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The OG Fire Iridium Polarized

  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer
  • Fit:True to size

I've owned a pair of the smaller Half Jacket lenses, but found out that my face was too big. There was little eye protection near my check bones, so I decided to give the XLJs a try.

I'm very glad I made the switch. You get more protection near the check bones, so it feels like the lens is covering your full viewing area. I wear these mainly when mountain biking, and the lightweight characteristics are super awesome. Must have for any active person. Oakley never disappoints.

The OG Fire Iridium Polarized

Love 'em

    I got the VR28 Black Iridium lenses with some Christmas money - $50 well spent. The color is just perfect for a wide variety of conditions, and they don't look goofy around town like regular pink lenses do. The XLJ lenses are very easy to remove and replace, never had any trouble. Backcountry ships super fast - here in Utah I get my gear the day after I order. I'd say the only negative was the excessive amount of packaging the lenses came in. They were the only thing I ordered, and the box was almost shoe box sized.

    Oakley Half Jacket XLJ

      I own the Black Iridium and HI Yellow. I prefer these over the standard Half Jacket lens because they seem to deflect wind better when going 50 miles an hour downhill on your road bike. The lenses are also fairly easy to change out ~ if you follow the directions!

      Great For Road Cycling

        I originally bought my Half Jackets with Transitions lenses for the versatility that photochromic (variable tint) lenses provide. I couldn't be happier with the Half Jackets; however, when I took up road cycling as a hobby, I quickly realized that the regular shaped lenses did not provide enough coverage when I'm riding against the wind. I bought a set of XLJ lenses to address that issue and now, I think I have the best of both worlds -- regular shaped Transitions lenses for casual wear and XLJ lenses for cycling. If I had known, I would've opted for XLJ Transitions lenses (assuming that they exist)!


          Lens fit regular half jacket frame.
          Glasses look better than the regular half jacket lens.
          Hadn't worn the glasses with the regular lens as it did fit well.
          Not use to the lens color on bright days as it enhances the light. The glasses look classy with the Titanium Iridium.

          great evening fly fishing companion lenses

            I bought these yellow lenses to go with my oakley fishing sunglasses. Although they are not polarized like my fishing lenses are they are perfect at dusk when you cant see your fly on the water anymore. Helps for the hike back to your car also. Really brightens up the sky at dusk. It is so nice to be able to just change lenses so you only have to carry one pair of sunglasses. Gotta love that!!

            Well Priced, Great Service

              I had a biking accident a few months ago and regretfully my Oakley's were injured too. These lenses drop in easily, but are highly secure if your frame is not damaged. Great service, they were shipped out fast, and arrived well-packaged with a copy of my invoice. A+ Thanks!

              Happy, but...

                I bought these lenses as a replacement for some old ones that I had cracked. I am happy with the service I got from here, but I am dismayed that a month later I noticed they had cracked. I am not sure if the lenses are faulty or maybe my frame is. Its all Oakley. I have always been a huge fan and user of Oakley.

                Oakley XLJ Gold Iridium - Just what I needed

                  Years ago I bought Oakley half jackets with the standard lenses. They worked great until I started using them for biking and running as they didn't provide sufficient coverage. These lenses do just the trick and I love the additional color definition offered by the gold lenses. I use them for everything from driving, biking to the occasional round of golf. I liked lens shape so well I bought black iridium to fill out my collection. As always, service was top notch.

                  Great Lenses!

                    I LOVE these lenses. They work great in almost any light level. I had the polarized before but found the view distracting as I could see patterns in glass windshields, etc... The VR28s are wonderful. I was looking for a good lens to use on the water with lots of sun and glare. They work well for that, but the bonus is that they seem to work well in just about all conditions.

                    great product best price

                      I have been a diehard Oakley fan for years! I have pairs that have found resting places such as: the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Ray Hubbard (TX), Germany, Florida, and Cancun. After each loss I ran out and bought another pair. Now, I actually won't feel too bad about losing them because these guys have the best selections and prices. I highly recommend Oakley shades and lenses!

                      Great lenses- Oakley XLJ in VR28 tint

                        What a great lens. I'm currently serving in Afghanistan where the air is always filled with dust and or haze. The VR28 lens seems to magnify the available light and are a great in changing weather. In hazy conditions you can really see the detail of your surroundings. I wouldn't recommend this lens for very bright conditions that you're fairly certain won't change. I've kept the VR28 lens in for about a month now regardless of the weather and they've worked great.

                        I had just a little trouble inserting the new lenses for the first time. I've switched lenses back and forth several times and now it's no problem. Just be careful and be patient while replacing lenses.

                        Oakley Half Jacket XLJ Dual Replacement Lenses

                          The original replacement lenses that I ordered were defective and I quickly and promptly replaced the lenses with a new pair. The lenses are terrific and allow me to change out the Oakley's based on light levels. The cost of an alternate pair of lenses and the pair that came with the Half Jacket XLJ's, all of which I purchased here, still totaled less than what I expected to pay at the mall or other online outlets. I am very please with the experience here.

