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Pre-race, pre-workout, or post-party, nuun is better hydration without the hassle.

Leave sugary, over-concentrated “sports drinks” in the convenience store, and messy mixes in the cupboard, because a few nuun tablets in your hydration bladder or water bottle will do the job far better. What's nuun? It's our favorite solution to the hydration problem: tablets that transform normal H2O into an optimized blend of electrolytes, without the sugar. No more messy drink mixes, no more plastic bottle waste, and no more pre-planning. Just a 12-tablet tube of nuun in our pack, pocket, or gym bag, and we're always carrying 1.5 gallons of instant sports hydration when we need it. Nuun tastes great (not sicky-sweet or salty, ever) and has only five calories in every 16-ounce serving. The 8-pack contains eight 12-tablet tubes—that's 24 gallons of nuun.

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4 5

Wanted to love these

Wanted to love these for their uber-convenience while backpacking and for the reasons every other reviewer seems to love them, but I just didn't. Something about the taste didn't sit right with me, and unfortunately it was the only thing I brought along, so I drank water for the whole backpacking trip, and my buddies didn't want them either. I'll give it four stars, as is seems to do what it's supposed to do, I just didn't care for the taste.

so will this product replace all the other...

Posted on

so will this product replace all the other hydration products without the sugar?

Responded on

H. Wayne
I would not replace this as your primary hydration product. Nuun Tubes are great for carrying in hour camel back pockets or in the back of your jersey for when you need to replenish your fluids. Instead of having to fill up on store bought drinks filled with sugar, you can easily put a nuun in your bottle and stay well hydrated with proper nutrion.

5 5

Unadvertised Uses!

Without repeating anything already stated (for example: these are awesome and you should never drink G-aid ever again) I'd like to point out one other awesome feature. The tubes themselves are sized perfectly as coin-holders (quarters fit best). Great way to organize your spare change, as you can label the tubes rather than throwing all your coins in a giant jar and count them at the end. Also, if you already bought a giant box of these, you have something to do with all those empty tubes as they start to accumulate.

Happy Trails!

5 5


Nuun is one of the few electrolyte replacement products that doesn't upset my stomach while running. The lemon+lime is my favorite but all five taste great. Easy to use, no measuring or mixing, just drop one tablet in a 16oz. bottle and wait for it to disolve.

5 5

Great Taste

I love this stuff. They taste good and you can feel a difference over just regular water. It is easy to carry with you. I usually drink it in hot weather or before I go to sleep at the campsite.

5 5

NUUN- great product, very easy to use

Nuun is an awesome product- for a guy who used to swear by Amino Vital for a Gatorade alternative, Nuun is even better. The citrus fruit and the lemon lime are both delicious, and I swear by it at this point. I find that if I have a glass of water with a tablet about a half hour before I run, I'm ready to go and feel great. It also is a great supplement when hungover (don't tell my mother).

5 5

Delicious and nutritious!

I use Nuun for everything, from daily hydration to mid endurance race electrolyte replenishment. Nuun helps keep me hydrated. From day to day, I play hard and serve tabels all night, it's easy for me to end the day dehydrated, luckily, the tasty flavours of nuun invited me to drink water instead of reaching for something else! Try the Kona Kola on a long bike ride, or the Orange Ginger with hot water on a cold winter day! Plus, it's gluten free! Many other products out there, like Emergencee and Cliff products, aren't, which makes it easy for me to be a Nuun fan!

5 5

Nuuns laughs in the face of hyponatremia

Nuuns is a great way to keep your electrolyte levels up without sucking down unnecessary calories. I've used Nuuns for over a year while training for multiple triathlons and endurance races and have had great results. I've fought cramps my whole life during sporting events and drinking nuuns rather than water before and during events has helped me curtail cramping to a great extent. Additionally, at least one of the ingredients (sodium bicarbonate) neutralizes acids and can have a calming affect on the stomach.

However, there's nothing wrong with a good sugary drink during extensive workouts and competition if your stomach can handle it. In fact, if you don't consume the proper number of calories you you will eventually become glycogen depleted and bonk. So, if you displace your sugary sports drink with Nuuns you should make sure you're getting the necessary number of calories by other means (e.g. Gu gels, hammer, bars, whatever...).

Nuuns is a great tool for your toolbox. Use it. I also encourage you to research and experiment with different types of fuels, amounts, etc for your endurance needs. There's not a one size fits all approach but there are basic guidelines that you can play with to achieve your optimal results.

