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Classic Lense for a Classic Frame

    The Vr28 is great for low light conditions, protects your eyeballs in sunny conditions. Good for all-around use.

    heres another view

    any thought on which lense this is?

    heres another view

    Yup. I got the exact same pair on sale at the oakley vault in nashville, and those lenses are the vr50 pink iridium lenses. Great all-round lens touted for being really sharp in fog. However, I haven't used these yet, so I don't know the actually definition of them, and the interwebs says that they are a better all-round lens than the standard persimmon. Just as an afterthought, if you're looking for a helmet to go with the a frames, i got a giro surface s helmet and they go together like peanut butter and jelly. Yah.

    just got back from jackson hole for spring break. Used the VR50 pink iridium oakley a frame in super dense fog (like 10ft sightline), and also in bluebird conditions. In fog, they were better than the naked eye, but not a whole lot. Still looking for a good fog lens, thinking maybe blue iridium or hi yellow. With clear skies, definition was great. My eyes were totally comfortable all day, even with no clouds in the sky, no squinting. I won't need a lens for bluebird days, I've already got it with the VR50 pink iridium lens.

    What lens is this?

    Can anyone tell me which lens this is? I wanna buy another but I am not sure which lens this is.

    What lens is this?

    Using for wingsuit base jumping

    • Familiarity: I've used it several times

    I spent a while on the internet trying to figure out which lens would be the least dark--not using these for skiing, using them for wingsuit base jumping. I don't like jumping with sunglasses or anything that affects my depth perception. I ordered clear and the gold iridium. Clear is obviously great, and the gold iridium is also pretty light and non-distorting.

    The Oakley website has a menu of lens darknesses, but it's not complete and pretty confusing overall. That would be a great feature to add here!

    Time to Replace the Lens

    • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    I've had my A-Frames for about 4 years now and the lens is needing to be replaced. I had the Black Iridium lens that I loved, but a friend suggested I try the Blue Iridium or the new Emerald Iridium lenses. I bought them both and noticed that the Blue Iridium looked the same as by Black Iridium from the inside out (slightly orange), but from the outside in it was a little blue and not as mirrored. The Emerald looked more like looking through my Polarized Oakley Flack Jacket Black Iridium Sunglasses. It had a greyish tint from the inside out for the brighter days and you can't see in from the outside.

    love them

      i picked up some hi-intensity yellow lens for my night riding and love them. makes boarding much easier than my old Oakley lenses that were slightly darker (don't know exactly which lens they were). have not had any issues and would highly recommend to anyone who go out at night.

      Oakley has an issue

        This review is for all A-Frame lenses.
        I've come to the conclusion that there is an issue with the foam lens sandwich in all A-Frame lenses. I have had an issue with the foam in between the 2 lenses getting a crack in it letting moisture in which causes a terrible, unfixable, fogging issue in every A-Frame lens I have owned. I am fed up with it and am looking to get new non Oakley goggles soon. Sad really as I had loved the A-Frames up until this last straw. Oakley has been good at replacing the defective lens in the past, but every season I end up needing to send one of my lenses in for warranty.. really?!? Oh and even though the outside of the lens does a great job of resisting scratches.. however the inside does no job at all in resisting scratching.. i.e. only wipe the inside with a clean baby bum.

        The optics are great, the tint choices are great (especially FIRE), but this issue makes all that greatness.. well.. useless!

        Here I am on this site to purchase another replacement lens due to the same issues you have described. This would have been my third replacement lens, but I'll choose to look for a different goggle instead. Fogging of the lenses, and one wreck is all it takes to get scratches on the inside of the lens that will never go away.

        Perfect replacement lens

          I do my skiing in the NE and these lens are perfect for just about any condition I can throw at them. I had the standard persimmon but these have a sharper contrast it seems and are better in direct sunlight (probably due to the refelcetive lens). Anyway.... I love 'em.


            Ordered the Hi-Yellow for a trip to Snowbird/Alta to find out there was moisture in between the lens which froze/fogged up in the -9 weather making it seem like i was skiing in a cloud

            Exact same thing happened to 2 H.I. Yellow lenses I've had. The optics are awesome so I purchased the lens a second time after the first one failed. Same moisture/fogging issues with the second lens despite leaving them out to dry whenever I use them. Furthermore, moisture condensed on the inside of the goggle after about 10 minutes of normal use and when I tried to blot it with a clean goggle bag, it scratched the inside lens like sandpaper.
            I have a persimmon A-Frame lens that I've used for many seasons and they've never had any issues with fogging or moisture.