                          I bought the Oakley half jacket replacement...

                          I bought the Oakley half jacket replacement lenses which look exactly like the originals, however I am not able to insert them. The outer lens tab slides in, but the inner tab will not fit. Any suggestions??

                          Are these xlj lenses real oakley lenses...

                          Are these xlj lenses real oakley lenses of fake ones?

                          Are these for the original half jacket or...

                          Are these for the original half jacket or the new half jacket frames?

                          Do the nonpolarized lenses fit in half...

                          Do the nonpolarized lenses fit in half jacket frames that came with polarized lenses?

                          does anyone know where i can get some...

                          does anyone know where i can get some replacement lenses for my oakley eye jacket frames

                          Unanswered Question

                          Write your question you have...

                          Write your question you have polarized black iridium xlj lenses & how much?

                          Write your question here...I am looking...

                          Write your question here...I am looking to get lense replacements for my son who is a baseball player. Which color is the best?

                          But, if it's only partly sunny, you may want to consider the polarized grey iridium; slightly less dark.

                          Also, may want to consider a photochromatic lens for even more 'ify' skies, this way he'll still have protection from the sun regardless, and they won't be too dark if the skies get cloudy, but will tint when it brightens up!

                          I use the XLJ VR 28 polarized lenses without iridium for playing softball and motorcycling. I love the high contrast lens that also reduces glare because they're polarized. I try not to get lenses that have an iridium coating because this scratches fairly easily, but, I have to admit, the glasses look cooler with it.

                          Black/grey lenses tend to be better for high sunlight conditions, and brown/rose tones tend to be better for all-around purpose. Polarized lenses are great for driving, around water, and in bright sunlight conditions, but some folks don't like how they remove glare. For me, that's entirely why I always buy polarized - less strain on my eyes!

                          Unanswered Question

                          I locking for replacement lenses for half...

                          I locking for replacement lenses for half x titanium frame ser. no.04-141 but no secses so I hope you can help me

                          what lens do I need for late afternoon...

                          what lens do I need for late afternoon bike riding, after the sun has set but before dark == the clear or the yellow?

                          Also, the photochromatic/transitions lenses. They offer both the black/clear, and a like brownish/clear that is supposed to be even better.

                          Check them out on the Oakley site, where you can get a simulated view of all the different lens options..."optical superiority" tab, in different out door environments.

                          Another thought: consider vented lenses, since this is the time of day, early morning/evening that humidity and temp. changes, along with your body heat, causing lenses to fog up. Oakley sells a cleaner that helps with this a bit, too: "nano-clear hydrophobic pen/lens cleaner"(hate typing all that!), I have this, it helps repell rain off lenses.

                          Hope this helps for your future purchase!

                          recently purhcased half jacket with xlj...

                          recently purhcased half jacket with xlj gold irrodium polarized lenses.....need for golf.....what lense would you recommend? G30, G30 irrodium, Persimmon or HI Persmmon. Thanks....I play about 3 times per week reqardless of sunlight.

                          The black IRIDIUM/polarized lens would be best for very sunny days (I have these, and they are excellent); but for slightly overcast days, you'll want a lighter tint...maybe a gray iridium/polarized. For even a bit more cloudy days/or in and out of wooded areas, try a photochromatic lens.

                          Next time you are going to get a new pair of shades, check all the lens options on's amazing how many there are to choose from! You can even get a simulated view through each type of lens, and various out door environments.

                          I own Oakley half jackets and I bought new...

                          I own Oakley half jackets and I bought new lenses for them but they don't fit. Why don't they?

                          The regular round lenses and the XLJ lenses fit into the same frame. The round lenses aren't too difficult to change in and out. At first when I went to change in the XLJ lenses, I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE and that they didn't fit, but alas, they eventually went in. Since, I have filed down a corner that goes in the nose area to get them to snap in easier.

                          I have a pair of oakley half jackets with...

                          I have a pair of oakley half jackets with the normal lenses. can i buy XLJ replacement lenses and be able to change them with the regular lenses or no?

                          how can you tell the xlj model half jackets...

                          how can you tell the xlj model half jackets from the regular ones?

                          The regular half jacket lenses have a flatter, straight side on the bottom and outside edge. The half jacket XLJ lenses have a concave, more curved bottom to them. The same goes for the outside edge of the lens for the XLJs. They have a curve in them toward the bottom while the regular half jacket lenses don't.EDIT: The XLJs have this funky extra bump on the outside lower edge. The regular Half Jackets look much cooler, the aesthetics are much better.

                          Are the standard half jacket and half...

                          Are the standard half jacket and half jacket xlj frame one in the same? Are standard half jacket and half jacket xlj lenses then interchangeable on any half jacket frame?

                          XLJ ARE THEY THE FLAK MODEL?

                          XLJ ARE THEY THE FLAK MODEL?

                          Question about the Titanium Iridium lenses......

                          Question about the Titanium Iridium lenses... anyone who has had any sort of experience with them, are they mirror surface as the picture shows?