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Don the Oakley A Frame Goggles and try farting in them to fog them up. It may sound gross, but it’s probably an effective method for testing Oakley’s integrated dual-lens and surge-vent technology. Or hit the mountain and leave the beans at home. Oakley sealed a layer of air between two fog-treated lenses to reduce the chance of fog accumulating. Vented air circulates through the bottom of the A Frame and back out the top so air doesn’t have a chance to get trapped in your goggle and fog your lens. Impact resistant frames, triple-layer foam with wicking fleece, and total UV protection make the A Frame the workhorse of Oakley’s lineup.

Proposition 65 Warning for California Consumers: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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Last for Years

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Over the years I've gone through tons of different goggles and have settled on smith for their cheaper interchangeable lenses. These were the first set of more expensive goggles I picked up. My first set lasted me 6 years (with a few lens replacements), my second 7 years (also a few lens replacements) and are now a backup hand-me-down pair my girlfriend uses. The lenses aren't the easiest to change, but aren't hard to change by any means. With a variety of colors and lens options its easy to find one that fits what you are looking for.

For whatever reason, my Oakley A frames always fit really well with my Giro G10MX and Bern Watts helmet (size medium). As a result they were almost always fog free, with the exception of a few brutally cold days.

These are definitely intended for smaller to medium sized faces and as a result have a slightly diminished field of view compared to some of the latest models.

Great goggles

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have had 2 pairs of Oakley A frame goggles and love them. This style frame still looks awesome for how old they are. my first pair lasted about 10 years before the top vent foam started deteriorating. I am ok with that because then I was able to get another pair. I am always fog free and wear them all day long because they are very comfortable. I have pink iridium lens, blue iridium lens and persimmon lens. I use the pink iridium on cloudy days and blue iridium on sunny days. the persimmon I don't use much but on snowy days.

A frame es bueno.

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

i got mine from the oakley vault on sale for 60 bucks. All black, with the VR50 Pink Iridium lens. The Pink Iridium lens is a good allround lens, whether it be light fog and relatively low-light, or bluebird. My profile picture is a picture of me wearing the a frames at the gondola summit at Jackson Hole. The Pink Iridium lens works well in variable conditions, but I am thinking about airbrakes so I don't have to have a do-it-all lens, and have a quiver of oakley tints.

The BEST goggle for me and LV!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have been wearing the Oakley A frame goggle for many years now and after being tempted by many other new brands/styles, this is still my absolute favorite goggle. When I first started wearing this goggle I was wearing contacts and they performed wonderfully and my contacts did not dry out, even on windy days. A few years ago I had corrective surgery on my eyes and now see better than 20/20 and these goggles are still my go to basically everyday i am on the mountain. i know the lenses are removable, but i own five different pairs, each with different lenses for different light, because let's be honest, the designs are too fun and cute to resist. i have on occasion taken the lens out and switched it with another and it was very easy to do. i treat my goggles as directed by oakley and i have not had any problems with scratches. They fit my face perfectly and they are extremely comfortable even after hours on the mountain. There's a reason Lindsey Vonn wears these goggles and it's not just because they pay her to! LOVE them!

Truly a Classic..

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I know there are a lot of different optic companies out there. I just don't know why Oakley's products just seem to stand above the rest? I have tried Scott, Smith, Dragon, Uvex. Etc etc.. Oakley goggles are the way to go.

I have had these A frames for skiing and boarding for years. The style and size just keeps being the one that doesn't change in their line up. Truly a classic.

Great--yellow iridium great 4 low light

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

These, like all the A-frames, fit great, with or without a helmet. I have these with the yellow iridium lenses which are awesome for low light days on the mountain (also have amber, and the blackout polarized).

Abused & Still Performing

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have had a pair of these goggles for over three seasons now and still are working flawless. I've bought different lenses based on lighting and the activities I'm doing since I use them both for snowmobiling and skiing.

You can't go wrong with these ones.

Another flawless Oakley product

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I wanted a new pair of goggles for snowmobiling last winter, and found these. I had a pair of dirt goggles I had used in the past, but wanted one's for snow. So far, these have been an A+. I got persimmon lenses with them and even at night, I can see clearly. They have stayed fog-free and offer great clarity. I highly recommend oakley products to anyone who asks, i'm a huge fan. I love the rubber liners they put on the inside of the bands, so that they goggles don't slide on your helmet...even in rough terrain and in any weather conditions.