Good luck!

(BTW, I'm still trying to track this down by the Kona Kola flavor has caffeine. I will update this review when I get the confirmed information.)

Responded on

From Sean at Nuuns....

hey joel -

there are 40mg of caffeine in one tab of kona cola. our nutrition facts are based on an 8oz serving (half a tab), but one tab typically goes in 16 oz of water.

your standard cup of coffee (8 ounces) has between 120-170 mg of caffeine, so kona cola definitely carries a smaller dosage than your average cup of joe.

hope that helps!

thanks joel,

Using nuun with a Nathan Running Backpack

Posted on

Quick video of using nuun in a nathan hydration bladder. It's bladder safe because it doesn't have the nasty gatorade sugars.

Responded on

Matt, which Nathan pack is this? Thx.

Responded on

This is the HPL 020 - I have owned two versions and love the lightness of weight and ability to breathe. I am 5'11" and 175# and my only beef is that it rides a little lower on my back than I would like at times. Quality product though!

5 5

Nuun at noon

So far only tried the tri-berry since "everyone" said those where the best. I like the taste, and they kinda sprite up my regular water. I also notice that the time it takes to restitute from a work-out session is shorter when I drink at least 0,5 liter of Nuun mix afterwards. Good for that little extra boost or recovery.

Why is it called nuun?

Posted on

Why is it called nuun?

Responded on

nuun is pronounced ‘noon’ & the origin is a lot less interesting than the rumours…so we’ll stick with the rumours. we’ve heard that nuun has several meanings – from dog names to salt, to an island somewhere even to a place in the legends of zelda!. to us, it means we’re providing a product that keeps you out there. (from their site: http://www.nuun.com/nuunis/faq.html)

Responded on

Why does Radio Shack ask for your phone number when you buy batteries? I dunno...

Best Answer Responded on

Nuns love to eat these things for lunch at noon. That's my guess.

5 5

Gotta have it

Light flavor and carbonation. No sugar. Does not monkey-up your bottle!

5 5

Not bad, just different

I had the berry flavor, it is interesting, I didn't care for the fizzyness that occurs for a while after you make it. It has a light flavor, I'm not sure its my favorite but I will keep trying it and see if it grows on me. Absolutely healthier than Gatorade though so I cant complain too much.....All this being said, drink 1 serving while drinking and no hangover in the morning, absolutely the best thing to avoid an unpleasant morning.

5 5

I'm done with Gatorade, now I use Nuun

Nuun is the only thing that keeps my electrolyte levels up during the summer months of climbing/biking/running here in Salt Lake City. On a roadbike ride I have one water bottle with water, and one bottle with Nuun + water.

Nuun is not sticky like sugar-filled Gatorade, so it goes down smoother and doesn't jack my blood sugar levels around. This makes it great for drinking around the house if my muscles are feeling a little crampy or dehydrated-tight.

You don't need to mix it like other powders, which is nice. Just drop a table in 16 ounces of water (I like to add ice) and in about 90 seconds it's ready to drink. Taste is a personal thing, but I really enjoy the Tri-Berry flavor.

5 5

Good Nuun

This is definitely a really good way to go in the hydration department. My theory is that we can't get all we need from regular foods/water so we have to take some supplements if we're trying to perform. Nuun is very easy on the stomach and with a descent taste it makes it much easier to remember to keep pounding fluids. I have only tried lemon-lime but friends say that tri-berry is really good as well.

4 5

Pretty good

These don't taste great, but you can tell that they hydrate your body better than the alternative.

5 5

Review Title

Great product. I finally got smart and started adding them to my water bottle when working out, instead of saving them for the Camelback. Slow learner. :)My favorite by far is Lemon-lime. It was not available when I last ordered so I got the Kona Cola which I really don't much care for. I guess I now know better what flavors I find refreshing.

5 5

Nuun Nuun Tube - 8 Pack

I love Nuun! I added a couple to my bladder for a 20 mile peak bagging day and felt great the entire time. I even had enough energy left over to run my way down (leaving behind my non-Nuun using partner). Tri-Berry is my favorite, but they are all good.

5 5

Go for the Orange Ginger

This is fantastic stuff, for both rides and the gym. These tabs have a much lighter flavor than syrupy sports drinks, without tasting like some sort of awful powder concoction.

By the way - Unless flat pop is your thing, steer clear of the Kona Cola. Yech.

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