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Protects a valuable pair!!

    I have two pairs of A-Frames, one for low light and one for bright days. Having this case allows me to ski aggressively and not have to worry about breaking my spare pair in my pack. I thought the price was a little high but when you think about it, its not a bad price for a great insurance!

    Oakley Goggle Case

      Better protection than nothing. I was a bit disappointed in the opening. I have A-Frames and it is awfully tight getting them in. Would be nice if there were a way to have additional room for 1 or 2 different lenses.

      Good protection for A-Frame

        I have one of these for my 2 A-Frames. Works great, as described. Sure, some other tools wish it fit an extra lens, but it was never listed to do so, so why rate down? Rate a product on how it functions, not what you wish it could be...that is feedback for the manufacturer to improve it. That being said, the case works good and I simply keep my extra lenses wrapped in bandanas and stack them behind this in my like a charm.

        Not all Goggles Fit

          The case is a must for anyone who buys Oakley. I have several pairs of regular glasses and have hard cases for them all. I just bought Wisdoms, but they do not fit this case. Be AWARE, you need to get the hard Wisdom case, or the array case. Otherwise, a must investment for any oakley wearer!

          Got another pair

            You can probably read my other review above, which basically states, if you travel and care about your Oakley A-Frames, then this is something you need to help them last even longer. I purchased another pair of Oakleys and therefore needed another case - it's a great purchase to help save on your investment in a high quality pair of goggles.


              Looking through scratched googles because you carelessly threw them in the back of the car=not so cool. Constantly being reminded about my poor actions, I bought a new lens and a case to carry the goggles in. Unfortunately the case isn't a little bigger to hold extra lenses. Only the goggles and the goggle bag fit in the case. Would like to have a beefier clip so i could clip them to something with out having to worry about the case falling off.

              Great Case

                Yes, Oakley goggles are expensive, but they're also totally worth the price. I have a pair with a fire iridium lens for bright sunny days and a pair with a hi-intensity blue lens. I carry my spare pair in my pack for whenever the whether may change here in Colorado. The goggles case is a great buy, as I don't have to worry about catching a fallen tree or tree stump when I'm in the trees and landing on my pack and cracking my goggles. If you're serious about your Oakleys and want them to last longer than they're worth, I definitely recommend purchasing this case to protect them. And even if you don't carry an extra pair in your pack, this case is great for traveling and throwing your goggles in your suitcase.

                Do the Oakley Crowbar fit in this case???...

                Do the Oakley Crowbar fit in this case??? Thanks.

                Does this case have slots on the side that...

                Does this case have slots on the side that the straps can go through so my goggles can stay mounted on my helmet and be protected? (I know I'm lazy, but the snap on the back of my helmet is tough to get on and off)

                Does this case fit the crowbar model?

                Does this case fit the crowbar model?

                not really, I actually screwed up my crowbars more using this case than just having them in the bag------------------------------------------------------------------As noted, it was made for the A-frame and O-frame. I hav friends with Wisdoms and Crowbars, neither of which will fit safely.