Another flawless Oakley product

The Essential

    The a-frame has always been the main stay of Oakley's line and my day sack.
    Should be the first goggle to try when finally switching out of those gawd-awful low end cheapies.
    And shall be benchmark for all following goggle purchases for years to come.

    Hard to fog, even easier to vent.
    Light weight
    Seemingly one-size fits all.
    Decent field of vision for the size.
    A wide selection of snap-in lenses.

    The only complaint I would have about these are bad luck.
    I've destroyed a couple of these bad boys.

    second pair

    • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

    Just killed off the lens and frame from my first pair of A frame's. They lasted many seasons and crashes and harsh conditions. I bought another pair because I liked these so much. Great fit for a helmet wearer also.

    I'm a female adult whos just a beginner...

    I'm a female adult whos just a beginner skiier and looking for goggles. I normally love polarized lenses in sun glasses and am wondering if these A frames are a good choice for me despite being non polarized. I don't really want to shell out $120 for polarized lenses if these can do a sufficient job. Please advise, thanks !!!

    Polarized lenses for skiing aren't the best choice. You won't find that many that are polarized. The reason is you can't see definition of ice vs. snow with polarized lenses. I would go with a goggle that allows for a replaceable lens and then get a really dark lens. Smith has a couple great options for goggles and then you can get the Fire Sensor Mirror or the Gold Sol X Mirror. Hope this helps.

    Unanswered Question

    Are the lenses interchangeable on the...

    Are the lenses interchangeable on the carbon fiber print a frames? I'm trying to change my clear lense to fire and the frame feels to solid to pull the lense out and I don't want to break the frame.

    What color are the lens on the green...

    What color are the lens on the green goggles, is it mirrored or something?

    No either of the green are mirrored you can get them with the orange lens witch is the most basic lens that Oakley makes and its good for night and low light riding and are less then great for bright days...... the other lens is High Intensity Yellow witch are almost clear and they will actually give more definition in low light and they are terrible for the day because they will still brighten everything....... Hope that helped

    hi, i was wondering if the Vr50 Lens would...

    hi, i was wondering if the Vr50 Lens would work well in most conditions? due to the 41% sunlight? I would go with the persimmon but i was told that the vr50 was better if i boarded more in the say and some at night... is this true?

    Yeah, the VR50 is definitely a bit darker than the persimmon lens. A persimmon lens isn't dark enough for me on a sunny blue bird day, just too much snow glare for my eyes to be comfortable. On the flip side the VR50 is a bit dark for night skiing. The lenses in A-frames aren't that tough to swap out, so I'd suggest picking up a clear lens for about $40 if you plan on doing a lot of night skiing (if it's in your budget).

    for those who have tried both, what do you...

    for those who have tried both, what do you think is better, the A frame or the crowbar??

    It completely depends on your face. The A's are better for a "smaller" face while crows are a bit bigger. I own both and prefer the A's simply because they ride a little higher (comfortably) on my face. Either way you won't be disappointed.

    PS - the ventilation on the A's is a lot better than the crowbar.

    I just ordered these for my boyfriend for...

    I just ordered these for my boyfriend for christmas, he wears a large helmet and now i'm nervous that these will be too small after reading the reviews. i have no idea what a "large" face is, he wears normal sunglasses and what not. Does anyone know precise measurements so i can compare them to his old ones? Also is the field of vision (periphreal) worse than even lower end goggles or just compared to competitors to oakley?

    I also just ordered a pair of goggle for my boyfriend off of this site. He also wears a helmet. I used the tool where you can message with a associate and this was one of the pairs of goggles that he suggested for the helmet that my boyfriend has.
    You may consider using the tool if you are unsure, but I think you will be fine with this decision. They are really nice goggles.

    Hey, I actually have these goggles and love them. I have what my friends consider to be a bigger head and I wear a large bern helmet and these still fit very nicely and are excellent goggles. Also the field of vision on these goggles is excellent! I've owned several pairs and so far these are my favorite. I think that what was stated was referring to other, much more expensive oakley brand goggles.

    hope this helps!

    Looking for a low light vs....

    Looking for a low light vs. yellow?

    Best Answer

    Depends on what kind of low-light. Here is the best link I have come across yet. It will show you all the different lense tints Oakley has to offer. Check it out!

    My personal preference yellow is better in low light, but up to you.

    I got the A-frame with a yellow iridium...

    I got the A-frame with a yellow iridium lens. My lens fogged in a very wet day and I tried to clean it. Since the lens is scrap. I would like to know if there is any chemical that could remove oakley anti-fog feature on my scrap lens so I could use it again and see something.

