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High Intensity's From Oakley Rock!

    I'm not going to lie. I'm a Smith Optics fan all the way. BUT...oakley has this lense dialed in. The lenses used by oakley in their goggles are seccond to none, meaning I love them, use them, and recomend them...even thought hey hide behind all my other Smith gear. If you want one lese to do it all get the high Intensity lense from Oakley. Frame should be determined by what fits your face, the A-Frames fit me best, but that will vary from person to person. You'lllove these lenses, I promise. Esspecially if you like being in and out of the trees.

    Expensive-Good- but...

      Like a lot of people, I've never actually hunkered down and spent a LOT of money on goggles- even though (like a LOT of people) I've often been frustrated in foggy conditions with foggy gogglies... so I took the plunge with these- because who can deny that "high vis-lens" doesn't sound very appealing. Now for the price I paid I have to say I needed these to be PERFECT in every way, and for the most part they are. I saw the bumps far more clearly in bad conditions than I ever have, and if I'm very careful I don't get any fogging inside the mask (I did cat-crap them just to be extra sure). The only complaint is the coating seems to have a slight 'shadowing' effect that can be a little distracting. Not so much when you're skiing but when you're standing around or on the lift it's just enough to annoy me, still I've decided that this probably is a result of what ever coatings are required to get the otherwise excellent high-vis. affect which is what they are known for.

      High Intensity Lenses work well

        On cloudy days with these lenses, we can see the definition of the slopes, bumps, everything. With normal lenses, we just saw white. Glad we upgraded, it makes boarding more fun on days with no light.

        Mandatory East coast gear!

          This is my 2nd pair of Oakleys and I’ve got to say I am totally impressed with the vision quality of these goggles. We ski mostly East coast and, as any East coast skier knows, the chances of the snow guns blowing on any given day are 50-50. With these goggles you can –see—where the devil you are going. They are also totally awesome for flat light days and for snow flurries.
          My sister calls these goggles, x-ray glasses for snow snakes.

          Some pretty nice goggles

            These goggles are the best. I live in the northeast where the sun almost never comes out. Now it's not a problem. Even on the murkiest days you can see every bump. And not only can you see everything, but they're wicked comfy.

            good lookin

              I like these goggles. I bought them a while ago and for the most part have only used one lens. Actually, it's been a couple of years and the foam around the edges is still on there! I have only had a couple of fog problems (hiking up switch backs and too lazy to take them off) but otherwise they've been great. Oakley makes good eyewear in my opinion and the A Frame is no exception

              is this goggle better for big or small...

              is this goggle better for big or small faces?

              are these goggles helmet compatible? MY...

              are these goggles helmet compatible? MY old oakleys a frames bump on my helmet and they get knocked down my nose

              Most helmets are goggle compatible, but yours might be a bit different. If you really like these goggles, I'd snag a pair and try them on with your helmet. If they don't work, simply return it.Give Smith Optics a try. I think they produce a significantly superior quality product for a better price.-------------------------------------Obviously every goggle will not fit with every helmet. The best way is to buy the goggles and helmets from the same manufacturer. That being said the Oakley A-Frame Goggle is what Shaun White wears with his helmet. So if it's good enough for gold medalists, then its probably good enough for you. See pic: