sheathed in Unobtanium to further ensure the comfort and security of the frame fit, an Oakley innovation that increases grip as your sweat. And O-Matter frames have amazing durability not only for the abuse of packing and unpacking them from your backpack, but for impact-resistance in case you crash.

While the wrapped lens of the Flak Jacket optimizes peripheral vision and protection, such extreme contours can cause optical distortion (called refraction) due to the bending of light. Oakley utilizes XYZ Optics in the Flak Jacket to prevent refraction by achieving precise orientation between lens curvature and the human eye. This creates clarity at all angles of view, even along the periphery of the lens. The lens itself is made from Plutonite to provide you with superior comfort, clarity, and protection against impact and ultraviolet radiation. Plutonite blocks 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light.

This special edition Flak Jacket commemorates the Livestrong fight against cancer. If you read "It's Not About The Bike", you might recall that Lance said that only three of his sponsors stood strong alongside him when he was diagnosed with cancer: Nike, Giro, and Oakley. He said he'd have allegiance to them forever. It's a pretty moving bit of loyalty, and it's one we think of every time we see these glasses. The Black frames feature a subtle bit of "Livestrong Yellow", and they come with a Black Iridium lens -- a superb choice for the spring and summertime. It transmits only 10% of the available light to your eyes, also making it ideal for bright, sunny days. The great thing about Oakley Iridium lenses is that the Iridium coating creates a uniform filtering layer that optimizes contrast and reduces glare. It's what makes Oakley optics markedly superior to any other glasses out there.

Oakley donates $20 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation for every set of Livestrong glasses sold, including these Flak Jackets.

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Write your question here... Is Lens style...

Write your question here...
Is Lens style XLJ available with Livestrong Flack Jacket?
Does it come with regular and high nose pieces?

Unanswered Question

Hi, I was just wondering how you remove...

Hi, I was just wondering how you remove the arms from Oakley Flak Jackets in order to change the temple earsock?

Do these have sufficient side protection...

Do these have sufficient side protection for mountaineering/glacier use? I know Julbo's will probably be best for glacier use but want something a little more versatile.

How do i change the ear socks myself

How do i change the ear socks myself

"The existing Flak jacket lenses (sold...

"The existing Flak jacket lenses (sold separately) are easily interchangeable for lighter or darker lenses depending on the lighting conditions of the moment."

Does this mean I'm only paying for the frames?