    "cat crap"(not actual cat feces) should to the trick. if you google it you can probably order it online. its another type of anti-fog coating. if you tried cleaning the fog off by rubbing the inside of the lens then thats why your lens is garbage. the oakley lenses come with an anti-fog coating and if you try to rub anything off the INSIDE(not outside, the outside is fine)the coating smears, hense making the situation worse. the next time the lens fogs up, wait 5-10 minutes to see if it clears, and if it doesnt, then gently dab the inside with the cleaning/storage bag and let any remaining fog/moisture air dry. hope this could be of assistance to you

    Two questions: 1) What does the D in...

    Two questions: 1) What does the D in D-A-Frame True Carbon Fiber/VR28 stand for?
    2) What does VR28 mean and are Jet Black/VR28 good for day skiing? I was planning to get replacement clear lenses for night skiing as well. Will replacement lenses fit into these A-frame goggles?

    Best Answer

    1) i am almost certain the d stands for something to do with the clothing company LxRxG because they were doing a collab goggle with oakley and i think that d-A-frame goggle true carbon fiber/vr 28 is one of the products of this partnership
    2)vr28 are great lenses for medium to bright light (so in other words sunny, or a little overcast). they are not good for low light skiing (like cloudy, or at night). yes, they sell A-frame replacement lenses on this site, and the clear ones are 40$ so not a bad deal at all.
    good luck man, peace

    I'm off to Alaska in Feb and come from...

    I'm off to Alaska in Feb and come from Australia. Any tips on the most suitable lens type for these conditions?

    best thing you should do is buy a goggle with a iridium lens (fire iridium, blue iridium, pink iridium, black iridium, gold iridium) or a vr50 lens and also buy a clear/hi intensity yellow replacement lens. weather can change and you dont want to be stuck on a sunny day with a clear lens with no replacement. clear lenses are only 40$ too, so its not a big price difference.
    **also, i dont know if your open to other frames, but the von zipper feenoms are available right not on this site with a free bonus replacement lens, so check that out. probably try it on too in person because the feenom is larger on the face than the a frames. good luck man and have fun in ak.

    whats a really dope lens for night skiing? not...

    whats a really dope lens for night skiing?
    not persimmon

    best for night riding is clear and hi intensity yellow. persimmon is ok, but it tends to turn everything orange and i hate the look of it. if you are going to be doing night skiing a lot, buy the clear. it works the best at night because it simply has no tint. high intensity yellow does brighten things a bit, but for 40$ or so more i would take the clear. good luck man, peace.

    Hey I'm a 16 year old male and i have a...

    Hey I'm a 16 year old male and i have a pretty small face, would these fit alright? and if not could you point me in the right direction?

    Are the plutonic lenses good for low light...

    Are the plutonic lenses good for low light conditions?

    I dont know much about this stuff so i...

    I dont know much about this stuff so i need to know what lense to get? I snowboard mostly at night or at dusk so whitch lense is going to help me the most? Thanks!

    I live in Alaska and ski in flat light conditions frequently. I use high-intensity (read: high contrast) yellow lenses and often can see fine when my buddies have no idea where they're going (using amber or dark lenses). This lenses don't help much in bright sun, though. I use black iridium for bright conditions. Some people like to use one lens for all conditions. I say good luck to that!

    What helmet fits good with Aframes?

    What helmet fits good with Aframes?

    are these goggles durable because i plan...

    are these goggles durable because i plan on doing alot of faceplants this season

    Best Answer

    Well, these are as durable as any. Ones with removable len's I found aren't faceplant friendly. I've had the lens come out and cut my eye open on a wicked faceplant, I was wearing some Spy's though.. Mind over matter brother, don't think negatively. Peace.

    Well, these are as durable as any. Ones with removable len's I found aren't faceplant friendly. I've had the lens come out and cut my eye open on a wicked faceplant, I was wearing some Spy's though.. Mind over matter brother, don't think negatively. Peace.

    I'm a fan of the Oakley A frame 'cause of...

    I'm a fan of the Oakley A frame 'cause of their multitude of different lens but I'm continuing my search for that elusive perfect fit. My problem results from having a long nose with a wide bridge. That means the A frames ride high up on my face as they can't slide down far enough on my nose. If I push them down to where they belong, I can't breathe well. Other than that, they're perfect.

    Anyone know any snow goggle that would work well for a medium size head with a long nose and wide bridge? I tried the wisdoms but they were simply too big for me.

    Thank you.

    would these work with a boeri vortex...

    would these work with a boeri vortex helmet