            How is the Clarity /Intensity of the Persimmon versus the HI Yellow in low light conditions? I had the HI Yellow and had the same fogging issues with the first set that I received and need to order a replacement. It doesn't seem like the HI yellow is the way to go

            dont EVER touch the inside of your goggles while moist. Go to a bathroom and find one of those hand driers. Put your goggles underneath and go to town. Best way to go. If none the airbrakes and have multiple lenses or bring multiple pairs of goggles. Fog, my arch nemesis....hence why I went with the Oakley Airbrakes and they are AWESOME> fog, immediately gone once you start snowboarding/skiing after sitting in a gondola or on the chair.

            I don't know what you guys are crashing into because I have found no fogging or icing problems ever with Oakley A, O, Wisdom, or Crowbar googles. I have all different lenses and I use the HI Yellow most of the time when it's dumpimg or overcast- I am not a fair weather skier- I like it awful- it keeps the crowd down. Use the Blue and Emerald iridium for party sunny days and the black iridiums for spring full sun days. Follow the instructions for dabbing up moisture on the inside after a fall and you won't have any problems. They clear up quickly if they do fog slightly (because you are breathing so hard!) after a turn or two- need airflow if they retain moisture. I did have a pair arrive without a foam piece and couldn't figure out on a huge powder day why they kept filling up with snow- sent them back and were quickly replaced NO CHARGE. Oakley- best optics in the goggle world and I wouldn't use anything. Looking to replace a few older lenses with fire or gold- look pretty cool.

            Gold Iridium

              I ski in the Pacific Northwest and was afraid these lens would be far too dark for the normal skiing conditions of cloudy or snowing. However, I have been impressed with the versatility of these lens in less than ideal viewing conditions. When the sun comes out these goggles really shine, and I no longer have to squint like I did with my old orange lens. The amber tint not only looks great from the outside, but it also has good optical clarity that I have come to expect from Oakley Optics. If you are looking for some all around Iridium Lens to get the cool look, then the gold lens are a great choice!

              It is really good

                The HI Yellow lens is really "that good" in low light/flat light conditions. Have used the HI Yellow lens the past 5 seasons in some of the gnarliest storms, and I can say that it really works. The lense really clarifies the terrain so you don't get hit with any surprises in the flat light of a huge bowl....and in the trees you will be seeing everything that is being thrown at surprises..

                Each of Oakley's lenses have specific purposes for different kinds of weather. i can say hands down....the HI Yellow is really good in the worst of storms.......or just plain old flat light conditions.

                do the lenses come with a microfiber...

                do the lenses come with a microfiber bag?

                Im about to make a trip out to Jackson...

                Im about to make a trip out to Jackson Hole and am wondering what lens would be recomended. i currently have the black iradiums and dont know if they are to tinted for Jackson Hole. Any thoughts?

                I'd go to the Oakley site to peruse what kind of lenses do what to the current conditions. Really, Jackson Hole will be no different than any other location - I'd have lenses to deal with low light (snowy, foggy, cloudy) conditions and lenses to deal with high light (partly cloudy to sunny days). Here's the Oakley Site (go to the bottom to click on lens tints) -

                Do these work for the asian fit a frames...

                Do these work for the asian fit a frames as well?

                this season i was ridin up at PC ridin and...

                this season i was ridin up at PC ridin and the inside of both lenses foged horribly ! thinking it would help i tried to dry them out but it didnt help at all .... now there is huge smears all across the inside lense of my A frames and sucks to see out of. i was wondering if there is anything i could do to get rid of some of the smearing ? i dont really want to sink alot more money in these babys

                do these come with anti-fog already applied...

                do these come with anti-fog already applied or should i do it my self?

                Yeah they have two layer's of lenses so they are super fog resistant. Just some words of advice. Be careful with the lenses because they scratch very easily especially the inside. And don't use anything besides the goggle bag to wipe them off. Also, don't wipe the inside lens when its wet.

                What is better for night time riding, HI...

                What is better for night time riding, HI yellow or Clear???

                What are the best low light/high vis...

                What are the best low light/high vis lenses/goggles?

