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Cat Crappers

    Got them and used them once and steamed up like windows on prom nite. GF cat crapped them and buffed them with my eyeglass chamois they scratched like it was going out of style.
    Weak sauce.
    For the price, i was expecting something much stronger.
    Disappointed and am returning.

    Optical Superiority Complex

      I just rode in my new Crowbars w/ the yellow iridium lens the other day. First off, these goggles look dope (mine came with the retro Oakley logo on the strap). But this lens was perfect for Big Cottonwood Canyon Grey bird. The grippy rubber coating on the goggle strap kept the crowbars in place on my head. I came to the crowbar from a Smith Prodigy, and this goggle fits my face a little better -- it's a little smaller than a prodigy. The peripheral vision in these is sick too.

      a vast improvement over the already excellent Wisdoms

        Oakley nailed this one. I had Oakley Wisdoms before and I still think they are excellent, but the Crowbars blow them out of the water.
        The new suspension system on the sides of the goggle frame make the Crowbars extremely helmet-compatible right out of the box. (Wisdoms usually required a special helmet strap, sold separately.)
        The field of vision - particularly peripherally - are even greater than the Wisdom's range of view. Going back to the Wisdoms felt stuffy after the nearly panoramic view of the Crowbars.
        The fit seems more versatile than the Wisdoms. The Wisdoms were supposedly for larger faces while the Crowbars were more middle of the road. I found the Crowbars to fit my face far better than the Wisdoms though, despite my larger-than-average melon.
        The only possible downside of the Crowbars is their appearance. If you have a small head, these goggles may just eclipse your face. Otherwise, I think these goggles look great, and they even fit in my jacket pocket more easily than my Wisdoms.
        The steeper price for Oakley is definitely well-warranted and worth it if you're considering the Crowbar as your next goggle.