                Oakley's best low light snow lens is the H.I. Yellow. It blocks minimal light while the blue filter increases contrast on the snow. There is some debate as to what the best low light snow lens amongst brands (smith sensor mirror), but anybody who knows anything will tell you the H.I. yellow are the best option from oakley.

                What is the difference between Fire, Fire...

                What is the difference between Fire, Fire Iridium, and Tokyo Red lenses?

                Oakley has a great web site that explains this stuff, though its a little hard to find... click on the tab that says "lens tints" and then choose your color by clicking on "change lens" It'll give you a short description, all the specs and even simulates how the lenses look on the snow.

                is the blue iridium lens good for medium...

                is the blue iridium lens good for medium light days and is it a mirror?

                Would HI Yellow or HI Persimmon be better...

                Would HI Yellow or HI Persimmon be better for flat light conditions? From Oakley's website it looks like the Persimmon has a little more tint and would be a better all around lense, while the Yellow would be more for just low/flat light.

                How do you take an old lense out? i want...

                How do you take an old lense out? i want to keep it and switch between then

                you can look it up on google, but for the a frames you.
                -start at the very top by the O
                -pull the top away from the lense (bending it)
                -it should seperate and do that all the way down on both sides
                -lastly you do the nose
                and do that in the reverse order to put a lense in (start with the nose)

                whats a really dope lens for night skiing? not...

                whats a really dope lens for night skiing?
                not persimmon

                I am looking for a replacement lens that...

                I am looking for a replacement lens that is good for both cloudy/lowlight days where its hard to see the imperfections in the snow, as well as night time riding.
                What is the best, or most versatile lens to cover my needs?

                How do you switch out lenses? I hate my...

                How do you switch out lenses? I hate my old one and want to get Fire because I hate people seeing my eyes!

                You can see there are notches on the outside of the lenses shown here. There are little things on the inside of the lens groove that snap into those grooves. In theory you basically pop one lens out of the lens groove and pop the other one in, but in practice it can take some time and can be frustrating to get all the notches lined up and snapped in. Not extremely difficult, but it does take time and attention, enough that you won't want to swap lenses often. But its definitely DIY-able.

                It almost feels like you have to break the frame to get the lens out. Once you learn to manhandle the A-frames properly, it's easy (without actually harming the goggles). Just be careful not to scratch your lenses during the switch. I try to grab the lens with the oakley lens cloth so I don't smudge the lens or scratch it.

                will previous year A frames hold current...

                will previous year A frames hold current A frame replacement lenses

                Do these lenses come with new inner lenses....

                Do these lenses come with new inner lenses. I want to buy the fire iridium lens to replace my scratched persimmon lenses. However, i think that the inside lens has been scratched so i might have to just but a whole new pair.

                Best Answer

                o you got it all wrong, these are dual lenses and the inner and outer lenses cant be replaced individually...every lens is a two layer dual lens...and if ur inner lens is scratched then ur basically screwed and have to buy a new lens.2 last things, fire lense=SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and if ur desperate ( meaning your inner lens in scratched so bad that you cant see through it) then you can rip it off of the outer lense and sarifice lots of anti-fogging capabilities, but youll be able to see...thats what i had to do when i scratched my inner lens, it sucks--------------------------The point is that if you buy this lens, you'll be getting the whole thing as a two-layer lens, so you don't need to worry about which one is scratched.

                It is basically one unit: Two lens layers with a seal in between. If your inner lens is super scratched, you replace the whole unit, which is what you have on this page. Ripping of the inner lens is pretty crazy advice. If a grizzly bear just attacked you on a mountain in the middle of nowhere, and somehow only mauled the poop out of your inner lens, and you survive and there is a blizzard raging and you had to see to straightline it to a hospital, then maybe you would rip the inner lens out just to survive. Even then, your lens will be fogging up so badly it will barely be better than a ruined inner lens. The two layers and a seal are THE reason goggles don't fog up BADLY. It is like a double-pane window, and that is what keeps you seeing on the mountain in cold weather. The Fire lens looks RAD but is not a great choice for MOST CONDITIONS you will find on the average hill. Great for Super-bright bluebird days, but you will hate them when it is dumping pow and the clouds are out. Go for the blue iridium, G30, Pink iridium, lenses that only block 30-60% of visible light, unless you are just after a specialist lens for specific conditions.

                whats the difference between the black...

                whats the difference between the black iridium and fire in terms of visibility? like what are they best suited for?